How To Create A Team Building Program

November 15, 2022

Team building is an integral part of any successful organization. Creating team-oriented environments where people feel comfortable sharing experiences, ideas, and resources can reap huge rewards for your company.

Team building programs are usually organized in one of two ways. Social outings that include activities such as lunch or bowling are considered informal group exercises. More structured events include educational topics and/or recreational activities like hiking or swimming.

The goal of both types of programs is the same – to bring together individuals from different departments and cultures to create strong relationships that build trust and understanding.

In addition to improving work relations, these strategies promote teamwork by creating shared goals and commitments. This, in turn, helps achieve organizational objectives and boosts employee morale.

This article will discuss how to organize effective teambuilding events.

Let everyone know what the program is

how to create a team building program

As mentioned earlier, creating an interactive team building activity is not as easy as just having your groups do something. You have to make sure that you clearly let people know what the program is before letting them participate.

This can be very difficult because most team building activities are either sports or puzzles. Both of these types of programs usually don’t require too much communication outside of the event.

Teambuilding exercises such as eating contests, role playing, and trash talking typically don’t need too many instructions beyond “do it!” and “start!”

So how does someone who doesn’t know anything about the team building exercise program learn what their job is? They could easily walk away thinking they didn’t contribute anything significant to the group.

These days there are lots of ways to share information via social media, chat apps, and blogs.

Tell them what time the program is

how to create a team building program

After you determine how you want to organize your team building event, tell your participants what time it will be! This gives people a sense of urgency for the event, and helps them plan their day.

Most people have a schedule that they stick to every week. By telling them when your teambuilding activity is, they can prepare for it by putting in extra time into workouts, work or other activities.

Facilitators can also use this information to start planning their own events, or find outside groups or organizations to attend with your team.

It’s important to know who these individuals are before organizing the event, to avoid any complications.

Make it clear when the program starts and ends

how to create a team building program

The first thing you must do is determine how long your team building activity will last. This can be done by having people tell you or through word of mouth.

Most teams hold their event between 1-2 hours, so if yours lasts longer than two hours, then make sure that you cover enough time for both activities!

Be aware of timing restrictions at work and home after the event. If someone has to go somewhere early in the morning, they may not able to join you later in the day. Make sure you take this into consideration.

Some people cannot participate during the event due to job responsibilities. You should know who these individuals are before organizing the activity.

If anyone cannot attend, try doing without them or have some additional participants to help carry out the plan.

Make it clear what happens during the program

how to create a team building program

Teams will not effectively work when members do not trust each other, or there is no trust at all. When you are running low on trust, there must be a process in place to restore it.

This cannot happen in silence. If someone notices something they don’t like about another team member, they must say something about it – even if it is just for their own personal confidence.

If there is nothing more than an eye roll or a sigh, then that person may have an issue they need to address.

Everyone has things about themselves that some people might find annoying or off-putting, but if these things go unchecked, then this can affect how well you get along with others and how productive you both are.

It also puts additional pressure on those around you to put up with these behaviors while trying to fix them internally.

That doesn’t make anyone happy. It especially isn’t fun for the people who get affected by these issues because they have to deal with them day after day, week after week, year after year.

There is too much invested to allow bad behavior to continue unless steps are taken to correct it. — Instant Team Builders

Writing down what happened and why is a good way to start restoring trust. This should be done as soon as possible so that everyone has time to reflect and think of anything they want to include in their notes.

Tell them what to wear

This is one of the funniest team building exercises you will do as group activities have become increasingly popular in workplace settings.

Tell your colleagues they are going on a team-building retreat for two days, and they must pick up their appropriate attire. For example, if they plan on attending a movie with other people, then they should pack an expensive pair of shoes that match the dress code for the venue.

For men, there’s an easy way to keep things simple and professional – a white shirt and solid color tie is always acceptable casual business clothing. For women, choosing between jeans or sweats and either a nice top or a dress is a pretty easy decision!

After the clothes shopping trip, have everyone meet back at your house where you can organize all of their items and tell who gets what. Make sure to be very organized so nothing gets lost!

Once everything is packed away, enjoy the rest of the day together as a crew! If anyone needs to go purchase something, let someone else pay because this is a non-work related activity.

Make sure there are not any materials or equipment needed

how to create a team building program

A good way to start off with team building is by having a open event where people can come and go as they please. You could have an activity that does not require additional supplies or pieces, like going for a short walk outside or playing some kind of game you already have at home.

Ask around to see if anyone would be interested in participating and then organize it! Most people will agree when I’m asking about how to do this so don’t hesitate to spread the word and inspire others.

Teambuilding should be fun and interactive but also educational. Have something organized and planned for them to attend, whether it is for a specific topic or just general teamwork.

Plan out what you want to talk about

how to create a team building program

The first step in creating an interactive team building activity is deciding how to organize your program. You can choose to do a themed event, or use activities that are more general.

The theme option is better if you have clear topics you want to cover. For example, if your organization wants to know more about teamwork, then having an event with a “Teamwork” theme will help them achieve their goal.

General events are good choices if you don't have any particular topic you would like to teach people. An event called "What Is Life?" could be whatever you feel like talking about that day!

Both of these options are great ways to create teambuilding experiences. It all depends on what your group needs at the time.

Make sure your team understands the plan

how to create a team building program

Now that you have determined what type of program you will be creating, make sure everyone knows about it! This can be done in many ways such as posting on social media, sending an email, having a meeting, and putting up posters or flyers at work.

Make sure to let people know when the event is happening so they do not get confused. After all, attending an event could take some time out of their schedule!

Not only should people know about the event, but they must agree to participate as well. If someone does not want to attend then they cannot help others who choose to go. Only invite those people that are supportive and willing to attend.

This way, your team will be supporting each other and knowing there is something fun planned for next week!”

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