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November 8, 2022

When talking about how to build a team in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, there are two important things to understand. First, this game is designed around teamwork.

Second, this game encourages you to be friendly with everyone.

Zelda games often ask players to work together towards one goal or create one at the end of the level. This can sometimes feel forced as there is an emphasis on having friends before achieving anything, but it makes sense when considered.

To fully appreciate what Nintendo has done here, you have to play the game yourself at least once.

The more people you have that enjoy the game, the better because you’ll want to play it again! You’ll also probably talk about it with them, which could lead to friendship-making or -strengthening conversations.

This article will go into some detail about ways to start building your team in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Make sure your team knows how to perform each task

how to build a team dbfz

As mentioned before, being an excellent leader is helping others succeed. But making teams of people work efficiently and effectively takes time!

It’s not enough to tell people what they need to do if you’re never going to watch them doing it. You have to make sure that every member of your team has their job role covered and can fulfil it when you give the order.

This way, no one needs to worry about who does what, everyone just gets the job done right.

As someone who works in administration, I know all too well how difficult this can be. There are so many different jobs needed to keep a business running, and most people only focus on their position.

Administrative assistants don’t talk much about accounting, vice presidents don’t pay attention to human resources, and executives forget about marketing. No one seems to understand their job very thoroughly, which can create a lot of issues for the rest of the staff.

A few days ago, my department had to send out several emails due to a lack of communication between departments. It took hours because we didn’t have anyone else to help us coordinate everything.

Establish clear team rules

As mentioned before, creating an open environment where people can talk about anything is very important to keep morale high. But as important as that is, establishing clear team rules is just as crucial.

Team rules should be clearly defined and understood by everyone on your staff, so they know what is and isn’t allowed. The best way to do this is probably going through some of the things we talked about in our article on why it's important to have teamwork in your workplace.

We discussed how having relationships and talking to each other outside of work helps us achieve success and growth at home and/or career level, and how being able to trust one another makes for more efficient working environments. These are all key pieces to keeping a team strong!

So, with that said, here are some examples of common team rule violations and what you can do to prevent them from happening again.

Create a team environment that encourages teamwork

how to build a team dbfz

A few things can be done to create this team-oriented. Starting with the basics, you can organize your workplace by departments or functions.

But what if there is no formal department or function for one of the teams? You could make an area or space where everyone feels comfortable sharing resources and knowledge. This way, people will feel more inclined to contribute their skills and keep each other up to date.

The next thing you could do would be to hold meetings in groups. Not every meeting needs to relate directly to business projects, but having informal get-togethers helps promote friendship and trust within the staff.

And lastly, give out praise and rewards to show appreciation for someone’s hard work. Sometimes it takes some time before someone realizes they are being appreciated, so don’t rush into giving awards, take your own time to do that.

Make sure your team has the proper equipment

how to build a team dbfz

As mentioned before, not everyone is given their dream character at the beginning of Super Smash Bros. For Wii U or 3D Zebras. This can be very frustrating as you try to play the game with no characters!

This isn’t too big of an issue if you can find other players who have made their characters, but what about people who don’t?

The Nintendo World Championships use pre-made teams that contain all types of characters for every player. These teams make it much easier for anyone who doesn’t have any characters to start playing the game.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you then begin looking into whether or not there are local tournaments in your area. Many game developers host these events so why not look into getting involved in the gaming community?

Not only will you get to play more games, but you'll also meet new people which could lead to bigger things later on.

Design your team structure

how to build a team dbfz

The second key factor in creating a successful dive team is designing your team structure. This will depend heavily on what kind of game you want to run, how many people you have, and how organized you are as an individual.

For example, if you want to run a more casual experience like Beat 'Em Up Games or Super Smash Bros., then having an open roster is better. You can add new members at any time who fit into the group’s culture at!

If however, you want to create an immersive RPG experience with heavy character customization, you'll need to start by picking one player archetype and developing their skills according to their roles.

Your DPS (Damage Per Second) characters should be trained in strength, agility, and accuracy, while your tank players should know how to take good care of themselves physically and mentally. Then, once they're fully prepared, recruit strong support players that specialize in different types of weapons.

Always include a team leader

how to build a team dbfz

As mentioned before, your team lead is very important! They not only oversee the work of their direct reports, but they set an example for everyone else in the department to follow.

Your team leader should always be able to take credit for his or her underlings’ achievements, and you will never see anyone succeed without them.

Their success gives them leverage over other people in the department, which is a powerful tool. When looking for employees, make sure that person is accountable for helping others get ahead — this will create a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

At the same time, look for individuals who can challenge your team members with new ideas and ways to do things. Having someone like this will motivate those around them to keep up and strive to excel.

Make sure you have proper backup plans

how to build a team dbfz

A lot of people get stuck when trying to organize their team because they don’t know what to do next after getting all of the initial players.

At this stage, it can feel like there is never an end to it- you start by opening applications and waiting for someone to accept your application before creating an account, then you play online games with no one else, and eventually, you give up and just invite everyone to make teams yourself.

This isn’t the best way to run a fan community website!

It’s great to want to connect with other fans but if you are looking to create an active community, you will need to think about how to develop a deeper connection beyond just having people join you.

Stay aware of your team’s morale

how to build a team dbfz

As a leader, you must be aware of how your teammates feel about what tasks they are assigned and whether or not they are willing to do them. If they start avoiding their assignments, it can indicate that they have lost confidence in themselves as a manager.

It could also mean that they no longer want to work with you because they believe that you fail to meet your obligations consistently. In either case, this will negatively affect their trust in you and the organization.

If a member of your staff suddenly goes missing, you should make an effort to locate them. It is better to find out that they left early than to discover that they never showed up for work.

By acting quickly, you can prevent any possible complications from happening. Just remember that it is more important to check in with people who you expect to see every day than to worry about someone who only works part-time.

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