How To Develop Team Building

November 21, 2022

Team building is an integral part of developing trust, confidence, and rapport within groups of people. It can be done at any level- whether it’s between two employees or twenty workers, whether they are in separate departments or sectors, whether they work for you or someone else, and whether they are paid or not.

Team building can also go beyond business relationships and apply to personal ones as well. For example, if there is no one left in your family after a tragic event, organizing activities with members of your extended family, friends, and community could help you heal and get through that difficult period.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the group, team building always requires open communication, cooperation, and understanding. When these things exist, great things can happen!

There are many different types of team building exercises but some basics remain the same. Teams will probably brainstorm, discuss ideas, make decisions, and then implement them together.

This article will talk about ten easy ways to do team building via activity, role play, conversation, and more. Some are casual and fun while others are more formal and academic. No matter what kind you choose, all contribute to important teamwork skills such as collaboration, problem solving, and leadership.

You don’t have to do every exercise listed here, but trying at least one is worth its cost.

Do team challenges

how to develop team building

As mentioned before, one of the best ways to develop teamwork is through doing things as a group. This can be anything from going out for coffee or drinks after work, to taking a vacation together, to organizing a charity event for your company.

Whatever you choose to do, make it meaningful for your audience. If you are planning on traveling, make sure it is affordable for everyone and that there are adequate resources available.

For example, if someone’s parent comes along during the trip, add them onto the plan! Or at least offer to pay their share so they don’t have to worry about spending money while away.

Running an organized activity like a tour or game night will give people a chance to get to know each other better. They may even form some new friendships outside of work.

Hold team get-togethers

how to develop team building

One of the best ways to develop teamwork is by holding team building events or gatherings. This can be for an organization, department, project, or just to connect with other people in your area or around the world.

Teambuilding happens when two or more individuals work together towards a common goal. For example, if you are trying to improve communication skills, then talking about different types of communication is a good way to practice them.

The key thing about teambuilding is that it does not have to cost anything to succeed. You do not need to spend lots of money on activities or expensive rooms for this to happen.

There are many free things you can do to facilitate a team meeting or event such as hosting a potluck lunch, having a conversation, doing a activity, or going somewhere together.

Having a drink after work and chatting about something non-work related is a great way to hold a group gathering.

Run team races

how to develop team building

Running a race is a great way to develop teamwork. You can organize your race anywhere, at any time, and for anything – even if there’s no one else around!

Running a race with just yourself will quickly show you how much energy it takes to be successful alone.

Teambuilding exercises like running a race or taking turns helping each other with work are important concepts in developing trust and solidarity within groups.

Running a race as a group means that everyone has an objective they agree upon, which helps create unity. It also gives people a sense of responsibility for their own part in the event, while still keeping things fun.

Here are some more ways to run a team race.

Do team trivia

how to develop team building

Doing something fun as a group is a great way to bring people together and strengthen bonds. If you are looking for some easy ways to do this, your office can host or attend local events that have prizes, such as eating places, movie theaters, or shopping sprees.

Hosting an event gives you more control over the timing, so you can coordinate it with work hours and avoid any costs if someone doesn’t want to participate because of time constraints.

Winners from the earlier contests may be invited back so try to find one that isn’t too expensive or complicated to enter!

Team trivia is a good game to play because there is no individual winner, only a team win. This creates a sense of community among everyone who participated in the contest, which could lead to other team building activities like sharing lunch or drinks after work.

Have a team bake-off

how to develop team building

A great way to develop teamwork is by having a ‘bake off’. This is where one group works on an assigned task for a set time, then you have a meeting or chat about the work they completed and what could be improved upon.

They can either do this as part of their normal routine or even outside of business hours if needed.

This gives them no pressure since it’s not until the next meeting that anyone finds out whether or not their idea worked and if so, how well!

It also allows for any necessary re-evaluation of strategies or ideas because there is a separate conversation for each individual.

Hold a team auction

how to develop team building

An interesting way to develop teamwork is through an interactive process called an auction. This can be done at either a formal or informal event, depending on how your group functions.

At this time, someone usually calls for an open bid. This person gets one minute to state what they want and then everyone else must offer their best price. If people agree with the initial asking price, no bidding takes place and that item/thing goes to the seller.

If anyone wants the item more than the original asker, they will lower their price and if there are still none being offered, they win! The winner receives a good amount of motivation for buying into the idea of getting rid of things so that others may have them.

This does not always work though as some individuals may feel insulted by being undercut on cost. However, if you try this out, make sure it’s in a comfortable environment where emotions can be worked through.

Conduct a team skit

how to develop team building

This is one of the most basic team building exercises that can be done at any time. A team skit happens when a group does an action or sequence of actions as a unit. For example, if the team consisted of three people, then each person would have to do something different but within their role.

The members of your team should be aware of what the other members’ roles are before the skit so they don’t interfere with each other. After everyone has practiced their part, the next step is to put these parts together into a unified scene.

During this exercise, you can simply use it to learn how to work in a team setting, or you can add fun flavor to it. You can ask for a funny scenario (like when someone says something embarrassing) or create your own challenge (like asking teams to describe a word and see who comes up with the most common ones).

Whatever you choose to do, make sure it isn’t too difficult otherwise nobody will participate.

Have a team video game

how to develop team building

A great way to develop teamwork is to have a team building activity that is not work related, but that requires team effort. You can do this at any time, anywhere, it does not need to be monthly or yearly, you just need to make sure everyone knows what they are doing!

You can play games such as pool together, volleyball, soccer — anything really where people must work together in order to win. Or how about taking a trip somewhere organized, like an outdoor sports event?

Whatever you choose to do, make it non-work focused, casual, and fun.

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