How To Create Team Building Activities

November 21, 2022

Team building is an excellent way to boost workplace morale, teamwork, and productivity. It’s also a great way to increase employee retention. As we all know, employment can be a fleeting thing, which means investing in your team’s well-being is worth its weight in gold.

Research shows that as many as 70% of employees experience some form of work related stress at any given time. That’s one reason why it’s so important to develop relationships with people beyond just their professional sphere.

Building strong teams takes effort but it is totally worth it. Here are 10 ways to build team spirit at your organization. Read on for more tips!

1. Hold open meetings

Holding open meeting are usually limited to only very specific situations such as board of directors meetings or major announcements. But they offer another valuable service to you – improving communication and collaboration skills.

By having open meetings where anyone can attend, not only do individuals get a chance to meet others outside of of their usual circles, everyone gets a chance to learn something new.

Make plans

how to build team building

A few simple things you can do to build team trust and loyalty is to make time for people, hold meetings, and organize events.

Team members will feel appreciated if you greet them each morning and say hello during their shift. You don’t have to do this every day, but it makes a difference.

Hold meeting at least once a week where everyone can talk about anything they want-this builds teamwork and communication skills.

Plan activities or celebrations for your coworkers so they know what to look forward to.

The more open you are with others, the more they will be willing to be open with you. This creates an environment of trust and understanding which are key ingredients in any successful relationship.

This article will help you learn how to inspire trust, confidence, and rapport in your colleagues.

Make time for team-mates

how to build team building

As mentioned earlier, being a successful leader is about investing in your colleagues and getting good from them. But what if they don’t return the favour? What if they treat you with no respect?

It's their job that makes them behave like this, so it's up to you to make sure they know you're here to be helped not trained.

Your colleagues will look up to you and trust you, which are two of the most important foundations of teamwork.

They'll come to you when things get tough, because they want help and advice rather than punishment or criticism.

If a colleague has done something bad, meet with them as soon as possible to discuss why it was wrong and how to prevent it happening again.

Make them laugh

how to build team building

A good way to build team trust is to get into their area of responsibility and see what they are doing. If you’re in the meeting room, take notes or ask questions.

If you go up to someone’s desk, take a look around – does everything seem okay? Does everyone appear to be working hard?

Does anyone look like they are struggling to focus or keep pace?

These types of observations can tell you a lot about how people operate under pressure, as well as whether people enjoy being part of the group.

It also gives you an idea of whether they share similar goals and values.

By putting yourself in others’ shoes, you will learn more about who they are, which can only help your relationships.

Be a good listener

how to build team building

A lot of people think that being talkative is their strong side, but it’s actually listening that makes you successful. Being a good listener helps you gain new knowledge and understanding about other people and the world around you.

It also builds trust in others which are both important qualities in your workplace. When someone feels they can tell you anything without fear of judgement or skepticism, they will be much more willing to share secrets and information with you.

In fact, a study conducted at Stanford found that when people feel heard and understood, they tend to agree more with each other and have higher levels of satisfaction with their relationships.

So, next time you find yourself struggling to listen to what someone else has to say, try doing something different.

Communicate well

how to build team building

As mentioned before, one of the biggest factors in building team trust is being able to communicate effectively. Your colleagues will put their trust into you when they believe that you are talking about things seriously and consistently.

They will also look up to you for guidance and leadership. When there’s something important that needs doing, they will come to you first to make sure it gets done.

Your colleagues may even feel like you don’t care much about your job or what goes on around you, which can be very demoralizing.

If you’re always complaining and never seem interested in anything, people will begin to lose respect for you. If they see you taking no responsibility or showing little interest in the work you have been paid to do, then they will start to question whether or not you belong in the organization.

Communication isn’t just about telling someone what you want them to know; it's also about listening to other people and understanding how they are feeling. This way, you'll be better equipped to respond to their questions or complaints objectively.

When someone does you wrong, let them talk themselves out instead of lashing out right away. Give them time to explain why they made the mistake, and try to understand where they were coming from.

In addition to all of this, remember that some days will be harder than others. Some weeks you may need to deal with more difficult situations than usual.

Do not burn people down

how to build team building

One of the biggest killers in workplace environments is when someone comes into work angry or upset about something that happened outside of work.

This can sometimes happen with colleagues, supervisors, or even clients. When this happens, these individuals may bring their bad feelings from the past or current situation onto the job and this can be very damaging for productivity and team cohesion.

If you notice this happening, try your best to calm them down and help them get over any personal issues they are having.

Do not let these things carry over to the work place!

Another thing you can do if these arguments seem like they will keep going up is to look for ways to improve the teamwork process. This could include changing how meetings are run, creating new procedures and systems, or finding common ground and moving forward together.

Seek their opinion

how to build team building

As mentioned before, one of the key team building exercises is seeking input from others. Ask your colleagues, superiors or even strangers what they like about their job and how they manage their workplace relationships.

Ask them if there’s anything that needs improving and see what you can do to make changes.

By asking questions and listening to answers, you will find out more about your coworkers and yourself. You may also learn something new about the organization and its goals.

Teambuilding events are a great way to achieve this!

Many companies hold internal events every year to promote teamwork and communication. Others organize external activities to connect with people around them and increase employee engagement.

Whatever event type you choose, make sure it is relevant and interesting for everyone. Give participants clear guidelines and instructions and measure the effects afterwards.

How to ask good team-building questions

Here are some tips to ask smart team-building questions. Check these out before attending any events to improve your conversations!

First, determine the purpose of the question. Is it to know more about the company? To get feedback on someone’s performance? For personal growth? Then, pick your best topic using those as points.

These topics should be related to the above purposes. Do not ask if someone has a big nose unless the conversation leads towards telling stories about oneself. It could become very awkward.

Second, be authentic.

The future of team building

how to build team building

Over the past few years, there has been an explosion in popularity of what is now called “team-building” or “corporate wellness programming.” Companies are investing large amounts of money in these events because they work!

Team building activities can focus on anything from attending a football game together to taking a day off work and going rafting. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like each other or if no one wants to be involved, this type of activity will break down barriers and create new relationships that would probably not exist otherwise.

Businesses have used team building for decades, but it wasn’t until the turn of the millennium when it became mainstream. Now, every major company does some sort of employee engagement program at least once a year.

But why should we care about how well companies connect with their employees? Because smart employers invest in their workers creates loyal employees who stick around and works toward achieving your business’s goals.

Happy employees do not just put in more effort at work, they may also produce less creative ideas than disgruntled ones, making them safer to implement.

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