How To Eat Passion Fruit

December 5, 2022

As we know, berries are a lovely culinary treat that can be enjoyed alone or in recipes. They make for a beautiful garnish or ingredient in many dishes! Most people know how to eat a fresh strawberry, but what about when the fruit is not quite so ripe?

That’s where passion fruits come into play! These funky fruits look like bright pink fuzzy balls with a sweet citrus taste. Like strawberries, they can be added directly to recipes or used in other ways. One of my favorite things to do with them is to soak one passion fruit in some milk and sugar and drink it!

There are several reasons why this isn’t done more frequently. First, most people don’t know how to prepare them properly. Second, the flavor can sometimes overwhelm others around you. And third, there are few recipes that call for using the whole thing.

But none of these reasons matter if you just want to try it once! Here I will go over everything you need to know about preparing passion fruits including how to choose the right ones, how to remove the seeds, and whether to use regular milk or low fat.

Look for it in the refrigerator

how do u eat passion fruit

Most recipes call for fresh passion fruit, but you can also use frozen or dried berries. If using dried berry powder, add it to liquid first and then mix into your food or drink.

You won’t want to add too much of either type unless you like slightly sweet foods, so do not overload your mouth!

If you are looking to reap all of the health benefits of this beautiful tropical fruit, start with one small piece per serving and increase from there.

Its healthy acids and antioxidants make it perfect to be added to most diets, especially vegetarian ones. It may even help improve bone strength and cardiovascular function.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article about how to eat passion fruits.

Peel it

how do u eat passion fruit

The most common way to eat passion fruit is by cutting it in half and eating its inner contents. If you are not a fan of that flavor, you can spoon out some of the juice and taste that.

There are also recipes where the whole fruit is mixed into something else or it is dried and then re-hydrated. Both of these require the peel to be left on the passion fruits.

So how do you remove the passionfruit skin? You can either use your hands or a device called a passion fruit slicer. Using your hands will always depend on what kind of hand washings you practice and whether you are very careful with food.

A passion fruit slicer will make the process much easier. There are many styles of these depending on which part of the fruit needs slicing the most. Some only slice through the top layer while others cut all the way down to the core like a knife would.

Chop it up

how do u eat passion fruit

Now that you have your passion fruit, you can begin to prepare it! The best way to eat this delicious tropical fruit is by cutting it into pieces and eating it with your hands or using a spoon.

Some recipes call for just adding it to something else, but this method does not work because it will go bad or taste sour depending on where it is added.

If you would like to add some more flavor to your passion fruits, then heat them in a pan until they break down slightly. You can then stir into yogurt or use it as an ingredient in other dishes.

Another way to enjoy passion fruits is to make a smoothie out of them. Simply pour the pulp into your blender and top off with milk or water! Yours might even turn into a dessert.

Mix it into your smoothie

how do u eat passion fruit

Letting the passion fruit sit and soak in some liquid can make it slightly mushy, so be sure to check out how soft or hard you want it before adding it to a recipe!

If you like it softer, then when it is time to add it to a drink, try putting it in a bowl first and mixing it in later. This will help it get mixed in with the other ingredients and soften up more as it sits.

Once it is just the right texture, take it off of the stove and let it cool down naturally. Then, depending on the length of time you wanted it to stay fresh, either put it in the refrigerator or use the warm setting for an Instant Pot or similar device.

Make a fruit salad

how do u eat passion fruit

While most people know what to do with an apple, oranges or strawberries, how do you eat passion fruits? Many people have no idea what to do with them. Luckily, having recipes for eating passion fruits is very easy!

Making a passionfruit dessert or adding some dried passionfruit powder into your food is great ways to enjoy this delicious tropical fruit.

Make a tart

how do u eat passion fruit

Now, let’s talk about how to make passion fruit tarts! They are one of our favorite recipes in this article because they use very little butter or sugar, and they are so delicious!

The filling for the tart is made of coconut milk, fresh passion fruits, and vanilla whey (the liquid that comes from making yogurt). This mix makes an incredible flavor that can be taste depending on which berries you use in the recipe.

To make the tart base, you will need two types of shells: sweet shortbread cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough. You will have to combine both and bake them together until dry and hard.

Once both bases are done, you can add your passion fruit mixture to each shell and bake again. When it is baked once more, the tart glaze can be spread onto the top and drizzled or poured down the sides of the pan.

Tart look and style? We recommend using either plain white or dark brown paper baking cups to create the depth needed for the tart to set.

Try making a cocktail with it

how do u eat passion fruit

Mix one cup of passion fruit puree with two cups of sugar and blend in your blender or food processor. Add half-cup liqueur such as kirsch, vodka, or white wine (or water if you want a plain drink) and mix thoroughly.

Serve over ice and add some garnish such as lime or berries. You can also stir into your glass before drinking. The tart flavor will wash down deliciously!

If you would like to increase the intensity of the passion flower taste, then use more purée or liquid per serving – just be sure to measure properly so that there is enough to enjoy later.

Enjoy it

how do u eat passion fruit

Now that you have learned how to eat passion fruit, do so! Spread some onto your plate and enjoy it with your food.

Most people begin eating the seeds right away because they like the taste of them. However, you should try only half a seed at first as passing gas is likely while eating the seeds.

Once you feel comfortable eating the whole thing, then add in more seeds to make it delicious for you.

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