How To Do Team Building Virtually

November 1, 2022

Team building is an integral part of any successful organization. Whether it’s motivating employees, creating teamwork and collaboration, or just boosting morale, engaging in team-building activities is very important for your workplace.

However, with the ever-growing popularity of online technology, doing traditional face-to-face team building has become more difficult. Fortunately, there are many ways you can do virtual team building!

Here we will discuss some easy ways to do group work virtually, as well as some tips and tricks to make it more effective. So, get out of that laptop and connect with people anywhere!

How to Do Group Work Virtually via Technology

Many employers have found creative ways to achieve their goal of encouraging employee interaction while staying within budget. By using various tools such as video chat applications, shared documents or spreadsheets, and/or voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) services, they can allow their workers to collaborate without leaving the office.

In this article, we will talk about 5 perfect groups for team building through social media. What better way to motivate and inspire others than by teaching them something new? These five games all teach a skill that most people need at least once in life – how to organize and manage time.

Organize a conference call

how to do team building virtually

This can be done through an online meeting service like Zoom, Google Meet or Yahoo Meeting. If you use the right software, you can even create your meeting room so that no one else has access but you.

These types of meetings can easily be organized via email. You will need to coordinate when everyone is available and then just show up for the chat!

Team building exercises can include having participants discuss who they would select as their leader if there was an earthquake, discussing why each person does not like themselves or asking what qualities people look for in someone they want to work with.

Overall, these are fun ways to connect with other people and do some soft team-building. It also helps promote trust since it is more intimate than going out to a party together or doing a sports activity.

Organize a face-to-face meeting

how to do team building virtually

Teams that are tight at a times can easily be made even tighter by living vicariously through technology. With the ability to collaborate online, team building via video or chat is possible!

This is especially helpful for teams that are separated by great distances or who simply cannot meet in person due to work commitments.

By staying connected virtually, you can reduce the tension of not seeing each other physically, which oftentimes creates an uncomfortable environment. By replacing these missing pieces with some teamwork, collaboration and communication skills, it becomes easier to create a productive working relationship.

Facilitate discussions, ask questions, listen, and learn about your colleagues’ roles and responsibilities – you will gain new knowledge and improve your performance.

Host a party

how to do team building virtually

As mentioned earlier, holding a meeting or event is one of the best ways to do team building. A meeting or event is typically defined as anything that has some sort of activity attached to it (discussion, presentation, exercise).

A party is an excellent way to hold a meeting or event. A party does not have to be for your company, it can be for other people!

Party planning is very flexible and you can easily turn this into a conversation about teamwork and leadership. You can organize the food yourself or ask someone who knows better to help you out.

Invite everyone online to attend and set a time limit – most parties last 2-3 hours at the least. This gives people enough time to arrive and connect with others but also keeps it short so nobody gets tired.

Try having the party during work hours if possible, this will give people more opportunity to participate. If there are no working hours, then off times are usually good - when many people are already in their natural sleep cycle and awake.

Do a puzzle session

how to do team building virtually

A lot of people start doing team building by having an activity that is focused on interacting with other people or exploring different topics. These are great ways to do team building, but there’s something more powerful you can do as a leader.

Team building isn’t about what you talk about, it’s how you listen. As a leader, one of your greatest strengths is listening to the needs of others. Listening brings understanding, which helps create trust and rapport.

If someone else in the group has an idea, they will share it with you. You will then add value to the conversation by incorporating their ideas into yours. This creates a supportive environment where everyone feels heard and understood.

As a leader, being able to listen is one of your most important skills. When things get tough, this is a tool you can use to keep control. You will still be able to connect with those around you and help them move forward.

There are many ways to do a “listen to exercise” for virtual team bonding.

Hold a race

This is one of the easiest team-building exercises that can be done virtually anywhere at any time. All you need to do is hold a race! Yes, that’s it!

A virtual race doesn’t have to cost anything nor does it even necessarily need to last for a set amount of time. You can have it go on for an hour or a week – it all depends on what your group looks like and how much effort people are willing to put into it.

You can make it a scavenger hunt where everyone has to find certain items or you can simply see who can get through the most levels the fastest. No matter what type of competition you choose, the key element is having fun!

This article will talk more about how to organize a virtual race here.

Run a challenge

how to do team building virtually

This is one of the most straightforward team-building exercises that you can do virtually. Running a challenge or taking a mission as a group is a great way to connect with your colleagues, get to know them, and strengthen teamwork.

A run a challenge works best when there are at least five people in the group, and it’s pretty easy to coordinate. You pick a topic and then everyone picks a goal for the subject.

The person who hosts the challenge gives their goal a point value (usually done according to how difficult the task is) and then teams race against each other to achieve the goal as quickly as possible.

After the time limit has passed, members of the team switch positions — some go from being a leader to a follower, some from readers to writers, and so on.

This exercise tests not only your ability to work together but also your leadership skills because you have to figure out what role someone should play and use your skill set to help them.

Play a game

how to do team building virtually

Doing team building virtually means doing something that has little to no effect beyond being fun. Most games require two or more people, but you can do this in person, online, or even solo.

There are many types of games you can play for team building, including role-playing games (RPGs), card games, board games, and others. You can choose from several genres too!

For example, there are action-packed board games like The Game of Life where players must make life-changing decisions, such as saving someone’s life or sacrificing their own. Or there are strategy games like Settlers of Catan, where groups have to work together to achieve a goal before moving on to the next stage.

And then there are RPGs like Pokemon or The Walking Dead, where groups have to work with each other to survive.

What is important about these games is that they all focus on friendship, teamwork, and communication. These are great ways to do teambuilding virtually because they emphasize those qualities in real life.

Do a selfie exercise

how to do team building virtually

This is one of the most straightforward team-building activities you can do. All you need to do is have your group take a good quality, self-shot photo of each person in the team.

After that, all you need to do is have them write down what they love about themselves and then compare notes. A nice touch is to add in some personal touches like “my friend” or “I loved reading this book so I got myself a coffee” or something similar.

This works because it forces people to talk about things that matter to them, and creates an easy way for everyone to contribute and be part of the process. It also helps bring out different strengths within individuals as we are asking them to focus on their lives and why they like himself/herself.

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