How To Eat A Passion Fruit

December 22, 2022

This week, we are going to learn how to eat a passion fruit! They are actually not too difficult to prepare, nor do they take very long to make. But, if you love them then there is an extra step involved in eating one.

The most important thing about passion fruits is that they taste good! They have a tangy flavor which some people may or may not like. Some people cannot get past the initial tartness of the passion fruit and will skip directly to the second stage by adding sugar or milk to neutralize it.

If this sounds like your style then great! That is totally okay! But if you want the true potential of the passion fruit then you must be willing to enjoy its full flavor.

There are two stages to eating a passion fruit. The first is to peel off the passion fruit’s skin. Then, either mash it or cut it into pieces. If you choose the second option, make sure to add the milk or sugar after because otherwise the juice would burn your mouth!

But once both the skin and inner parts of the passion fruit are gone, what else can you do? You could mix it with something cold and sweet so that it tastes more like dessert. Or you could just swallow it down! Either way, unless you have a phobia of citrus flavors, this should not pose a problem.

Put the empty shell into the freezer for 5 minutes

how to eat a passion fruit

After you cut it in half, put one of the halves into a bowl or plate that has been prepared with butter or olive oil.

After this step, spoon out the white pulp that’s already mixed in with the seeds. This can be eaten like yogurt! If you don’t want it, simply discard it.

Once done, rinse off the passion fruit under water and taste it! If there is no flavor, add some sugar or honey and stir until it tastes better.

Run your finger around the inside of the shell to clean

how to eat a passion fruit

Now that you have cleaned the passion fruit, it is time to either eat it or apply it to something else! If eating it right away, cut it in half and use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and seeds.

If you would like to preserve the juice, place the passion fruits in an airtight container. It will keep for up to one week!

To enjoy passion fruit as a delicious treat, add some pulp to your breakfast cereal, berries, or toast. You can also blend it into yogurt or milk for an added flavor boost.

Dip your finger into water and wipe the peel down

how to eat a passion fruit

This removes any dried out pulp that may be leftover from eating the fruit before. If there is some pulp left, swallow it!

Most people don’t like passion fruits because they think there is too much pulp in them. But this extra liquid content was what gives them their flavor and texture. So if you don’t like the taste of the pulp, then never mind because you won’t have to eat it!

Once the peel has been cleaned off, cut the passion fruit in half and use a spoon or fork to remove the seeds and white membrane. You can either put the seeds and foam in your mouth or save them for later.

If you are hungry, try dipping the puree in some plain yogurt and tasting it.

Cut the peel into small pieces and put into the fruit juice

how to eat a passion fruit

Now, let’s talk about how to eat your own piece of passionfruit! First, you need to cut the purple skin in half or even quarters depending on what kind of knife you have.

Once you do that, pour the juices onto a plate and mix it with some sugar until it forms a syrup. Add more sugar or sour power according to your taste.

And now – either spoon it directly onto the other fruits in a compôme (a sort of dessert made with several ingredients) or use a butter/margarine stick to spread it on top of the meat or fish you desire.

Serve the fruit juice with a spoonful of the fruit pieces

how to eat a passion fruit

Now, for the fun part — eating the passion fruits! If you are hungry after this process, try having the pulp along with some berries or other fresh fruits in a dessert or snack.

The most common way to eat a passion fruit is to use a small knife to cut it in half around its center line. Then, take one side off, put it into your mouth, and pull back on the peel while sucking out the white cream that has been set aside.

Try different varieties of passion fruit

how to eat a passion fruit

The size of a passion fruit variety will determine how much flavor you want to taste- bigger fruits have more juice and flavor, but are harder to eat all of them.

There are many ways to prepare passion fruit. You can add it to drinks or desserts, use its juices in recipes, or even feed it to animals!

Some people like to remove the inner seed and discard it, while others keep the seeds for eating. It really depends on what kind of food you like and which ones you prefer.

General tips: Use a spoon to scoop out the pulp and enjoy it right away, because once it gets dried out, it no longer tastes good.

Keep fruit in your fridge

Many recipes call for one or more passion fruits, which are in fact not berries at all! They are actually small, round, yellow-orange fruits that contain a sweet pulp and a little bit of cream.

The tangy flavor is usually described as tasting like grapefruit with some cinnamon mixed into it.

There are several ways to eat a passion fruit. You can either use a spoon to scoop out the inner pulp and then suck off the cream, or you can cut it in half top down to remove the flesh and then enjoy the juice along with the seeds and cream.

Once you’ve eaten the whole thing, throw away what remains and start eating another fruit immediately so there is no leftover passion fruit taste.

Drink the juice immediately

how to eat a passion fruit

While some recipes call for using the whole fruit, only half of one passion fruits is needed to make one batch of delicious pureed sweet fruits. The rest can be saved and refrigerated or even frozen until you are ready to use them! Once they thaw out, just add it into your recipe or drink it straight away.

Drinking the juice quickly will also reduce any harmful compounds that may exist in the peel. Some people complain about their passion fruits having an “off” taste which comes from these natural sugars being left in the peel. If you like this flavor, then let the berries macerate in the peel for less time when making the juice.

Another reason to drink the juice soon is because the antioxidants found in the pulp may not fully combine with each other if you leave the peel intact.

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