How To Do Passion Twist With Rubber Bands

November 29, 2022

Doing yoga is more than just moving your body through various positions. Adding in some kind of meditation or relaxation (like practicing mindfulness) can make your practice even more profound.

Yoga has many different components that make it unique. One of these components is called “passion pose” or "twisty arms." You see this pose during advanced classes and you may be asked if you have practiced it before.

This article will teach you how to do the passion twist with rubber bands! This trick works for both beginners and professionals so no matter what level yogi you are, here you go. 🙂 Shout out to all my fellow beginner yogis! 😉

Disclaimer: Please exercise caution when using banded-up hands as this could potentially hurt yourself or others. I recommend doing this at home under professional guidance and supervision.


1 Start by gathering a set amount of thin plastic or leather wristbands.

2 Loop one end around each index finger once, making sure there is enough length to cover the knuckle.

3 Pull hard to close off the top, then pull up gently but firmly to elongate the fingers. At this stage the band should fit snugly across the middle joint of the finger. Repeat for the other hand.

4 Once both hands are tight, move onto step 5.

5 Using the same number of bands as your preferred intensity of challenge, begin twisting the hands together.

Buy rubber bands

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Having enough supplies of rubber band tricks is very important! You do not want to have to spend extra money buying more because you ran out. Luckily, you can easily pick up some rubber bands in most stores or through online shopping sites like Amazon.

There are many ways to use rubber bands beyond just keeping things together. For example, you can make bracelets, pull off pieces of old jewelry, create rings, stick pins into holes, and so on. The trick is to find creative uses for them.

Another way to use rubber bands is by doing a passion twist. A passion twist looks cool and does not require any special equipment. What you will need is about six short, tight rubber bands and one longer, wider rubber band.

Do it!

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing this exercise takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can be very fun. If you are feeling nervous or uncomfortable, that is okay! This activity will help you relax and work through your emotions.

Practice doing this move with less tight rubber bands and longer periods of time until you feel more comfortable. Once you do, try doubling the amount of bands in both length and number till you find an ideal balance.

Your muscles will also tense up when you use too many bands, so make sure to only use enough for the best effect.

Record your video

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Once you have chosen your song, it is time to record yourself doing some passionate kissing! If you are more comfortable recording with your phone then that is fine too.

If you use YouTube or another website’s free streaming service, you can just upload your file there. Otherwise, head over to Viber, Discord, Facebook, or Twitter and make an account there so you can easily share your stream.

Either way, let people know where you will be sharing this link so they can watch for you!”

We also recommend using a close-up of your face when possible since many people may not want to see all of you.

Share on social media

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing this trick requires you have already done the first two tricks, but now we are going one step further! This article will teach you how to do the third and final twist of the passion trampoline technique – share your passion!

After doing the second trick (practice relaxation) and the first (relaxation breathing), it is time to get creative. You can use these same techniques for sharing any kind of passion that you have.

Practice yoga or meditation? Let everyone know about it!

Love reading books? Tell people about all the great things you read and get some motivation from those surrounds you.

And if you love dancing, get up and shake it out! Or if you are passionate about nature, go outside and play in the natural surroundings! The possibilities are endless!

Sharing your passions will make you feel good and help motivate you to keep practicing them.

Encourage others to try it

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing passion twists with rubber bands is a fun way to work off some energy. You can do this with anyone, of any age!

There are several reasons why doing a passion twist with rubber band is great for you. First, it’s a low cost activity. All you need is a length of elastic string or rubber band and a hand to perform this move.

Second, it’s an easy beginner move. Even if you have never done a pull-up before, you can still do a passion twist.

Third, it’s a cool move that looks cool. When you perform a passion twist, your hands will be in the air like they are being held by a strong grip. It’s kind of funny looking but also motivating at the same time.

Do a passion twist for your friends

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing a passion twist with rubber bands is a fun way to do some quick casual entertaining. This trick works best if you have thin, strong hands because it requires picking up a few things simultaneously.

You will need one set of long, thick rubber bands (we like ones that are slightly striped in color), and one short, fat band. These can be purchased at most stores that sell jewelry or craft supplies.

To perform this trick, start by holding two opposite-sized closed fists together. Now add the middle finger to one fist and the index finger to the other.

Now pull the top knuckle of each hand away from their respective fingers as far as possible while keeping them tightly clenched.

Once both hands are fully extended, grab a handful of the short, fat band and quickly roll it around both sets of extended fingers.

When it has completely wrapped around all five digits, use the remaining length to pull the band off. You now have an additional band!

Repeat this process several times until you’ve used up all the bands.

Tell your friends what you do in the moment

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing this activity with people is one of the best ways to do passion twists with rubber bands. You can either have people do it for themselves or have groups of people doing it together.

If someone else does it first, they must tell their friend why it’s important to them and how it made them feel. This could be as simple as “This made me think about things that make my life more fun.” or something longer like “This reminded me of when I would play piano as a kid.”

After they say why it makes them happy, their friend can choose to try it out or not. If they decide to though, they must put some effort into using the band correctly and feeling it properly before attaching it to whatever item they want.

Be intentional with your passion twists

how to do passion twist with rubber bands

Doing a passion twist with rubber bands can be fun! You do not need any special tools to get this done. All you need is an item or two that you love and are able to easily access, rubber band(s), and something you’re passionate about.

The trick is being careful to use the right amount of tension. Too much stress will cause the material to lose its shape, which changes the overall look of the piece it is attached to. The same goes for no stress-it may break or tear the fabric.

When doing a passion pull, make sure there are enough rubber bands to fully relax the item. When removing the bands, do so slowly as you don't want to rip them apart. Your item should return to its original state once finished.

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