How To Care For A Purple Passion Plant

December 2, 2022

Plants are beautiful, they enrich our lives, and there’s an incredible wealth of information you can learn about them! However, just like people, not all plants are the same. Some will do better in different conditions than others, some will grow more quickly or slower, some will require greater attention and care.

This article is going to talk about one specific type of plant – those that are bright purple in color. They’re known as passion flowers or poinsettias, and although they’re typically grown during the winter season, they can thrive outside the spring through fall. Let’s take a closer look at how to take good care of your poinsetta so it stays healthy and pretty!

General tips

Just like with any other plant, love him/her enough to take time to understand his/her needs. The best way to do this is by research, looking up pictures and talking to other owners who have lovingly cared for these types of plants. You may also find helpful tips and tricks here!

Also, remember that most passion flower roots go deeper than what appears from the surface. Try digging around each root ball once a month to see if anything has been buried. If necessary, use a soil auger to check depth. When buying new plants, make sure to ask whether the seller did this already or not, as well as whether the pot was refreshed before being set out for growth.

Provide bright light

how to care for a purple passion plant

Like most plants, passion flowers need adequate lighting to thrive and grow beautifully. Most can survive with only indirect sunlight or even a small amount of direct sun exposure, but some require more depending on their species.

For example, if your passion plant does not like too much direct sunshine, then you should cover it during that time period. This helps prevent burning it.

In addition to this, many plants prefer brighter lights than darker ones. A tungsten lamp is a good source of illumination as it produces a lower intensity glow.

General tips: position it next to a window or under a table or shelf lamp so it receives enough light!

Color temperature is another factor in determining what kind of light your plant needs. Color temperatures below 5000K are considered very cold, while those above 5500K are considered warm.

A red tone candle flame gives off about 4000-4500 K, making it a slightly warmer color temperature.

Water consistently

how to care for a purple passion plant

It is important to give your purple passion plant water as needed! Plants require constant moisture to survive and grow.

If you notice that your purple passion plant seems dry and spindly, cut back on the amount of water it receives until it recovers.

And if it looks like it has dried out completely, take it out of the pot and quickly pour over fresh water.

Avoid letting it soak in water for too long, however, as this could cause roots to rot. Check around the plant for any cracks or signs of damage, and make sure there’s no sediment at the bottom of the pot when you re-water it.

Never let the soil get totally wet, as this may result in drowning of the plant. Let the plant drain down slightly before adding more water.

Feed a plant food

Most plants need some sort of fuel to grow and survive. Plants get this energy from inorganic matter or foods that contain little bits of sugar (carbohydrates) and protein.

The nutrients come from sources such as soil, water, light, other plants, and sometimes fertilizers.

Most plants require several things like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and nitrogen.

You can give these nutrients to your plant by buying all of them or using a natural product such as compost or manure as a source.

Never use fertilizer made with chemicals since they are not recycled. Also never add raw materials to dried out leaves because those may not re-grow.

Don’t worry about how much food you put into your plant, but make sure it does not look funny! Flowers take lots of nutrition and therefore eat plenty of food. Try taking time off feeding it so it will show signs of hunger.

Do not handle the plant too much

how to care for a purple passion plant

Although purple passion plants are categorized as low maintenance, do not handle your plant too often or for too long of time! When you do take care of it, make sure your hands are very clean so that you do not get any dirt under your nails when touching the leaves or stem.

Also, be careful not to bruise the leaf or pull off any part of the flower since these parts go down into growth in order to keep the plant alive. Many will develop new leaves around the damaged area to help promote healing!

Something important to watch out for is if the plant looks dry or stressed.

Do not keep the plant in the cold

how to care for a purple passion plant

Many people suggest putting your potted purple passion plant into the refrigerator to slow down its growth. This is definitely not what you want to do!

If you have to put the pot inside the fridge, make sure it has good ventilation so that the roots can breathe. Also ensure that there are no water leaks as this would cause frost damage.

Never refrigerate a dried-out plant or one that has been watered for a long time as it could die from the effects of the cold.

Check for pests

how to care for a purple passion plant

As you take care of your passion plant, try to do it in a clean environment. If you notice white or brown spots or lines on the leaves, this could be due to spider or aphid webs.

If you see black dots on the leaves, they may be anthocyanin, which is the pigment that gives purple foliage its color. This can sometimes occur when plants need to conserve energy by going into dormancy so they drop their leaf growth.

However, if your passion plant has very thin leaves and no green area under them, then it might be time to give up! It probably died because it was hungry and had nothing to eat.

It is important to check your passion plant regularly for any kind of pest. When you do this, make sure to use a bright light source to better see all areas of the plant.

Don’t forget to also check the pot next to the plant, as some plants will transmit disease through contact.

Grow in bright light

how to care for a purple passion plant

While most flowering plants require darkness to grow, purple passion flowers are different! They love high amounts of sunlight to thrive. Make sure your plant gets at least 6 hours of direct sun per day to ensure it does not suffer due to lack of growth.

Grow in very moist soil as well; this will help keep the plant healthy. If the pot seems dry, add more water!

In general, try to avoid too much moisture as this could cause the plant to overgrow its roots or even burn it. Let the plant drain off some of the excess liquid if needed.

Avoid using fertilizers that contain large quantities of phosphorus (an element found in many tap waters) as these can promote leaf browning. This is never wanted so always make sure there are no additives before adding a new source of nutrition.

These tips may be helpful but remember that every flower is unique and depends on the person growing it and what it needs! Never force anything upon it that it does not want.

Provide a dry place

how to care for a purple passion plant

After you purchase your passion plant, it is important to give it a good home! You can put it in a pot or use the floor as a starting place.

Make sure to keep it well-hydrated by adding some soil and a light source to help promote growth. Your love letter plant will also need to have an adequate amount of sunlight to thrive.

Once it has been set up properly, you can begin caring for it! The next step is to ensure that its water needs are being met correctly. And remember to only wash the leaves using cold water and a soft cloth.

When washing the rest of the plant, try to use a paper towel instead of a fresh sheet every time so that there is no risk of spreading any dirt or wetness.

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