How To Be Good In Team Building

November 17, 2022

Team building is an interesting concept that can strengthen your bond with other people, especially in close quarters like for example within the confines of an office or business.

Team-building exercises are fun ways to connect with others and improve relationships. They’re also a great way to boost team spirit and productivity.

Here are some tips to help you be a good team builder.

Be consistent

how to be good in team building

Consistency is one of the biggest factors when it comes to team building. If you never show up to a event, or if you consistently arrive late every time, that will hurt your team bond. And we all know how important teamwork is!

If you are someone who can’t make it on time for an event, try to at least send a reminder so people don’t feel like they have to wait around for you. Or better yet, just plan on attending later in the day.

People may not agree with your decision to stay home, but at the very least they won’t be as annoyed by you. Plus, there are always phones nearby during events!

On the other hand, if you are usually early, why not come earlier today? That way people could meet you and get some work done before the event starts.

Make eye contact

how to be good in team building

Making eye contact is one of the most powerful team building exercises you can do, especially when talking about diversity or differences in teams. When you make direct eye contact with someone, it shows that you are listening to them and that they matter to you.

It also creates trust as people feel seen and heard because they know that you care about what they have to say. For this reason, making eye contact and staying focused on each other’s eyes is an excellent way to develop teamwork and communication skills.

Making eye contact doesn’t mean sticking your head out and looking around constantly, it means keeping half of your face covered so only your eyes are visible. If you tend to avoid eye contact, try forcing yourself to look at each other for a few minutes every day.

Be honest

how to be good in team building

As mentioned before, being open and honest with people is one of the most important things you can do as a leader. If you don’t believe that what you are saying is true, be sure to check your facts first!

Team members will quickly realize that you aren’t telling the truth when they see unexpected behavior or inconsistencies in how you present yourself.

Be aware of how others perceive you and work hard to correct any wrongs that you may have made. Don’t hesitate to make changes if you notice patterns of poor performance or questionable actions.

Above all else, be direct and clear about who you are and what you expect from individuals around you. This will create an environment where everyone knows what to expect and someone always feels like they can come to you for help and advice.

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Bullet point: Use rewards

Rewards can be tangible (like money) or intangible (such as praise and recognition). It doesn’t matter whether you're giving out a small gift for doing something great or handing over the departmental award for the year, rewards energize workers and inspire them to keep performing their jobs.

Share your experiences

how to be good in team building

Being able to listen is one of the most important skills you can have as a person. If you cannot listen, then how could anyone expect you to help them work through their problems?

By listening to other people’s stories, you show that you are willing to invest time into others. You care about their well-being and want what’s best for them.

Everyone has different experiences that shape who they are. By being aware of these differences, you can use it to your advantage by helping them find things that resonate with who they already are.

This also creates space for new conversations because now there are no misplaced assumptions or silence. People feel comfortable talking more due to this relaxed environment.

Team building exercises often require participants to talk about something that makes them uncomfortable. By practicing active listening, you will be much better at facilitating those talks.

Reading body language is an essential part of knowing if someone wants to speak or not. A nonverbal communication tool like eye contact can tell you a lot!

If you are ever unsure whether someone likes you or not, try observing their behavior and see what happens. Does everyone seem friendly towards each other? If so, then keep going out with the group and hope for the best!

If you still sense some tension, then probably isn’t the right timing to do teambuilding exercises. Wait until everything feels smoother before proceeding.

Ask others for their opinions

how to be good in team building

Asking people what they like about your team and giving them the opportunity to tell you how they could use that information is a great way to gain insight into the organization.

This is also an excellent way to learn more about your colleagues’ strengths and weaknesses. By asking questions, you give individuals permission to be candid with you and earn some nice praise for it.

It can be hard to take time off work to go meet for a drink or for someone to invite you out for lunch, so this gives you an easy solution to do this.

By asking everyone on your team what they like about the company and what they would change, you will get lots of answers.

The trick is to listen to all of these answers without getting too distracted by what you want to say next!

You may find that there are certain things that most people mention over and over again or common themes emerging from different comments. These are worth exploring as potential areas to focus on when developing new strategies or initiatives for the department or the organization.

Make it clear what you want

how to be good in team building

As discussed earlier, being able to identify what you want is a crucial part of being successful. But once that thing you want has been achieved, how do you keep yourself motivated?

It’s easy to lose motivation when things get tough. It can seem like there’s never any progress towards your goal, or no one else is working as hard as you are to achieve it. This can make you give up, which will only set you back.

You need to recognize that this is just a difficult time for you. You’re probably feeling very stressed out, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

But don’t worry! There are some ways to help mitigate these feelings. For example, you could ask if anyone else is doing similar work, and learn from their success.

Anticipate difficult situations

how to be good in team building

As mentioned before, you will not be able to control everything that happens around you, but you can choose how to respond to these events. Being aware of possible problems and being prepared for them makes it easier to maintain your cool.

It also helps you keep yourself motivated as you’re already planned on doing something. You are already invested in the situation, so you're less likely to give up or lose interest.

By having enough time to prepare for unexpected challenges, team building becomes much simpler. It takes away some of the pressure because you have time to relax and focus on other things, like talking about the topic or just hanging out with people who are onboard with the plan.

Team members may feel uncomfortable at first, which is totally normal. But if everyone gets along well after coming into contact, they should ease into working together more easily. That way, you won’t need to spend too long getting them onto board.

Let go of personal preferences

how to be good in team building

One of the biggest hurdles that can get in the way of team building is not letting go of your own personal preferences. In this world where technology has connected us more than ever, there are now more ways to achieve anything you want!
As an expert in this field, I have seen it many times when individuals get stuck because they don’t believe people will agree with their approach.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can be tricky to motivate others when they seem to be doing the same things as you.

If you feel like you’re always having to push hard to get things done, then it may be time to reevaluate what you are asking of other people.

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