How To Do Passion Braids

January 3, 2023

Doing braids is a lovely way to refresh your hairstyling game. They are a pretty, simple hairstyle that can be done in many different styles and configurations. Plus, they are very easy to do!

There are several types of passion braids, but one of the most popular versions is the side-parting braid. This article will show you how to do this style perfectly!

Making a side-parting braid requires two parts: preparation and execution. The preparation part usually begins with either short or long hair that has been partially rolled up. Then, the rolling process is started at the front and carried down the length of the hair, where it is tied off.

The second part comes next, which is tying the remaining piece of the braid together. When doing the side-parting braid, there are three ties used: two at the forehead and one at the back of the head. Once all three pieces are tied off, the braid is completed!

Overall, beauty salons offer pre-made packs of small products such as comb, clips, and pins so customers don’t have to worry about buying those things separately. These pack sets typically include tangly hairsprays, rollers, and/or clamps, making it more cost efficient for clients to purchase them while under professional guidance.

Held together by glue, these tools help set the shape of the braid and give it some stability.

Decide what length you want your hair to be

how to do passion braids

Choosing the right length passion braids is mostly about deciding how long you want your hair to be. If you have very short or medium length hair, then shorter is the best option!

If you have longer hair, then choosing one that is slightly longer than your normal hairstyle is ideal. You can take it up a few inches beyond that if you like!

You should also know what kind of look you want to achieve with these braids. For example, if you want to go for an elegant romantic style, then opt for much longer braids.

Decide what texture you want your hair to be

how to do passion braids

Choosing the right braid style is dependent on what kind of look you want to achieve! If you would like your hairstyle to have some body, then a tighter, thicker weave is needed.

For more casual looks, longer braids are better than shorter ones. The longer the braid, the higher the neckline. This also allows for more styling possibilities later!

If you feel that your hair is getting too tight, try rolling up a part of the braid. Letting down your hair can sometimes help balance out the look.

Make a plan for the shape of your hair

how to do passion braids

Choosing the right number of braids for you is an important part of doing passion braids. You want to make sure that you have enough time to do them before styling!

Making the wrong choice can easily be fixed, but it will take you more than one session to get it right, so choose with confidence!

The first thing to consider when choosing which braid style is best for you is how many people you’ll be sharing yours with. Some hairstyles are better for close inspection or length exposure due to all of the decorations and jewelry they contain, but not for others.

For example, longer, simpler braids like spiral twists and fishtail bantu knots work well if you just want to admire their pretty flow! Or perhaps something crescent rolls would look lovely paired with a headband.

It’s also helpful to know what kind of looks you like so you can pick styles that match those rules.

Prepare your hair for braiding

how to do passion braids

A passion braid is probably one of the most beautiful hairstyles you can do! They are very complex, but don’t worry, it doesn't look too hard. Luckily, we have some tips here for you!

To begin with, make sure your hairs are well-sleeked and smooth. This will help keep the structure nice and sleek, as well as helping the braid hold its shape better. Use a good amount of conditioner and let sit for at least half an hour before washing it out.

Now, start by picking two sections that are about the same size. One should be slightly longer than the other one. The shorter section goes in second, next to the first one. Then pull the longer section through and over both of them, creating a circle. Make sure to slowly push the top piece down, taking care not to break away from the rest of the braid. Once done, roll up the whole thing, starting at the bottom.

Keep pulling until it is tight enough where you cannot easily loosen it. When it is almost there, take your brush and run it through the rolls several times. Now, take the ends and fold them back towards each other, rolling it all together. Pull up gently and clip off any pieces that may come loose. You now have yourself a passion braid!

Once you have mastered doing this braid, try adding some fake tangents or small twists to add more depth to the style.

Make a small loop at the back of your hair

how to do passion braids

Now for the most part, this hairstyle is not complicated! You will need some bobby pins to hold it together, but that’s about it. The key to doing this style well is making sure your hairs are soft and loose.

Once you have completed the braiding, make sure to pin out any pieces or holes so they do not come undone. When removing the braid, use as few pulls as possible because too many pull can cause kinks in the hair which would be difficult to conceal.

Make a small loop at the front of your hair

how to do passion braids

Now make another large loop directly behind the first one! This new loop is called the passant braid. The whole process takes two minutes!

To complete this braided look, pull out the top passant braid and roll it up like a regular bun. Then, take the remaining length of your hair and stick through the hole in the roll.

Braid hair starting at the back of your head

With these passion bantu braids, start by taking one chunk of hair and pulling it up towards the front of your scalp. This is called lifting the ridge. Once that is done, take another section of hair and pull it over the top, creating a second layer. Continue doing this with as many sections of hair as you have available.

Once all three layers are in place, gather all of the loose hairs together and tie them off into a knot. When tying the knots make sure they’re tight but not too tight! If you notice your hairstyle getting tighter, add some more pieces of hair or loosen the hold slightly.

And just like that, you’ve got yourself an incredible braid! To give yours its perfect touch, use small clips or pins to keep it from falling out.

Braid hair starting at the front of your head

how to do passion braids

For this hairstyle, you will start by taking one chunk of hair and pulling it up towards the back of your scalp. This is called lifting or creating a lifted section.

Once that is done, take another piece of hair and pull it over the top of the lifted section. Then, tuck the two pieces of hair together as close as possible without breaking them.

Continue doing this until all the sections are fully braided and connected. When finished, use small clips or pins to hold each braid in place.

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