How To Cut Passion Fruit

November 25, 2022

As you can probably tell, eating fruits and vegetables of high quality is important for your overall health and wellness. One such fruit that many people enjoy is passionfruit. What makes this tropical fruit special is its flavor! It has a tangy taste that some describe as having an acidity similar to that of ketchup or lemon.

While most recipes call for the whole fruit being used, it is possible to cut down on how much passionfruit we use in our cooking. This article will talk about why cutting back on using the whole fruit is okay and even helpful, and also discuss different ways to prepare passionfruit halves.

Cut between the skin and the flesh

how to cut passion fruit

Now that you have cut through the tough outer layer, make sure to wash your knife in warm water and dry it thoroughly. You can also use a plastic or paper towel to wipe off any residual sugar from the fruit!

Once done, roll the leftover pieces of passionfruit away from you (like rolling up a piece of cheese) and slice them in half down the middle. This will give you more chunks and pieces of passionfruit.

By doing this, you will get slightly soft seeds as well! No need to soak those…just scrape them out and enjoy them like nuts or raisins!
You can now repeat these steps with the other half of the fruit until it is all used up!

If there are some bits left over, don’t worry about them! They will still taste great when mixed into something else! Your choices include yogurt, ice cream, smoothies, etc.

Cut into pieces

how to cut passion fruit

Once you have washed your passion fruit, it’s time to cut it up! You can either use a knife or an electric food processor to do this. Using a knife is much more tedious than using an appliance so only recommend it if you are very careful with knives.

To use a knife, hold one piece of passion fruit in each hand like a lollipop and cut along the seam between the two halves. Repeat until all the pieces fall out.

Using an appliance makes the process faster as there are no manual tasks needed. To use an appliance, open up the machine and place a half cup of passion fruits in. Mix for 2 minutes and check that they are soft and fluffy.

If you notice any dried bits leftover, remove them and add them to the other half batch to make sure everything gets mixed properly.

Place in the refrigerator

how to cut passion fruit

Once you have cut your passion fruit, place it and its juice into the fridge so that it can set and lose some of its liquid content. You want to make sure that it is completely cooled off before using it in a recipe!

Once it has sat for one hour, take the seeds out and discard or use them in another dish. The white part of the pulp should be discarded as well because it will contain bitter components.

You can either mix the passionfruit puree with other ingredients directly or store it in the container it was clled in until you are able to.

Let sit for a few minutes before eating

how to cut passion fruit

After you cut your passion fruit in half, let it sit in its own juice for a few minutes to reduce the bitterness. Once it is barely liquid, then you can spread it onto your favorite dessert or eat it as an edible garnish!

This will not affect the flavor of the passion fruit at all! And if you like some extra tartness, you can add a little bit more sugar to balance out the sweetness.

Try different varieties

Most recipes call for one whole passion fruit given or half a cup of juice. However, there are many ways you can cut down how much passion fruit you use in your recipe. You do not need to always have it in everything!

Some recipes only require just a bit of passion fruit flavor so if you like that taste, then add less than the recommended amount. The same goes for using dried fruits instead of fresh ones – some people prefer the texture and flavor that way so they reduce the number used.

And while having the entire fruit is nice, some parts of the fruit will dry out and lose their sweetness when baking, frying, or boiling. If you find that these times burn with the empty fruit, then start cutting back as mentioned before!

Another option is to make your own pureed sweet ingredients such as raspberry sauce or strawberry jam. These contain no water content which would potentially waste the liquid inside the passion fruit! To make this step easier, try using an immersion blender or hand blender so you don’t have to transfer the pulp and liquids into another container.

Re-peel the passion fruit

how to cut passion fruit

Once you have pressed your passion fruits, it is very important to re-wash them! This will remove the skin that has been peeled off of the pulp and waterlogged the texture.

After washing the peel, dry the pieces thoroughly before storing in an airtight container or use the same bag as the original pouch containing the fruit.

Once again, if the peel starts to get dark or brown, this can be discarded and new ones attached properly. If they are white and fuzzy looking, then these bits should still be used since they do not taste bad. They just look weird so try to discard them when you can see that they are fading away.

This article does contain some recipes that call for dried passion fruits which have gone through this process already.

Pour into cocktails

how to cut passion fruit

Most recipes call for pouring the passion fruit juice directly onto your drink, but you can easily cut down on this process by pre-preparing the passion fruits first!

To do this, wash each passion fruit under running water and then use a spoon to scoop out the seeds and white pulp that are already present.

Once it’s been done, put the leftover flesh in a bowl or container and cover with plastic wrap.

When you're ready to make the cocktail, pour the passion fruit juice into a glass jar or other liquid storage container and add some salt to taste. The mixture will begin to curdle as it sits, this is okay!

Seal the top of the container, mix thoroughly, and store in the fridge until needed. When you take the passion fruit juice out, there may be foam left over, that's fine!

After testing several brands, we found that Hoison Original Liquid Acids work best in changing the color and flavor of the passion fruit juice. You can find their products at most grocery stores.

Make fruit salad

how to cut passion fruit

One of my favorite ways to use passion fruits is in a recipe called fruit salad! This delicious dessert or snack is made of almost any kind of fresh fruit you like, such as apples, pears, oranges, grapefruits, strawberries, kiwi pieces, etc. If you want to make it more special, you can add some coconut, flaked sweet potato, toasted nuts, and/or dried fruits such as cranberries, apricots, and golden raisins.

To make the fruit salad, put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together until everything is coated in the sauce from the passed berries. Let sit for at least an hour so that the flavors have time to meld.

If you love this dip or drink as much as I do, try making your own! Spread one half cup of the pulp onto a plate and drizzle with two tablespoons of milk. Top with whatever toppings you desire.

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