How To Do Passion Twist Without Rubber Bands

December 28, 2022

Having enough passion for your work can make all the difference between success and failure. If you need proof, look no further than Apple or Amazon — two companies that had their start with little more than passionate vision statements.

Many people have discussed how Steve Jobs was one of the most influential leaders in business history, but what few realize is just how much his influence extends beyond his position as CEO. He not only set internal company goals and expectations, he influenced the way other businesses operated by creating trends and motivating others to join him in them.

His passing last year left many wondering who would be next to take over this job at such a pivotal time for the technology industry. Many speculated it might even lead to a complete shift in power within the corporation!

Luckily, those same people picked up after Jobs and continued to inspire and motivate both internally and externally. Even though he’s now gone, his legacy will live on forever through these effects.

If you are looking to unleash your inner-passionate leader, here are five tips to help you do so without using any rubber bands. We will discuss each one separately.

Lift your arm up towards the ceiling

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

Now lower your hand as you push it forward- slowly!

That way, you can focus more on how heavy your hands are getting and how much effort it takes to depress the trigger, rather than having to hold it in place all time.

This technique is also helpful for people who struggle with keeping their right hand from shaking while holding the gun steady. By using the second position, you do not have to worry about that!

Practice this position with no ammunition until you feel comfortable doing so, but once you do get some rounds off of it, these tips will stick.

Lift your other arm up towards the ceiling

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

Now lower your hand back down until you can feel the elastic band around your wrist. You will need to slowly push away from this position as you lift your hand higher.

As you do so, your hands will meet at the middle. When they do, rotate your palm outwards as much as possible. This is called lifting the twist. As you pull your hands apart, you will notice that the rubber bands get longer.

Now quickly bring your hands together again, only this time turn your palm in. The shorter the better here!

This is called collapsing the twist. As you stretch your bands more, they will become tighter which makes your wrists hurt less. Try it for yourself!

After you have done this trick a few times, you will find that your hands will twist on their own! No need to use extra force or tricks.

Twist your upper body to the left

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

This is one of the most helpful moves for all people, whether you are just starting off with yoga or have been practicing for a while. The move is called “Passion” because it cultivates passion and motivation in your practice.

The concept is simple – you use momentum to motivate yourself into doing more of something. For example, if you want to do some back bends, then instead of standing still like a normal beginner would, you need to get out of position first.

When you twist your body, you create momentum that helps propel you forward. Because this move is very popular, there are many variations!

There are several different versions of this pose, but none quite as famous as the classic version. That is why we will focus on that here!

How to do the classic passion twist
#1 Hold both hands up next to each other, either at shoulder level or slightly higher
#2 Step away from the edge of the mat or floor
#3 When you're ready, push your right leg backwards (or keep it straight) and pull your left arm across your chest, almost like you were putting on a sweater
#4 Now roll over onto your back

You've done it! You practiced your own personal yoga workout by doing the classic passion twist.

This pose works because when you rotate your arms and torso, you open up your shoulders and chest area.

Twist your lower body to the right

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

While doing this exercise, make sure to twist your lower body to the right as you push with your left leg. When performing this move, try to keep your knees soft and slightly bent.

This will help prevent overextending your knee and potentially injuring yourself or breaking something. You want to focus more on lifting the foot off of the floor and twisting the pelvis then extending it. In fact, most people can’t do this extension properly!

Once you are able to perform this pose without using any rubber bands, add some small ones to see how far you can go. Once you have found the distance that you can go, add more intensity to the movement by breathing heavier and holding the position longer.

Slowly lower your arms to the starting position

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

Now that you have practiced doing the passion twist, you can try it again but this time without using rubber bands!

This is actually much easier to do than the version with rubber band help. All you need to do is slowly lower your hands as they come up towards your chest. Then, as soon as they reach your stomach, quickly pull them outwards and back down.

Repeat on the other side

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

On your second hand, you will want to twist the wrist up instead of down. To do this, use your pointer finger as a guide to know where to put the tension in the rubber band. Then, pull the index finger up until it is fully extended, and roll the rubber band over itself using the middle finger.

Continue doing this until the whole band has been twisted twice, and then let go! Your hands should be very happy and relaxed now.

Once you have mastered this trick, try twisting the bands at a faster speed for more effects. And if you are really creative, you can add glitter or stick pins onto the ends of the bands to create additional decorations.

Keep working your arm muscles to increase your range of motion

When you are able to touch your index finger with your thumb, then you have completed this movement. You can now repeat this move with your other hand!

When doing this exercise, make sure that you do not pull too hard with your elbow or shoulder. Rather, relax them and only push as far as you can without making it hurt.

Your triceps will get the most work here so make sure they are strong! As you may know, the tricep is responsible for lifting your arms up so ensuring these are strong is very important.

This pose should feel comfortable and easy to perform so if there is anything making you uncomfortable, drop the intensity or take away one of the positions until you feel more relaxed.

Try doing the passion twist with a resistance band to increase challenge

how to do passion twist without rubber bands

While performing the passion twist without rubber bands is more challenging, it can be done! If you are feeling confident, you can try rolling your hands in a cloth or paper towel to add some friction.

If using a towel, make sure it is thin so it does not get stuck under the roll of your hand. You may also need to wash your hands afterwards as the gel residue will stick.

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