How To Cut A Passion Fruit

December 22, 2022

As you probably know, eating fruits and vegetables is good for your health. One of our favorite fruits is passion fruit! It is known for its sweet taste and rich texture.

Many people enjoy consuming them either raw or slightly cooked. However, most recipes call for removing the skin which can be tricky because it easily breaks down when pressed. This article will show you how to cut out the best possible layer of passion fruit so that you do not have to worry about stripping too much flavor.

Once you have mastered this technique, try making some passion fruit snacks or desserts! You may even find yourself creating your own recipes. But remember, keep it natural by avoiding refined sugar and using whole foods.

Removing The Skin Of A Passionfruit

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to remove the skin from a passionfruit.

Slice the passion fruit into segments

Now that you have them, it is time to prepare your passion fruits! The best way to do this is by slicing each one in half using a knife or spoon. Each person may use a different style of cutting their passion fruit, but our favorite method is putting the knife under the top part of the passion fruit, pressing down on the top, and then lifting up the other side to cut through the flesh and peel.

Once both parts are separated, we like to remove the white stringy pieces with a fat straw or clean glass spoon. This can be left inside or removed, depending on whether you like strong flavors or not. If you would prefer to avoid strong tastes, try removing the strings before eating the passion fruit.

Put the segments into the juice

how to cut a passion fruit

Now, let’s talk about how to use passion fruit as an ingredient! First, you will need to prepare your passion fruits by removing the selvedge (white part) of the peel. Then, cut the passion fruits in half using either knife or spoon method. Once it is separated into two, put one segment into the other segment’s juice to make the pure passion fruit juice.

You can now refrigerate the juice for up to one week or drink it immediately! If you choose to keep it longer than 24 hours, just add more sugar to taste.

Serve the juice chilled

how to cut a passion fruit

Most recipes call for cutting the passion fruit in half, removing the inner seeds, and then squeezing the juices out of it. However, we will not be doing that here!

We will instead be leaving the passion fruits whole and just using our hands to squeeze the juicy pulp out of them.

When they are fully drained, put the passion fruit in the refrigerator until completely cold where you can easily scoop out the flesh. Then, cut each passion fruit in half and use your hand to scrape off the soft white pulp.

Once done, pour the pulp into a bowl or other container and add some of the strained passionfruit juice to make the sauce for the rest of the recipe. You want to avoid adding too much liquid as this would mean no flavor balance for the recipe.

Now, if you like thinner sauces, you may want to mix some of the remaining pureed passionfruit pulp with the remaining sauce before pouring over meat or vegetables. This way you get both thicker and thinner parts of the sauce depending on how much pulp you have left.

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Ask your friends to try passion fruit juice

how to cut a passion fruit

Many people enjoy eating or making recipes with passion fruits because of how delicious they are!
As mentioned before, most people agree that passion fruit taste best when cold so if you want to make sure everyone loves it, be prepared!

You can either buy a case at a specialty grocery store or make your own by drying fresh passion fruits in a dehydrator or oven and then adding liquid to them.

Either way, do not overcook your passion fruits as this will change the flavor. Letting them sit and sweeten is an easy way to refresh their flavor.

Once everything has dried out, add some water and blend into a pulp-like consistency. You can now use this puree in drinks, salads, or as a snack.

Buy a fresh passion fruit

how to cut a passion fruit

Now, let’s talk about how to cut a passion fruit! First of all, you want to make sure that it is fresh. If it has any dried or wrinkled skin, then it is not ripe enough and should be left for another day.

You also want to make sure that it does not have any seeds in it, as these can cause choking. If there are some, just scoop them out!

Once it is confirmed that it is perfect, then you can start cutting it down. Your goal should be to only remove half of the peel, and then either slice it in half or pull apart the halves.

Now, whether you like sweet foods or salty snacks, this process will work both ways! The white part of the passion fruit contains citric acid which makes it a nice flavor balance.

If you look up more information on passion fruits, that info will probably include tips on how to use the leftover pulp.

Peel and cut the passion fruit

how to cut a passion fruit

The peel of a passionfruit can be bitter, so make sure to remove it before cutting the fruit in half or into quarters. If you like very tart fruits then add some sugar as needed when eating the passionfruit!

Once you have peeled off the skin, use a knife to carefully slice between the pulp and the shell to separate the two.

Place into the freezer for 15 minutes

how to cut a passion fruit

After you have cut up your passion fruit, you can either refrigerate or put it in the freezer until it is time to eat it. If you place it in the refrigerator it will melt down slightly, but that’s okay! This way it won’t dry out too much.

Once it has been chilled down, just scoop out the seeds and white pulp using a spoon, then wash your hands thoroughly after touching the peel or else you could risk getting burnt or poached skin.

The leftover yellow liquid is called cyano-lactic acid so try adding some onto your feet or any other area of poor circulation to see what effect, if any, it has.

Touch and feel to check for cracks

how to cut a passion fruit

Most recipes call for cutting through the passion fruit with a knife, but you can also use your hands! If you choose this method, make sure your hands are well washed first as dried skin may stick to the flesh.

To do it with a knife, hold one passion fruit under water and cut along either side of the white seethrough the purple peel. Then drag the knife across the top to remove the seeds and strings.

You can now pull off the peel and discard or save it for later use like in stir-fry dishes or making jelly. The white part should remain so you can simply scoop out the pulp and put it into another container to add more flavor to the fruit salad or drink.

We recommend using a spoon to mix the pulp and setting aside until it has set, then mixing again and serving. You can store the leftover pulp in the refrigerator for up to one week.

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