How To Do Passion Twist On Natural Hair

November 30, 2022

Doing natural hair is an ever changing process that requires you to be creative with your looks, but there are some styles that always work! This article will talk about one of these hairstyles — the passion twist!

The trick to doing this style well is picking your parts (refer to the name) wisely. Make sure to pick thin sections of hair that are not weighed down by products so it can get those beautiful bounce-backs!

Also make sure to go slow when lifting out the part as you might accidentally pull up too much hair which would look weird! Your curls may take a little while to fully set into place, but don’t worry they’ll stay!

And lastly, use a small amount of gel or mousse to help hold the twist in place until it is completely dried! Sometimes people put way too much product in the picture, which could cause glued-on tangles later on.

Use a cream or oil to keep your hair moisturized

After washing your hair, use a small amount of cream or oil to coat all sections of your hair. This will help preserve the moisture that was lost while drying out from shampooing.

Many people use coconut oil as it is known for its conditioning properties. You can also try olive oil if you do not have access to coconut oil.

Avoid using too much of either product though, as this could cause your hair to become weighed down and/or oily.

Use a sulfate-free shampoo

For natural hairstyle enthusiasts, finding your perfect wash is like searching for the elusive unicorn! There are so many brands that claim to be hair friendly, but most contain either alcohol or synthetic chemicals that do not agree with some people’s skin or hair types.

Mostly, people complain about their hair feeling dry, thin, and/or flaky after using these products. If you have very sensitive hair, it may even hurt when you use those shampoos!

Fortunately, there are great alternative shampoos available now that are free of alcohol, parabens, and sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), which is a drying agent that has been linked to potential health issues such as cancer.

Many people swear by Cetyl Alcohol in trims and detours, which helps seal in moisture while cleansing your hair. You can also try replacing the SLES with coconut oil, shea butter, or olive oil to see what works best for you.

Use a clarifying shampoo

A few natural hair products that work as clairifiers are coconut oil, sullactic acid (also known as lukewarm water or warm milk) and baking soda. All of these work by stripping off the layers of dry, damaged hairs so that new ones can grow in their place!

A small amount of each product will do the trick, try one at a time until you find your favorite combo. Once it is used frequently, there is no need for additional purging because it removes all the old growths!

Clothing choice is important when doing passion twists. Pick clothes that are soft and/or flannel-y so that you don’t hurt yourself too much during removal and re-growth. Because this process can take anywhere from two days to weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows back, be sure to plan ahead!

Natural hairstyles are some of the most popular styles out there! Doing passion twists is just one way to experiment with them.

Use a conditioner with lots of protein

For many natural hairstyleists, conditioners are one of their favorite products due to the way they shape your hair. The best ones have plenty of protein in them so that your hair can hold onto all the nutrients from the shampoo.

Most people use a lukewarm (not hot) wash-down conditioner and spread it through wet hair as thickly as possible. Then, they let dry naturally or use a hairdryer.

However, when doing this for natural hair, things can get tricky. Because natural hairs grow at a slower pace than chemically treated hair, there is more risk of overprocessing which could cause breakage or stripped nails.

To avoid this, you will need to use a higher volume of conditioner and apply it using slightly faster speeded-up motions.

Use a dry oil to seal the cuticle

The next step in natural hair care is to use a dried oil or gel as a sealant to keep your hair strong and moisturized. Most people use coconut or olive oil as a sealant, but any type of dried up oil will work!

Once you have completely washed and blown out your natural hairstyles, apply the oil using your fingers or a brush according to consistency. Let it sit for one minute before wrapping each section of natural hair with either hot rollers or curling irons to set and lock in moisture.

Be sure to pull away any loose hairs that may get trapped while rolling or curling so they do not cause breakage later! When taking down your natural hairdo, be careful not to tug too hard, as this could damage your hairstyle.

Use a heat protectant

When washing your hair, use a good amount of conditioner and make sure to spread it through all lengths of hair. Then apply a thin layer of gel or cream style product like pomegrante powder before twisting.

This will help keep the twists from breaking down as quickly, which is important since you want to let natural curls settle for at least an hour! If needed, repeat this process in more heavy conditioner or water to achieve that soft, relaxed state.

To prevent over-twisting, do not pull too hard with each twist. Rather, ease into it until it feels comfortable and you can sense when it’s tight enough.

Protect your hair from sunlight

When protecting your natural hairstyles from sun exposure, it is important to know how to protect your own skin! While using protective products for your skin is very important, making sure that you don’t overdo it is just as crucial.

Making sure that you are completely protected from the sun can help prevent dry scalp and irritated skin due to overexposure. Many people forget that sunscreen doesn’t stay put while laying down or sitting, so be careful of that!

Using lukewarm shampoo and conditioners helps spread the protection more evenly because the molecules latch onto both exposed skin and scalp. Use a light hand when washing your hair, and make sure not to scrub too hard!

That way your locks get enough time to lock in all of the UV rays! If there is any residue left, wash off as quickly as possible and apply another layer.

Get a good seal of spray-trying

First, make sure your hair is completely dry! If it is not, that will prevent the hairs from grabbing onto the products properly.

Now, apply the product in even layers starting at the roots and work your way up. Make sure to use smooth strokes and spread the layer of product as evenly as possible.

Once you have applied all of the product, let the girl with natural curls hang for an hour or two until the product has fully dried.

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