How To Do Passion Twist On Natural Hair

December 21, 2022

Doing natural hair is an incredible way to enjoy your hairstyling experiences! There are many styles you can create with natural looks, and there are plenty of tips and tricks to achieve beautiful results. Many people begin experimenting with natural haircuts by doing simple twists or braid outs.

As people become more familiar with natural hairstyles, other types of twists and braids come up. The best way to learn how to do these twists is through YouTube videos. While some may consider twisting and styling natural hair difficult, it does not have to be that way!

There are several ways to approach doing twist hairstyles on natural hair. This article will talk about five easy ways to do a passion fruit twist on natural hair.

Mix up your products

how to do passion twist on natural hair

For natural hairstyle variations, mixing up your shampoo and conditioner brands is an easy way to add new dimensions to your looks. Companies have several lines that feature different types of hair oils or butters to wash and care for various hair textures.

Some common ones are coconut oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, and argan oil. All of these can be mixed in as much as you like in each product! Some people even mix them together within one bottle!

A few general tips about oils: never apply more than one type of oil at a time into the same area, such as rubbing hands off of the shower door after washing yourself with either butter or coconut milk.

And remember, don’t overdo it! Too many additives can sometimes do more harm than good.

Wash your hair gently

how to do passion twist on natural hair

When washing natural hair, make sure you are gentle with your hands! Using a lukewarm wash solution and using only small amounts of product can help prevent breakage.

Using too much shampoo could cause dry skin or even scalp dermatitis which is uncomfortable for both. Make sure to work in enough time to allow for all of the water to be absorbed and to rinse properly.

Avoid rubbing your hair against the drain as this could pull out more tangling roots. Instead use a soft cloth to quickly wipe away excess moisture.

Once your hair is completely dried, roll it up into a warm towel to let air circulation.

Use a wide-toothed comb

how to do passion twist on natural hair

When natural hairstyles are done properly, they can be seen and admired across many social media platforms. All of these styles require using a comb that has very broad teeth. A good example is a ceramic comb or any other type of flat brush.

These types of combs allow for more length and volume in your twists and locks. The wider the teeth get, the longer you have to work with the twist or lock. This makes doing braids and twists much easier due to the amount of time you have to create them!

The trick is knowing how to use one effectively.

Use a dryer

how to do passion twist on natural hair

For many natural hairstyle enthusiasts, using the right tools is an important part of their look. One of these tools is your hair drier!

Most people use hot rollers or flat-top irons to curl or straighten their hair. However, there are some who have tried both and found that one method seems to work better than the other.

Some believe that hot rollers take longer to properly set and retain curls, while others find that flat-tops require more time to achieve the same results.

Either way, you will need to wait for your hair to be completely dried before moving onto the next step. This can get tedious if you want fast results!

A cost effective solution is using a hairdryer.

Use a heat protectant

When washing your hair, use a good amount of conditioner and do not pull it through wet. This will help set some of the elasticity in the natural curls.

After drying your hair, apply a thin layer of gel or cream-like product with an adequate amount of hairspray. Then roll up your hair and twist it all around until it is completely coated!

Removal can be done by rolling up the curl and using a wide tooth comb or fingers. Make sure to work slowly so as not to break down the structure too much!

And remember, don’t forget to use your own products! Many people start selling their leftover shampoo and conditioners after reading this article!

Making our own beauty products is a great way to save money while still staying self-conscious about what we are using.

Use a humidifier

how to do passion twist on natural hair

A very common way to style natural hair is by twisting it up or rolling it into a pattern. What people usually do not realize, however, is that dry hair will make your twists tighter, longer, and more difficult to work with.

Dry hair does not hold onto knots as well so you have to pull out all of the stops to get a nice, tight roll. This can result in broken rolls or even stuck hairs which are hard to remove!

A good way to prevent this is to use a hand-held humidifier while doing your hairstyling.

Use a clarifying shampoo

how to do passion twist on natural hair

A few products that can be used in your natural hair care regimen are called “clarifying shampoos” or “conditioning shampoos.” What makes them different from other types of shampoos is that they don't contain any coloring agents, but instead work by stripping away old, dried up hairs and the chemicals that go along with that process.

Most people use these shampoos once a week, if not every two weeks, which helps keep your hair clear of greys and gives it a chance to grow out some of the thickening elements.

One of my favorite brands of clarifying shampoo is TRESemme Bumble & Brizz Natural System. They are marketed as being able to restore balance to dry, dull hair, and I find this to be true. My only caveat with this product is that while it does remove many of the oils from our hair, it also tends to make your hair very slightly drier than normal. This doesn’t bother me at all though because I like my hair soft and oily!

TREseemes Bumble & BriZZ Natural System - $25 at Amazon

Another good option is Pureology Color Boost Deep Conditioning Treatment. This one is a little more expensive (around $30), but it has just as much power for re-styling your hair. It works similarly to TREsemme, except it adds moisture to the strands too.

Use conditioner

how to do passion twist on natural hair

One of your biggest worries will be choosing what shampoo or conditioner to use with your natural hair. Many people feel that their hairstyling dreams are impossible because they cannot find products that work for them!

There is an assumption that all shampoos are designed for chemically treated, heavily processed hair and those that do not say “processed” actually work poorly on natural hair.

Many believe that you need to start using a more expensive product that costs more money to see results. This may not always be the case though as we will discuss later in this article!

We have found several brands that are truly dedicated to making quality natural haircare products that work beautifully.

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