How To Care For Passion Fruit Plant

November 23, 2022

As with any plant, your passion fruit vine will need your care and attention at times. This article will go into detail about how to take good care of your vines!

Making sure your passion flower gets enough sunlight is an important part of caring for it. If your vine does not get adequate light exposure, it may grow slower or even stop growing completely.

This can be difficult to do since most passion fruits are planted in direct sun. To help mitigate this, you can cover parts of the vine with a dark sheet or pot to protect it. Make sure to check back every few days to see if it has recovered!

Another way to provide extra light to your plant is by using a bright lamp. These work best when the plants are asleep as they need less energy than during the day.

Provide bright light

how to care for passion fruit plant

Like most tropical fruits, passion fruit is sensitive to low temperatures and dark conditions, so make sure to grow your plant under adequate lighting as well as temperature regulation.

Most people choose to wash their passion fruits when they are fresh, but if you would like to dry or preserve them longer then it is better to add some additional steps.

The best way to do this is by using an energy efficient dehumidifier. These work by sucking up water vapor from the air and storing it in a tank that uses less electricity to run than traditional humidifiers.

Once again, keep an eye out for cracks and damage to determine if this plant needs to be replaced.

Provide plenty of space

how to care for passion fruit plant

Just like any other plant, your passion fruit plant will require adequate room to grow and develop. Since they are tropical plants, ensure that it has enough sunlight to thrive.

You can begin by investing in indirect light bulbs at around 60 inches from the plant. This way, there is not direct exposure to strong light, which could burn or damage the leaves.

Once it reaches its mature stage, you can start moving it into direct sun to enjoy the fruits of its labor! But make sure to protect it with shades or curtains during this process.

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Feed it

how to care for passion fruit plant

Make sure your passion fruit plant gets enough food to keep thriving. You can do this by holding your hand over the pot top and counting to see how many drops of water emerge, then multiplying that times two.

The number in inches of water should be equal to the amount of roots you want to grow. If there are more leaves than roots, the plant will start to droop!

You can also check its moisture level by taking a cloth and rubbing the plants dry- about eight hours until no liquid comes out. Check every few days after that!

If needed, use a small layer of fresh soil as a topping agent to help retain moisture. Avoid using old, dried up soils as they may not hold as much water.

Widen your plant's container

how to care for passion fruit plant

As your passion fruit plant grows, it will need more space to spread out. You can do this by adding extra soil or widening its pot size.

You should try to add an additional 2-4 inches to its current height to ensure enough room to grow.

This article contains some important tips that may help you care for your passion flower plant.

Water your plant

how to care for passion fruit plant

Just like with any other plants, passion fruit trees need to be watered regularly to grow properly. This will help them thrive and possibly even produce fruits!

Passion fruits are very thirsty plants that require frequent waterings. They also love bright indirect sunlight which helps promote growth.

If you notice your passion fruit tree struggling to bloom or set fruit, give it some extra attention by watering it daily.

General tips: When watering, make sure to avoid wetting the leaves as this could lead to disease or rotting. Only water the soil throughly about an hour after sunrise and before sunset when the air is warmer than colder.

And don’t forget to check if its needs something special – like a fertilizer boost! These can be purchased at a gardening store.

Sun or shade?

how to care for passion fruit plant

As with any new plant, your first consideration should be whether you have enough space to place it into either direct sunlight or indirect (or filtered) light. Most people are not able to maintain a passion fruit vine in full sun, so they must find an area that is adequate for growth but not too much of one thing.

Indirect sunlight is usually done through use of plants or curtains. An easy way to identify if this is necessary is when the leaves start to burn from all the exposure. If this does happen, then immediately move them under some form of bright illumination.

If possible, love the vines by watering only during the night time, as these flowers need more moisture at that time. In fact, most growers recommend leaving the soil almost dry during the day, until nighttime. This helps preserve the plant’s natural diapause, which keeps dormant buds alive until conditions become favorable again.

Lastly, make sure to check out your passion fruit daily! They will take around a week to show their true colors, and you would want to see those colors before deciding if they are worth keeping or not.

Potting mix or dirt?

how to care for passion fruit plant

As mentioned earlier, most people choose to use potting soil as the medium in which to grow their passion fruit plants. This is usually a mixture of perlite, coconutshells, and other organic materials that help hold moisture and are able to drain water well.

While using this type of soil is great, it cannot be said with certainty whetheror not this is the best way to care for your plant. After all, why would you want to use the same soil twice if needed? That is where our alternative solution comes into play!

We recommend using a good quality coconut-based general gardening soil instead. These types of soils are readily available at most grocery stores and online retailers. A couple things to look out for when buying a bag is whether or not it has any additives such as compost or fertilizer.

General garden soil will also likely need some extra nutrients added to it unless the seller indicates otherwise. These can be mixed in yourself or bought separately as supplements.

How to tell if it needs water

how to care for passion fruit plant

The most important thing about passion fruit is that you have to like them to drink their juices! If you do not, then forget it! They are very juicy fruits and require a liquid to taste well.

If your plant seems less thirsty than before, try watering it slightly more frequently to see if this changes how much of a thirst it has. It can also be dried off for a few days to see if it recovers better that way.

Another way to determine whether or not it wants moisture is by touching its leaves. If they seem dry and crispy, it may need some water.

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