How To Do Team Building Activities

November 18, 2022

Doing team building activities is one of the most powerful ways to strengthen relationships at your workplace. These are exercises that require group discussion, collaboration, and communication.

Teambuilding events can be fun and educational for both you and your colleagues. They’re also a great way to increase employee engagement and teamwork under difficult conditions.

Many employers organize such events as part of their overall corporate culture strategy. Others use them to boost morale or connect with employees during times of change.

The timing and type of event depend on what types of teams you have and how they work together already. Some people prefer more structured programs while others enjoy free-form experiences.

This article will talk about eight easy teambuilding activities anyone can do anywhere. Even if you don’t have much time, you can pick and choose from here to make it fit in around other plans.

Choose your team building activity

how to do team building activities

There are many ways to do a team building exercise, but you should pick an activity that requires little to no preparation other than bringing some people together.

This is important as not everyone has access to resources or time to prepare for an event. For this reason, most of us rely on things like organized activities or games to promote teamwork.

Playing board games can be a great way to motivate teams to work together towards a common goal. Games such as charades, word find, and movie trivia can be done in groups or individually, so there’s never really an empty space where someone could sit and slack off.

Games also usually have rules, which help bring focus into place. Teams will need to agree on these rules before play can begin, making sure they coordinate their actions with each other.

Create a teambuilding exercise

One of the most effective ways to do teamwork is to organize an activity that requires group effort and collaboration. This can be as simple as having a party or going on a trip together, but it can also include doing something more substantial like taking over another business or organization or working on a project together.

Team building exercises are usually done at least a week ahead of when you actually want people to work together so that they have time to prepare.

They should be organized by someone who has knowledge of the event to make sure everything goes smoothly and everyone knows what their job is. Make sure to give enough notice for people to gather appropriate clothes and equipment needed for the event.

The timing and length of the activities depend on how long-lasting the benefits of the event are. Some things last just one day while other events may only occur once a year.

Ask your team about their interests and hobbies

how to do team building activities

This is one of the best ways to do team building activities that actually work! While some people enjoy doing sports or going out for drinks, most of us like to spend our time watching TV, listening to music, or engaging in other hobbies we have already prepared for them.

What I love about this activity is it doesn’t require too much money or resources. All you need are things such as books, movies, or games you and your colleagues already know and share an interest with.

You can also make it interactive by asking questions related to the topic such as how many books they would recommend reading if there were no more teams left at the company. Or ask what kind of movie they want to watch next time someone’s birthday comes around.

These types of conversations help bring together individuals who may feel isolated at their workplace. They create a sense of community which helps promote healthy teamwork and communication skills.

Do a puzzle together

how to do team building activities

Doing a puzzle is one of the most popular team building activities because it can be done at any level – even kids can join in! You do not need special equipment for this activity, though it helps if you have plastic puzzles that are color-coded according to shape.

What you will need: Two people per side of the puzzle (the person who sets up the puzzle chooses which end they want to start with)

Topic and bullet point: What kind of puzzle you use makes a difference here

You can choose from two types of puzzles: Crossword puzzles and word searches. Both work by having you connect letters or words into patterns, but where things get tricky is deciding how many spaces there should be between each letter, word, or group.

The length of the solution depends mostly on when you find the answer. For example, a short word could be quickly identified as a starting place, making it possible to calculate how many squares there should be under that word. If the rest of the phrase is longer than that, then you would know what the next space needed to be!

Crosswords require more steps to solve them, so people may take longer to identify their part of the puzzle. This can be good since people must work faster to solve a crossword!

Word searches are easier to figure out, however, none of the parts of the solution are long enough to tell whether you found your match.

Play a game of chess

how to do team building activities

This is one of the most classic team building activities that you can do with your employees. You can either have them play against each other or as a team. Either way, it’s great for creating teamwork and communication skills.

Teambuildinggames such as pokeror word games like Tabloid are perfect ways to facilitate this. Having everyone work together towards a common goal is always helpful in strengthening relationships.

Playing games is also a nice way to boost employee morale since winning is always fun!

How about we take a look at some more detail oriented tips then? Here are 10 clever teambuilding activity ideas that don’t cost a lot.

1. Throw a party

Throwinga get-togetherpartyis an excellent way to promote workplace collaboration and intimacy. It helps people connect more easily by encouraging interaction and conversation.

If you’re having trouble thinking of good party ideas, there are many free resources available online. Some examples include:

* Games such as badminton, tennis, or floor hockey
* Doing something active, such as taking a walk outside or swimming
* Serving food or making drinks
* Dancing or singing

You don’t need to spend a huge amount of money to make this happen.

2. Ask questions

Questionsare very important tools when helping to build strong relationships. They help create conversations and emphasize importance of topics.

Watch a movie together

how to do team building activities

A good way to do team building is to choose a movie you both have never seen before. You can either watch it alone or with a group of people, it does not matter. Then, discuss the plot, characters, and themes of the film for about an hour.

After this time, you can then talk about what you learned from the film and how the actors performed their parts. Ask your colleagues if they noticed anything special about the character’s behavior or dialogue.

By having a non-competitive conversation, you will create an open environment that allows for more honest conversations.

Do a food fight

how to do team building activities

A food-fight is when one person brings in enough supplies to make sure everyone else breaks down and eats everything they have. Then, all of you gather together as a group and eat it!

This can be done at a party or during a team meeting. If doing it at a party, people will probably ask if you’re having fun first!

Team members usually prepare their own food because that is what they like to eat. But by eating other people’s foods, you show your teamwork spirit and enjoy different types of cuisine.

If anyone tries to run away with no clothes on, this would not look good.

Throw a party

how to do team building activities

A good way to do team building is to organize an event or throw a party. This can be for anything, not just work but also a fun activity as part of your overall plan to strengthen relationships.

You can hold the event at your workplace, community center or house if you have enough resources. If there’s no budget set aside for this, you can still pull off some great activities with very little money.

Some examples of free team-building events include having a movie night, playing games, hosting a barbeque, organizing a charity fundraiser or participating in an outdoor festival or hiking trip.

These types of events are excellent opportunities to connect with other people and build friendships and trust within the organization.

If you're reading this article online, then you've already started doing something interactive! Good job 🙂

This article will give you more tips on how to make group interactions even better.

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