How To Cut A Passion Fruit

December 5, 2022

As you probably know, eating fruits is good for your health! Besides being a source of vitamins and minerals, many believe that fruits are a key component in weight loss. That is why most diet plans include lots of fresh fruit as part of their meal plan.

Many people enjoy consuming passion fruits because they taste delicious. They also may not realize how much juice each fruit contains. A normal sized passion fruit can have up to one cup of pure concentrated sweet liquid.

That is a lot of sugar! While some people may eat the whole thing, most people do not. Therefore, before buying passonfruit at the grocery store or market, check out this article to learn how to cut down on the amount of sugar contained within them.

Find a cutting board

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit, where do you put it? You can either place it in a bowl or use a special dedicated cutting board. The size of the board doesn’t matter too much as long as you are able to cut the passion fruit into pieces easily!

Many people use plastic bowls which are fine until you want to wash them. Then they become difficult to clean properly and potentially harbor bacteria. A good alternative is using a ceramic or wooden plate that will not react with the juice of the passion fruits.

Some people like to peel off the skin of the passion fruit before eating it because this helps remove some of the tart flavor, but this is up to you.

Wipe it down with soap and water

how do u cut a passion fruit

If you are ever given a passion fruit, do not cut it in your mouth! This could potentially hurt or even cause damage to your oral cavity.
Heck, even washing it can be tricky as some people wash them by rubbing the skin of the passion fruit against another surface — never rinse off the pulp in liquid, this may contain bacteria.

When cutting the passion fruits open, make sure to use a very sharp knife and try to keep the knife parallel to the floor. You want to avoid scraping the knife on the flesh as this might spread germs or contaminate the other parts of the fruit.

Once you have cut all of the walls and the top shell, pull back the inner membrane to expose the black seed. It is best to either soak these seeds in salt and/or lemon juice or just scrape away any leftover white bits using a spoon.

Cut it in half

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit, cut it in half using an easy to find knife or spoon. If you like, scoop out some of the cream inside and put it into a jar!

If you are very careful when cutting the passion fruits in half, then just use a sharp knife. But if you are not careful, the juice will splash everywhere!
It is best to buy extra passion fruits so that you can learn how to cut them properly.

Once you learn how to cut them correctly, they do not take too long to process.

Peel the skin off

how do u cut a passion fruit

The most important thing to know about passion fruit is that you should always peel it before eating it! This is because the skin contains a chemical called furfur, which has some health benefits. Furfur may help improve your overall heart function and blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, and promote weight loss.

However, too much furfur can be harmful by raising red blood cell levels. These increase in body tissues when there’s not enough bloo-hemoglobin being carried through the circulatory system, leading to anemia.

There have been some studies showing that furfur may also cause gastrointestinal issues like stomach pain, diarrhea, or nausea. Because of this, people who are sensitive to furfur may want to limit their intake.

Cut the fruit into sections

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now, once your passion fruits are cut, you can either refrigerate or discard them! If you choose to keep them chilled, they can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Once it is time to use them, just remove the white fleshy part and put it in a bowl. Add some sugar and mix thoroughly to coat all of the pieces. You now have granizedly powdery sweet seeds that taste delicious mixed into yogurt or dessert toppings such as ice cream or cakes.

If you decide to discard the white parts, simply rinse off the seeds under water and then dry with a paper towel.

Put in the compost

how do u cut a passion fruit

After you cut up your passion fruit, put it in the compost or use it in recipes as an ingredient. If you choose to eat it just plain, add some salt and taste it! The seeds are also great for snacking on or adding into things like crackers or bread.

Passion fruits grow on trees that thrive in well-drained soil with lots of sun exposure. When they are mature, vines can get very long and intertwined with other plants so space is limited.

If you would like to start growing your own passion fruit plant, make sure to do adequate research first! There are several different types of fruit that have different growth cycles so know what time frame yours will be before deciding if/when to transplant.

Eat it

how do u cut a passion fruit

Now that you have cut down all of your passion fruits, it is time to either refrigerate or eat them immediately! If you choose to do the latter, make sure to wash each piece thoroughly with water first to remove any possible tart residue.

If you like tropical foods, then try adding some to your diet once they find their way onto the shelves at your local grocery store. Many people add dried passion fruit pieces to yogurt or use it in recipes as an ingredient.

Try making passion fruit juice

how do u cut a passion fruit

While some people cut their passion fruits in half, using a knife to do so, there is an easier way to cut them!
You can try making your own fresh passion fruit juice or use bottled liquid as a recipe!

To make homemade passion fruit juice, you will need one cup of chopped passion fruits plus two cups of water.
Add the passion fruits and water into a blender and blend until it forms a smooth consistency.

That’s all there is to it! You now have freshly made passion fruit juice!
If you would like more flavor, you can add some sugar or vanilla powder to taste.

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