How To Care For Purple Passion Plant

December 28, 2022

Plants have always played an important role in our lives, going back thousands of years. Certain plants were considered sacred or magical, and others had special meanings attached to them.

Plants help clean the air we breathe, reduce stress levels, and give us valuable nutrients. Some even treat us via their medicine or health benefits!

Many people develop sentimental attachments to certain plants, keeping them as companions or moving onto other plants after letting it grow close to death.

If you are looking to add some greenery to your home, then there is something here for everyone! We will discuss how to take care of the most popular pruple passion plant.


The content in this article should be used with caution. While some may find inspiration from these tips, none of these practices can guarantee any specific outcome. As with all forms of cosmetic surgery and medical treatments, the results depend on the person, the situation, and the effort put into changing your lifestyle and/or diet.

Provide bright light

how to care for purple passion plant

Like other plants, purple passion flowers need indirect sunlight to thrive. You can use a small plant window or pot filter to achieve this.

Purple passion plants will also require some water to grow quickly. Make sure your plant gets enough moisture every few days.

If you notice the leaves drooping, give it a good amount of water to revive it. However, make sure not to over-water it! Plants cannot breathe when they are wet, which is why their leaves sometimes turn yellow and drop off.

When watering your plant, do so from the middle out. The top half of the plant should be allowed to dry before being watered down. This helps keep the roots healthy.

Provide a humid environment

how to care for purple passion plant

After you purchase your purple passion plant, your first task will be to provide it a very warm, high-humidity place to grow.

This will ensure that it stays healthy and thriving. Most people choose an area where there is already some kind of vegetation or soil so that it has somewhere to live and grow.

However, not all plants like having neighboring plants around! That’s okay though, because your purple passion plant will still enjoy the space you give it. It just may take a little more time to show its beautiful colors.

Take care to never water the plant directly from the tap or use plastic bowls as they can retain moisture and sometimes pollutants. Use only natural materials such as clay pots or ceramic ones to keep the plant clean.

Feed the plant

how to care for purple passion plant

As mentioned before, purple passion plants thrive when exposed to direct sunlight and moisture. They also require some kind of nutrient-rich soil or compost to grow quickly.

While they will survive one night, you should not leave your plant outside overnight as this could damage it. Instead, ensure that it has adequate water and nutrition during nights without light.

You can try growing your own fresh green leafy vegetables which are delicious and nutritional for your passion plant. Make sure to use a few inches of moss orchid bedding in its pot to facilitate drainage.

Moss is ideal because it does not need much water or nutrients to live. You can mix it with coco fiber or perlite to increase the air exposure and promote more growth.

Water the plant

how to care for purple passion plant

While most plants need water at least once a week, this purple passion flower needs only one good watering per month. Let it dry out between waterings or it will stop growing and suffering.

It is best to let the soil get slightly dry before wetting in order to help the plant grow more quickly.

When washing the plant, use a soft brush or leaf wipe and avoid pulling off too much of the dried root hair. It helps to soak the plant’s leaves in a solution of half water and half white vinegar for about ten minutes first. This removes any buildup that could prevent the plant from absorbing nutrients and moisture.

Avoid using tap water as the plant can be exposed to trace amounts of chlorine which may not agree with it.

Decide if the plant needs to be repotted

how to care for purple passion plant

If you notice your purple passion plant is looking droopy or it looks like its drying out, it may need to be re-hydrated! Plants require oxygen and water in order to live, so make sure it has both of these before giving it back its home.

If the plant seems healthy and bright, then do not worry about it just yet! However, if it looks dry or pale, then consider potting it up soon!

Too young plants can still have their first leaves develop, which are very pretty! But as they grow older, those beautiful colors will fade away.

Repot the plant

how to care for purple passion plant

After your plant has received its first shower, it is time to give it a nice home! As mentioned before, plants need new soil to grow so switching up their pot style or even moving them onto another surface can be done in stages.

This article will talk you through how to take care of a purple passion plant by giving it a fresh New Pot. Make sure to mix the right amount of soil and water to ensure that the plant does not suffer due to lack of space or excess liquid.

Care for purple passion plant when it is flowering

how to care for purple passion plant

When your passion flower begins to show off its beautiful colors, you will want to give it some special attention. The best way to do this is by using very high quality potting soil.

You can use a general purpose rich potting mix, but add in some extra nutrients to help promote growth. Avoid using cedar or pine pots as these plants may not survive being watered with fresh rain water.

Never let the soil get too dry as this could damage the plant. Also make sure to never put moisture in the air that can reach the leaves as this could cause the plant to drown.

After care of purple passion plant

Once the plant has finished blooming, remove it from the pot and gently wash away any dried residue or dirt. If possible, try to avoid pulling out the roots as this can hurt the plant.

Now, cut off all of the spent flowers so only the green stem remains. You can either set them aside in an empty container or burn them in a fire to prevent contamination.

Tips for caring for a purple passion plant

how to care for purple passion plant

Since this plant does not require direct sunlight, it can be placed anywhere in your home where you have space to show it off. It also does not need soil, so if you are running out of pot space, consider buying a new leaf or two to add some color and shape diversity.

If you notice that its leaves look slightly yellowed or brownish, then try washing the plant by putting distilled water into the roots and leaving it to soak for a few minutes. This will help promote healthier growth.

Once it has been washed, roll up the leaf and put it into the refrigerator for at least an hour to dry. Once it is dry, apply a good amount of green floral glue and stick it back onto the leaf. Let it sit overnight until it dries.

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