How To Apologize To Your Boyfriend Quotes

March 30, 2021

I'm sure all of you already understand how important it is to apologize fairly and correctly and with a friendly tone if you've ever stepped out of line with your partner.

That being said, let's discuss how to apologize to your boyfriend, so you can get things back on track.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I'm also aware that maybe you've been in a situation where you or your partner has left a message on his/her phone (loudly), then he/she's forgotten about it (in real-time, as in, the other party is still having a conversation with themself or another person).

In that case, be cautious because he/she might be afraid to admit what happened and you might not see your message (again, if they don't see your message, they might forget what you've written).

There are ways to apologize to your boyfriend in that kind of situation, without being passive-aggressive.

1. Be prepared to answer the question yourself

Black man apologizing while talking with girlfriend

One of the most common (and easiest) ways to apologize to your boyfriend is by text.

And in that case, you can try one of the following:

Apologize to them first before even texting them back. This is very effective because you are already getting your apology in before they even text you back.

After you answer his/her question, take time to think about the way you've answered, and apologize accordingly, even if that means giving yourself some time to compose your message.

Or better yet, ask him/her a follow-up question to apologize again (or else they will never believe you).

2. Apologize without any captioning

If your apologies don't seem genuine (or if you feel like you're just saying it to appease your partner), then you should try an apology without any captioning.

This means you are saying what you feel like you need to say and the only thing you are attaching to it is your feelings.

And before you ask, "What is this? A text to a text message?" The answer is, it's not a text-to-text message because you can do better than that.

You can say what you need to say without attaching feelings, even if it's a sad or down day.

And that's the most important thing to remember in that kind of situation.

3. Remember you are both humans

And no matter how strong the bond between you two is, there will always be bad days, you'll both make mistakes and you'll both have bad days.

You can't expect your partner to do so (or vice-versa).

Remember this: you are both humans and therefore are bound to have days where you are not your best selves, even if you've built a super-strong relationship.

Instead of harping on that, try to view your partner as an adult, which they are, and find the silver lining in every situation.

And always remember that you're a team, with each other, in the same boat.

4. Give your boyfriend the time to respond

Sticky note with apology

The last thing you want to do in that kind of situation is to push your boyfriend's buttons to the point where he's starting to ignore you (or start to think that you're not willing to answer his question).

Instead, let them know that you are going to respond to their question at a specific time and in a specific way.

Give them a time frame that you are going to respond, then give them a time frame to respond, then a time frame to respond again.

5. Avoid excuse land

When you give someone a specific time frame to respond, don't use a classic, "I'm just running late" or "My dog was bothering me."

Don't do that because it won't fly.

They are only going to think that you are only saying this because you're not prepared or because you don't want to say something.

So instead, try to use a valid excuse that will explain that you need a few more minutes to respond.

And make sure that when you give them that time frame, you are very clear about the reason that you need that time frame, so that they understand and respect it.

6. Provide a chance to apologize to you

Remember that it's not the other person's responsibility to make you feel better when you are upset with them.

Even if you feel like they should feel bad for what they did, your only obligation is to make yourself feel better by apologizing.

And sometimes, that requires them to apologize to you as well.

7. Do not do the damn thing (on their phone)

SORRY PUNKS – no concerts at famous SO36 in Berlin-Kreuzberg

I get it.

You want to show that you are serious about the apology.

But sometimes it's better to communicate the apology in a neutral place.

When you give someone a specific time frame to respond to your question, they won't know where to look for it.

And if you do this on the phone, there will be a chance that they miss it or you will miss it.

In this kind of situation, just call a friend, send a text to a friend, or something to get your answer.

8. Acknowledge their feelings

When someone apologizes to you, you can't just pretend that you didn't hear them.

You should respond to their apology with the same amount of emotions and feeling that they had when they were saying what they said.

Don't just brush it off.

Be thoughtful and be present.

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