How To Conduct Team Building Workshop

October 22, 2022

As a manager, you will spend a lot of time working with your team members. You will need to motivate them, inspire them, and teach them the skills they need to succeed in their position. When things get tough, you have to keep pushing them through it until they realize that they are not going to make it without them.

That is why it is so important to conduct effective team-building exercises. These activities can be fun games or conversations designed to bring out the best in everyone involved. They could be done at work or outside of work hours-it does not matter.

The most common type of team-building activity is something called a group discussion. During these discussions, people talk about different topics as a bunch to create an informal chat. This way, individuals come from different areas and share experiences which can help strengthen relationships.

Another popular activity for teams is doing a task together. For example, one person might be given the job of making lunch for the rest of the staff while another has to take care of putting away the dishes after eating. Then, all of the workers have to put together what they need to make the food and eat it as a group.

This article will go more into detail on how to do a teambuilding exercise yourself as a leader.

Plan your team-building activity

how to conduct team building workshop

A good way to initiate team bonding is through a group activity or team team-building. These can be anything from going out for coffee, to visiting a local museum, to taking a trip somewhere together.

Whatever you choose to do, you should make sure it’s open to everyone. This includes not only people with different levels of experience but also those who may feel left out because they don’t know anyone else on the team yet.

Making an effort to include all members in the organization will boost teamwork and productivity. It will also promote trust as people feel included and accepted.

Team building activities are usually cost-effective too! There are many free events that you can participate in along with low-price options. You would want to look into these first though so that you don’t waste money.

Decide where the team building activity will take place

how to conduct team building workshop

Before deciding what type of activity you want to do, you need to determine where the best opportunity for teamwork will occur. This could be in the workplace, outside of work, or even somewhere that is both accessible and free.

For example, if you are giving your employees an educational event then the location should have easy access to education facilities like schools, universities, or community centers.

Alternatively, if your staff members enjoy going to sporting events then why not organize a game after the meeting? Or how about taking them sightseeing at some point during the day? All of these can contribute towards group bonding and friendship formation.

Generalizing their knowledge and skills is another good way to promote teamwork. For instance, having a lunchtime seminar with speakers from different industries would probably motivate people to learn something new.

Prepare before the team building activity

how to conduct team building workshop

Before you organize your team-building event, make sure you have all of the necessary materials prepared! This includes food or snacks for attendees, t-shirts or sweatshirts for participants, plasticware or cups for drinks, and enough paper products to help take down the event.

Teambuilding is an interactive process that depends on good communication and relationships. Make sure you are prepared by gathering some time early to discuss the types of activities you want to do, as well as what items you need to purchase.

Be consistent

how to conduct team building workshop

As mentioned before, team building is not about having an event once a year where you invite everyone to attend and reward them with pizza or a movie. It will not help your team's bond if you do that only once a year!

Team bonding happens when individuals within the group interact with each other consistently throughout the organization. This can be in the form of meetings, conversations, activities, etc. — whatever makes sense for the individual groups.

Being consistent creates trust between people and permits others to be more open as they feel recognized and understood.

And we know what important factor in employee retention is already covered – food and drinks! 😉

If you’re looking to boost teamwork, efficiency, and productivity, then start planning team-building events now! Here are some tips to get you started.

Make it clear what is expected

how to conduct team building workshop

As mentioned before, team-building exercises should be clearly defined. What you expect to get out of this activity will determine how well it goes. If your goal is just for people to have fun, then doing a scavenger hunt or running around the park as a group may work.

If you want them to learn about each other’s strengths, ask some questions related to that. For example, if one person has experience with socializing, asking them to give a short talk on their favorite way to unwind can boost confidence.

You could also try having individuals share a story or challenge they’ve been through recently. This gives people a chance to relate and show off who they are.

Anticipate difficult situations

how to conduct team building workshop

As mentioned before, team building is not limited to just having fun activities but also includes practicing teamwork in real-life scenarios. This is one of the most important parts of team building as it helps develop trust among coworkers or even members of your organization.

Teambuilding exercises can be done at any time, anywhere, and with or without products that we sell. The best way to make group work more than an event is to bring up questions and issues that may arise in the workplace and see how well everyone works together on these issues.

This is very helpful for creating effective teams because you are bringing attention to things such as conflict resolution, working under deadlines, etc.

These types of conversations can be tricky though so you must know what type of mood people are in before asking those tough questions. If someone seems relaxed and ready, ask away! But if there are signs they are not quite themselves, try again later when they are feeling better.

Take notes

how to conduct team building workshop

After you have defined your group, determined what types of games you will be doing, and gathered some snacks or drinks, it is time to organize the workshop!

As mentioned before, taking good notes makes organizing the next step much simpler. You do not need to remember all of the details about the team building activity, only note them in a notebook or app.

After the event, go through your notes and determine which parts are connected and how well they worked. This way you can quickly re-create the same experience without having to redo too much.

If there are no clear connections, then try looking into the topic more as needed! Or maybe find another activity that works better with these concepts. Your staff may love this one more than the last one if so.

Celebrate together

how to conduct team building workshop

As mentioned before, team building is not about having fun at the expense of others. It should be done with respect and understanding that there are certain boundaries you will hit as a group.

When hosting your next teambuilding event, make sure to include some activities that promote communication and trust. These can be talking or role-playing exercises, both individual and group tasks, and issues-solving games.

You could also do something like taking a tour of the area and exploring different sights and attractions. Or perhaps going for a coffee or tea break in a non-food place so people don’t feel obligated to go out to eat afterward.

After the activity, have a conversation or get a discussion going about what happened during the event and what was learned from it. This way, everyone feels comfortable speaking their mind and sharing their thoughts.

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