How To Buy Passion Fruit

December 20, 2022

This week, we are going to talk about how to buy passion fruit! Passion fruits come in many shapes and sizes, but whatever size you get, there should be enough for at least two people to enjoy them as snacks or eating them alone while watching TV or movies.

Passion fruits can sometimes be expensive depending on where you buy them and what kind of pouch they’re packed in. It is very common to pay around 5-10 cents per little round piece of fruit!

Luckily, there are some great ways to source your own fresh passion fruit free of cost! Read on to learn all of our tips today. 🙂welcome to day three of our five part series on how to eat like a vegetarian!

In this article, we will go over how to buy passion fruits. We will also discuss why buying your own passon fruitt may not always be the best option.

Why Should You Not Shop For Your Own Passions Fruits?

There are several reasons why it is not ideal to shop for your passions fruits yourself. To make sure that you do not waste your money, know whether or not it is worth investing in new equipment before you start shopping.

#1 Cost Effectiveness – If you need to grab one quick trip store, this can totally be done without spending too much money unless you really want a specific type.

Look for quality

how to buy passion fruit

Like most fruits, passion fruit comes in fresh or dried form. If you are buying dried passion fruit, make sure it is not salted as this will totally distort the flavor.

When choosing either kind of passion fruit, look for ones that are brightly colored- the white flesh variety does not taste good when used in recipes. The skin should be slightly wrinkled and not soft and spongy.

The spots on a passion fruit can range from light purple to black depending on where it was grown and harvested. These colors do not affect the flavor but do add some appeal to the fruit.

Pay attention to the smell

how to buy passion fruit

The aroma is one of the most important features to look for when buying passion fruit. Because they are not cultivated under strict regulations, there are many variations in how they are processed. Some may add sugar or salt to enhance the flavor, which should be avoided if you want to get the true taste of the fruit.

The scent can range from very strong (like the intensity of vanilla) to more mild depending on the variety. Make sure to check out different brands to see whether these differences matter to you.

Another way to make sure your passion fruits are fresh is by holding them up to your nose – if it smells sweet and sour at the same time, then it has been properly dried and will last longer stored in the refrigerator.

Check the ripeness

how to buy passion fruit

The most important thing when buying passion fruit is to make sure they are not overripe. If you can pull off a piece of skin, then it should be slightly soft and wrinkled. An overly ripe passion fruit will feel firm and dry!

This could potentially hurt your recipe or flavor depending on what kind of dessert you were making. For example, if you were baking with chocolate and cream, an overcooked passion fruit may taste more like water than sweet juice.

Passion fruits come in many shapes and sizes so check both size and shape as well as how tender the flesh is.

Buy it when it is ripe and firm

how to buy passion fruit

The two main qualities of passion fruit are its taste and texture. When buying passion fruits, make sure they are not too old or soft. If you feel them give slightly when pressed down, then they should be okay!

Passion fruits will begin to lose their flavor as they get older, so purchase them at your local grocery store or specialty food market that knows what quality products they have. They may also sell dried ones if you like making snacks with them!

Once you have found a source for fresh passion fruits, keep them in the refrigerator until you use them. They will preserve the flavor better and help ensure they do not spoil.

Keep it in the fridge

how to buy passion fruit

The next thing you will want to do is store your passion fruit where it can be kept for some time. You want to make sure that it does not get warm or cold, as this may change how well it tastes.

If you have a refrigerator then great, but if you do not there are several coolers designed just for this! Either way, make sure it is properly cooled before eating it.

General tips: remember that taste changes depending on what else you eat with it. Make sure to try it with something so it does not clash.

Don’t wash it

how to buy passion fruit

This is your last chance to make sure that you don’t hurt this beautiful fruit! Because once it's washed, it can spoil faster due to the water washing off of the pulp and skin.

The very first thing you should do when buying passion fruits is check for cracks or bruises. You may want to ask if there are any before you buy so that you know if they are fresh or not.

If they look dry or shriveled, then they have probably spoiled and will taste bad. Make sure that you purchase them from a source that sells lots of foods because these fruits can go through quickly.

Eat it right away

how to buy passion fruit

Most recipes call for just eating the whole thing by itself, but this is not recommended unless you are very hungry or have an empty stomach.
If you do eat the whole fruit by yourself, then make sure your mouth is well washed first!

Passion fruits contain a compound called citric acid which can stain your teeth and gums. Therefore, make sure to wash your mouth thoroughly before popping in the rest of the fruit.

Also, don’t forget to drink some water after eating the passion fruit as they may taste salty.

Try making passion fruit pulp pops

how to buy passion fruit

Another way to use freshly squeezed passion fruits is in a recipe called passion fruit pulp pops. These are super fun to make! You will need one cup of fresh passion fruit juice, 1 teaspoon raw sugar, and 2 drops liquid glucose (or sweetening agent) such as SweetTalkslur or Sucralose. Mix these ingredients together in a bowl and pour into a mister bottle or use a spoon to put some moisture into each pop stick.

These can then be stuck onto a plate and chilled in the refrigerator until set. Simply pull out your stick and you have delicious passion fruit tarts or truffles! This method can also be done with coconut milk instead of regular milk.

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