How To Define Team Building

October 27, 2022

As we discussed, team building is an integral part of any successful organization. A company that doesn’t build strong teams will not be able to survive in this ever-growing economy!

Team building can mean many things to each person. Some may view it as an offsite vacation while others may define it as something like “the week before a big game.” No matter what your definition is, if you want your team to truly bond then they must do more than just spend time together.

They have to work together effectively towards a common goal. This is where defining team goals come into play. If everyone knows their job responsibilities but no one knows who their teammates are or what needs they might have, then how well does anyone know each other?

That isn’t a very efficient use of energy nor will it create the most effective working relationships. It is important to establish trust and understanding of one another at the beginning so that communication flows easily and mistakes don’t occur.

Several types of team-building exercises can strengthen bonds and help people connect. The best ones focus on having fun while teaching valuable lessons about teamwork.

Examples of team building

how to define team building

Teams with less teamwork are usually composed of individuals who work alone or in small groups, rather than the other way around. Group settings that encourage isolation are not good teams unless people can relate to each other.

Teambuilding is about bringing out the best in everyone involved, which can be difficult when some people do not want to try hard or how much effort. This is why there is an opposite end of the spectrum for team-forming exercises.

These types of activities promote competition instead of cooperation. They're more likely to create animosity than unity.

What if we merged the two? A while ago, employers would ask their staff whether they'd like to form a team to achieve a goal. The answer was always yes! So they would give these teams a task and see what happened.

That's how teamwork was born! Here are eight easy ways to organize a group activity that will help you define team spirit.

1. Ask someone to play a game you know well

This could be a board game, a video game, or even a sport. If you don't know any games that could use this technique, make your own!

Ask someone to play a game they already know well. Then, add something new to it - like both players have to win a certain number of rounds before the game ends.

The winner gets to choose the next game (or maybe none at all!).

Make it a game

how to define team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is not about having fun as a group of people, but rather creating an environment where individuals feel comfortable sharing their knowledge and experiences. This can be done through doing things such as going out for drinks or hosting a movie night, but it’s much more powerful when it comes together under one agenda.

The most effective teambuilding exercises are typically games that require teamwork and communication. For example, a word scramble could test your ability to quickly come up with synonyms while also highlighting key points of a topic. A matching game could ask questions related to leadership and organization styles.

When planning these games, make sure they're clearly understood by all participants.

Exercise to try

A great way to develop team spirit is through exercise. Many types of exercises can be done as group activities or individual workouts. You do not need a gym membership to participate in this activity!

Many companies have fitness rooms that employees can go to free of cost to work out. This is an excellent opportunity for your organization to expose its workers to different sports, equip them with workout gear, and improve their health at the same time.

Team building events that include a tour of the local area often require participants to dress in workout clothes so you may want to make sure your company has some sort of clothing allowance set up already.

There are also lots of ways to motivate people to join in the fun during a workout. Some like to compete with each other, while others just enjoy moving around and being active.

Take your time

how to define team building

Now, let’s talk about how to define team building. What are some of the key components of creating an effective team?

First off, you need to know that not all teams are made up of individuals who work together out of mutual respect and admiration. Most teams include at least one individual who is there solely because they want to gain personal benefits from working with others.

This kind of employee can be very difficult to manage as their goals often differ from the rest of the group. This person may even put themselves ahead of the rest of the team by going beyond what has been asked of them and taking on more responsibility than anyone else.

It is important to note that this type of employee cannot usually be trusted to play fair unless other members of the team hold them accountable for their actions. It is also hard to bring these people into the organization later when things start to break down.

So, how do you keep a team strong when someone makes it almost impossible to do so? The answer comes in the form of team-building exercises or activities.

Share stories

how to define team building

When team building activities work is finding ways to tell engaging, fun stories that connect with other people.

This can be done in person or via online conversations or presentations. A story is always better when it’s told through action and context –– something that happens rather than an idea that sits alone as a thought.

A good story doesn’t have to be very long — even a few minutes will make for a great tale. It can focus on anything really, but our memories are packed full of little stories that we remember from our lives.

Some examples of telling stories include:

Having lunch together

Going for a coffee run

Meeting at someone’s house for dinner

Allowing yourself to spend time with someone else so you can talk about your day

Any activity where you share experiences is a way to tell a story.

Do not try to be a mind reader

how to define team building

As mentioned before, one of the most important team-building exercises is doing something you know that your colleagues don’t. This can be anything from sharing your passion for football to talking about your favourite movie or book.

By being aware of what others like and by listening to how they talk, you will learn a lot about them and who they are as people. You won’t necessarily feel comfortable saying these things during the exercise, but once it’s over, you’ll know more than anyone else.

You'll also get a sense of whether they're worth investing time in and if there's a possibility of teamwork beyond the next project.

Use the time wisely

how to define team building

As mentioned before, team building is not a one-and-done event or activity. It can be done at any time, anywhere, and does not require special equipment or facilities.

Team building activities are typically organized around a theme that encourages teamwork and collaboration. The organizers of the event will usually let you choose your level of participation. Some people may even offer to pay for additional members of their team!

The best team-building exercises focus on helping participants work as a unit instead of as individual contributors. This way, everyone in the group benefits from the experience.

Celebrate together

how to define team building

As mentioned earlier, team building is an integral part of any successful organization. Companies that thrive have strong teams that celebrate each other’s successes and push each other to do better work.

This doesn’t mean rewarding everyone for doing their job well but instead celebrating milestones and rewards as achievements that deserve praise.

For example, if someone in your department has managed to reduce overhead by X amount, then they should get some recognition for it. If someone else in your department has found new ways to improve efficiency, then they should be praised for their hard work.

Celebrate not just what people have done, but also how they have done it – being proactive with suggestions and ideas is important to advancement at a company.

If one person is consistently achieving great results, then give them a bigger raise or promote them so they can continue bringing up the rest of the team. This will create an environment where teamwork is appreciated and rewarded.

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