How To Create A Team Building Scavenger Hunt

November 2, 2022

A team-building activity that is becoming increasingly popular is a scavenger hunt. This can be done at any time, anywhere, and is very cost-effective. It is also a fun way to connect with your colleagues and get to know them better.

Scavengers search for something specific and then report their findings online or through social media. They compare their results with others and discuss how they matched up against other teams’ answers.

The aim of the game is to have the most accurate answers and win prizes for it. But aside from the prize, what participants really gain is knowledge about each other and teamwork.

Teamwork means more than just being in the same room together. It includes things like agreeing on a common goal, supporting each other’s ideas and efforts and working well as a group. These are all qualities that can be built during a team-building exercise.

In this article, you will learn some easy ways to organize a team-building scavenger hunt for employees.

Make the hunt difficult

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

The best team-building exercises are not necessarily competitions, but rather creating experiences that challenge teams together as a unit. Creating a scavenger hunt is one of the most effective ways to do this.

A scavenger hunt is when someone creates an activity for your group or organization to complete within a set time frame. The activity can be anything from going out for pizza to taking a trip outside the city.

These types of hunts typically begin with people linking up in some way (for example asking each other who their favorite movie star is) and then they work towards figuring out what the next clue is.

The hardest part about a scavenger hunt is coming up with something creative and fun to link together. You would want to make it clear how to access the final answer, but otherwise have no real guidelines as to what you should do.

Make it clear what the winner will get

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

As mentioned earlier, team-building scavenges are great ways to bring some fun into your workplace. They can be done at any time, anywhere, with or without resources provided.

Most people enjoy doing them because they seem like good opportunities to have some fun while also promoting teamwork.

But there is an important thing that many people do not realize when planning their own team build. The prize!

The main goal of most teams is to win the prize, not necessarily to have fun. This could be due to how competitive the group is or how much effort everyone put in to ensure victory.

If the prize is not clearly defined ahead of time, then participants may feel pressured to keep going until someone else gives up so that they can grab the reward. This can backfire and hurt relationships.

Tell everyone what the prize is

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

The next time your team needs to work together, organize a team-building activity that requires members of the group to work as a unit or as individuals.

Teambuilding activities are always fun because they require some teamwork. Group activities like scavenging a park for pictures of different animals or going somewhere public to take up-time orders can easily be done at a mall, grocery store, or other locations with easy access.

The best way to do this is to tell people ahead of time about the event so that there’s no confusion! Make it clear what the prize is and how many tickets winners get.

After the event, compare the results to see who was able to come in as a team player and win the prize. You may even notice someone won more than just the prize since they spent time working with others instead of sitting around waiting for something to happen.

Prepare and announce the hunt

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

The next team-building activity that we will do is to create a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt is when people are given a question with several possible answers, and they have to work together to figure out which answer corresponds to the question.

In this case, our group of twenty-five participants will be asked to brainstorm some questions to ask each other. These questions can vary but typically focus on things such as what career fields they know and like, how well they know certain individuals in that field, etc.

After everyone has shared their questions, we will then choose one person to go check out an event or experience for these questions. This can be anything from attending a professional football game, visiting a museum, taking a tour around a company, and so on.

The participant who goes through this experience will find that it’s not only interesting to them but also helpful in developing their knowledge.

Start the hunt and finish it

Starting a team building activity is one of the most important parts as you can be sure that some will take longer to complete than others. It’s better if everyone is on the same page though, so make sure you let people know what time frame they have before setting off!

Once the timing is done, get your party started!

Ask members of your group to contribute by picking an item from the list and then discussing why it is significant to them. You could ask about how it makes them feel or what it means to them. This way, each person gets to talk about something personal which is always a nice conversation starter.

Some groups add additional points for ‘winning’ but this isn’t necessary unless you are actually having a competition! If you do decide to have a competition, however, remember to measure success properly – such as percentage scores, not total numbers.

Hold a team-building contest

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

One of the most effective ways to build teamwork is by having participants work together in an open environment with no direct reward other than knowing that they worked hard.

Teambuilding contests are just like any other scavenger hunt, except instead of looking for something specific, you're seeking out collaborations. Teams must come up with a product or service that fits the contest category and then present it to the rest of the group.

The teams who win get rewarded with a prize (usually drinks or food) and some motivation to keep working together. This also gives them the opportunity to showcase their talent and knowledge as partners — more chances to earn praise from others.

Participants enjoy this type of activity because it doesn't require too much preparation and there's always someone new to learn about. It's easy to go around talking to everyone, so this creates opportunities to interact and understand different personalities.

Encourage teamwork

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

As mentioned earlier, creating a team-building scavenger hunt is very much dependent upon how you word your challenge. You want to make sure that the participants of the activity are not aware of what the next task will be.

This can be done by having the participant create a paragraph based on an assigned topic or question. By having them write their paragraph without any cues, then editing it down to only use part of the bullet point, you achieve your goal!

The hardest part about this activity is keeping track of time. Make sure to schedule this activity well ahead so people have enough time to prepare.

Team-building exercises are always fun ways to spend time together and connect with others. If you’re looking to do something more than just a few minutes, try linking groups in your area together for a longer event.

Hold a bake off

how to create a team building scavenger hunt

The next thing you will want to do is hold a scavenge hunt or “bake-off”. This is when someone creates an activity for your team that requires them to work together as a group.

The most common types of hunts are creating, hosting, or participating in a game night, having a movie night, or doing a skydive with one of those groups that do it every week.

These types of activities can be done at any time and anywhere, so they don't necessarily need to be organized by you.

They're also usually cost-free or very inexpensive, which makes it easy to include everyone!

Game nights are a great way to bring your colleagues together. You can play many different games, like Truth or Dare, charades, board games, etc.

Hosting a movie or diving into a book or TV show together is another good option.

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