How To Cut Passion Fruit

December 17, 2022

Passion fruit is an interesting tropical fruit that many people have never tried before. They are most well-known for their unique taste, which some describe as sweet with a tangy flavor. Most recipes call for the passion fruits to be cut into pieces or comped (cut in half) and then mixed into yogurt or other dishes.

There are several ways to use passion fruit professionally. If you love baking, there are many recipes that include the berries! Many believe they help balance the acidity of the eating food while also adding a unique texture and flavor.

However, one of the more creative uses was creating an oral sex lube that few have heard about. This article will talk more about that.

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Cut it in half or into smaller pieces

how to cut passion fruit

Once you have cut down your passion fruit, put it aside! To remove the seltzer, take one of the halves and pull it apart slightly so that some of the white cream comes out. Then sift through a mesh strainer or use a spoon to further scoop out the white cream. If there is leftover flesh, wash this under running water to get all the seeds out!

Once you have removed the seltzer, add the remaining part to your favorite fruits or recipes! It is perfect for adding into desserts, drinks, and salads. You can also add it to yogurt as a topping.

To keep fresh, either place in an airtight container or wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate. The cream will set and separate so it will not congeal like solidified milk would.

Remove the seeds

how to cut passion fruit

Now that you have pressed your passion fruit, you can remove the seedy part of it. These are the most important parts of the passion fruit! If left in, all of the flavor will disappear.

To do this, either use a spoon or cut off the top half of the passion fruit using your hands or a knife. Make sure to scrape away any leftover flesh so that only white pulp is seen.

Once done, rinse the passion fruits under water and add them to your favorite recipes or eat them by themselves! You can also freeze dried passion fruits for later use.

Given how much importance we put into ensuring the quality of our food, why not dedicate some time to learning about and experimenting with fresh produce? It is an excellent way to develop your culinary skills while improving the health value of what you prepare for yourself and others.

Store in the refrigerator

how to cut passion fruit

Now that you have learned how to cut your passion fruit, let us get into some recipes! First, you will need to store the pieces of passion fruit in the fridge so they can dry out and set aside until needed.

This is very important as it helps preserve the flavor and texture. Once dried, these bits can be added to yogurt or mixed with berries to make an incredible dessert.

There are two main ways to use passion fruits: in purées or in jams or compotes. When using them in purées, just add enough liquid to achieve the right consistency.

When making jam or compote, once the fruit has broken down slightly, add in the remaining ingredients and cook for another few minutes to combine all of the flavors.

Cooking tips

how to cut passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit ready, it is time to use it! The most common way to use passion fruits is in recipes where they are usually added as an ingredient. You can also add them into drinks or eat them alone.

When adding passion fruit into a recipe, be sure to wash it first and then dry it off completely. Once dried, cut the passion fruit in half across its diameter, pull apart the sections, and remove the seeds. This will make it easier to mix into the food or drink.

Some recipes require the seeded passion fruits to sit for at least one minute before using in the finished product. That is why it is important to rinse and dry them correctly!

Another tip if using liquid ingredients like milk or water with the passion fruits is to pour the liquid onto the plant part of the fruit and not the peel layer. This removes excess starch that would potentially burn during cooking.

Once mixed into the drink or meal, let the passion fruit soak into the mixture for the best effect.

Passion fruit juice

how to cut passion fruit

One of the most popular additions to drinks is called passion fruits. These are not really a fruit, but rather a round, seeded capsule that contains liquid inside. When pressed, the juice comes out.

Most people know what passion fruit looks like, but many don’t realize how you can add it into your drink or use its pure juice.

Since passion fruit juice takes some time to make, it's common to buy them in powder form and then prepare the drink later.

But before you do that, there are two things you should know about passion fruit juice.

Use it in desserts

how to cut passion fruit

Most recipes call for cutting off the very top of your passion fruit, but do not do that! This can totally take away from the flavor of the fruit. Instead, cut around the edge of the passionfruit where the skin meets the pulp with a knife or spoon, just make sure you scrape all of the delicious passionfruit juice into the pot or dish!

That being said, when slicing down the middle of a passionfruit, be careful not to pull out too much of the juicy content. You want some of the peel left so that you can taste this new ingredient.

Once it is sliced in half, use a spoon to scoop out the soft brown pulp and put it into another container. Add the leftover white fleshy part to the original container as well.

Combine with other fruits

how to cut passion fruit

Most recipes call for cutting off the peel, which is okay when it comes down to it, but why not try slicing right through the fruit instead? This cuts down on that tedious work!

You can use your new knife to cut the passionfruit in half or you can slice it in half and then scoop out the soft inner part of the fruit.

Once you have removed this part, you can either put it into your mouth or place it onto a plate. You want to make sure to wash your hands well after eating all the seeds, as they contain a chemical called oxalic acid that will burn your skin.

To add some more flavor to your dish, mix the leftover pulp with white wine and sugar and let sit for an hour or so. Make sure to whisk thoroughly before using the liquid.

General tips: remember that dried fruits retain their natural sweetness, so if you like sweet foods, these are worth having because most recipes don’t require them.

Try different flavors

how to cut passion fruit

This is another way to use passion fruit! If you are not into sweet fruits, then try using less sugar or even get plain-sweetened ones.

Some recipes may call for only half of the whole batch of berries that contain some sugar already. You can save those berries for later or make sure your stomach is ready for them!

And if you are very hungry, have someone help you taste test so you do not overdo it on juice. Having someone else take a little longer to eat will help you gauge how much they like enough just as well as yourself!

General tips: remember that unless it says pureed, most recipes ask to blend in a food processor or blender. Make sure to check this before starting to process. Also, be careful to add salt at the end of cooking because the juices can become too salty.

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