How To Build A Construction Team

November 11, 2022

Finding work for your business can be tricky, especially at these times. With so many companies laying off workers due to a lack of sales, it can feel like there’s no way you'll find employment for yourself or others.

Even if you're not amid layoffs, most people have reduced working hours at this time. Employees one day may be up against each other for the same position.

It is important to prepare for such situations before they arise by creating a construction team that works well together. You can't expect things to run smoothly as soon as everyone agrees on what needs to get done, but you can start by having someone take responsibility for different jobs.

Construction teams vary in size depending on how much work they have, so don't worry about being too big or too small! Having only one person running into money could hurt your business badly, so make sure you've got enough resources to keep going.

Establish a team structure

how to build a construction team

After you have found your project and business partner, now is the time to establish how your group will function. Who does what? What are each person’s responsibilities?

As owner/manager of this organization, there is no doubt that you will be in charge of leading these professionals, overseeing their work, and making sure they meet deadlines!

But you don’t have to do it alone. You can outsource certain tasks or even ask one of your employees to take over as manager for the day.

By having clear roles and job descriptions, you will also help your colleagues feel more motivated and valued. They will know exactly what they should be doing and when – not only for your company but for themselves.

Having someone else handle some of the administrative duties will give them free time to focus on other things (like spending time with family), while you can concentrate on running the site. Or maybe you’ll find another professional who feels comfortable taking control for a few hours every week or so.

Make sure your team is well-communicated with

how to build a construction team

As mentioned earlier, having a strong work ethic will not matter if you do not have someone to help you achieve your goals. You can always be teaching people good habits, but they will not listen unless you talk to them.

This is one of the main reasons why it is so important to build a strong internal communication system within your business. Your colleagues and employees should be able to reach out to each other at any time for help or advice.

They should feel comfortable asking questions and getting answers from others in an open way that does not create more problems than it solves.

By creating this culture of trust, everyone on staff will work harder to ensure things run smoothly for you. This includes keeping relationships outside of work separate from what goes on during working hours.

Develop good leadership skills

how to build a construction team

A leader is not someone who has succeeded by being popular, someone with a lot of charisma, or people that follow them easily. True leader is identified by their actions, not their words.

They are not elected at an annual conference but are known through their consistent performance in difficult situations.

Leaders develop strong relationships which help them achieve their goals. They focus on motivating others instead of inspiring them.

By creating clear expectations and guidelines, they inspire their team to do their best work. Teams feel connected to each other and the organization because of this.

It’s important to recognize that you can’t expect to be a leader without making mistakes. You will always have something to learn.

Construction is a teamwork industry, so it's natural to want to build teams, but you must make sure that your team members are invested in the same long-term projects as you.

General managers should look for professionals that contribute to the project, don’t hold back when giving feedback, and bring value to the group beyond just what they get done.

Company presidents and vice presidents need to ensure that everyone’s opinion matters, and that there is open communication. They also need to promote trust and respect so that employees feel free to offer input and ask questions.

Always set goals

how to build a construction team

It’s impossible to know where your career will take you, so it makes sense to always have goals. Whether they be professional or personal, having them gives you something to work towards.

As mentioned before, one of the biggest things that can get in the way of employees staying around longer is no clear goal. If someone doesn’t feel like their job is moving the company forward, then they’re going to keep looking for more satisfying jobs.

If you’re already part of the construction team, you should know what projects need to be done and who could do them. If there are none, then look for ways to improve the quality or speed of deliveries or find new people to help out.

Either way, make sure everyone knows what their job title is and how their responsibilities relate to others. This removes doubts about whether anyone has their place in the organization and if someone feels underappreciated, they can go somewhere else.

Make sure you keep team members informed

how to build a construction team

As mentioned before, one of the biggest causes of friction in construction teams is not being aware of what your teammates are doing.

It can be difficult keeping track of all their tasks, meetings, and updates. Even if you have no reason to ask them about it, it is still important to make them aware that you are looking into this for efficiency purposes.

This will help prevent any potential distractions or power struggles down the line.

If something seems off, don’t shy away from asking questions – that could be the start of the end of the relationship.

But do so with caution - never threaten anyone directly, instead try and find another way to get the information.

Geoff is very organized and keeps himself updated on his team's projects, which has helped him work more efficiently. He makes sure to acknowledge his colleagues' efforts when they're done and complimented them on their hard work, making them feel appreciated.

Be a good listener

how to build a construction team

As someone who has worked in construction for over twenty years, I have learned that having great relationships with your colleagues is one of the most important things you can do as an employee.

Building trust and confidence in each other will help you achieve your goals as a team member and as a person.

It’s also worth noting that while there are no “perfect people,” we all have secrets we keep from others. By being aware of these secrets and how they affect those around us, we can at least be conscious of them and possibly prevent problems by knowing what's ahead.

As a leader, it’s your job to develop strong relationships — not only with your direct reports but with everyone under you as well. This creates a supportive environment that allows employees to ask questions without fear of judgement or backlash.

And don’t forget that even if a colleague isn’t performing their jobs effectively, you still have something they do well so you’re both professionally invested in each other’s success.

Build trust, encourage conversation, listen to what people say -- then work on improving yourself and your relationship together.

Provide guidance

how to build a construction team

After working in construction for several years, I have learned that it takes more than just offering a paycheck to keep someone else motivated. You have to provide them with something they want or need, and you have to do so consistently.

As a manager, you must set clear expectations and reinforce those expectations every day. This is especially true at times when people feel like giving up.

It’s easy to get distracted by other things once work has slowed down, and you have to make sure that doesn’t happen to ensure success.

I will be very honest — providing consistent opportunities to succeed can be quite difficult. It requires constant effort and maintenance. But it will always pay off!

Construction is all about relationships and being a good leader means investing time into creating strong bonds of trust and loyalty. These relationships are what keep everyone going beyond the eight-hour shift.

Guaranteeing this to your colleagues is an important part of leading and staying successful as a project manager.

Make sure you keep team members motivated

how to build a construction team

As mentioned before, being able to motivate your colleagues is one of the most important things for leadership in this industry. If someone that’s part of your crew doesn’t feel like they are appreciated or understood by other people in the department, it can cause lower productivity and efficiency, as well as low morale.

As a leader, make sure to always acknowledge their hard work and efforts. Let them know that what they do makes a difference and that they have their back. This will help promote teamwork and trust between individuals in your organization.

It also helps if you can look beyond just the job description when giving praise. A lot of times, there are extra-duty responsibilities that an individual has that go unrecognized.

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