How To Eat Passion Fruit

January 2, 2023

This week, we are going to learn how to eat passion fruit like a pro! They are an interesting berry that grows in tropical climates and is considered a dessert food source. Most people enjoy them when they are in season or as part of a culinary experience such as eating abroad where you can find fresh passion fruits everywhere.

Many recipes call for raw passion fruits but cooked versions are also possible. When choosing between the two, I would recommend cooking the berries because it removes some of the tart flavor which may not taste good if you like more sour foods.

There are several ways to consume passionfruit so this article will discuss only eating the seeds directly! That way, you get all of the delicious flavors and none of the shell. If you want to try other methods, feel free to do so but make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after each one to prevent any irritation or symptoms.

Look inside the fruit

how to eat passion fruit video

There are two main parts of passion fruits – the skin, and the white flesh within. The skin is mostly sugar so do not eat it! However, the white part has a very small amount of acidity and can be eaten unless you have any food allergies.

The best way to consume the pulp is by using a spoon or long knife to cut down the middle of the fruit and sucking out the juice.

Peel the passion fruit

how to eat passion fruit video

Once you have located your passion fruits, it is time to peel them! You can either use your hands or a spoon to do this. Using a spoon, hold the top of the passion fruit close to the rim of the bowl and scoop out the pulp and seeds using the spoon. If there are no seeds, then skip to step three.

Once you have removed the flesh, cut the skin away carefully with sharp knives or a paring knife.

Find the seeds

how to eat passion fruit video

The most difficult part of eating passion fruit is finding the seeds! These can be tricky, but not impossible to identify. When you are able to find the seeds, rinse them off and try placing them in water. If they float, then they are definitely seeds!

Some people suggest rubbing the pulp against paper to see if there’s any trace left behind. But we recommend just rinsing the seeds under running water because that seems to work better.

Once you have successfully identified your seed, dry it out slightly and check under a bright light. You should be able to tell whether or not it has mucilage attached to it. If so, then it is safe to say that this seed contains mucilage!

However, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly after touching these seeds because some of the mucilage may linger and possibly get stuck onto your hand. This would not only be uncomfortable, but could also pose a health risk for someone with a food allergy.

Buy lemon juice

how to eat passion fruit video

While most people use passion fruit as an eating experience, you can also make it into a cooking liquid or even drink! To make plain water with some flavor, add one cup of fresh passion fruits to two cups of distilled white vinegar. Let this sit for about half an hour and then strain out the seeds.

You can now bottle this delicious liquid and drink it like a true pro! It will have more flavor if you store it in a glass jar instead of plastic, but either way it is still healthy and low sugar.

Buy sugar

how to eat passion fruit video

Many recipes call for one or two passion fruits in a recipe, so when you go shopping for them make sure you have enough to create your perfect drink!

You can buy dried passion fruit pieces at most grocery stores, but we recommend buying bagged fresh passion fruit because they are more cost-effective and easier to use than dry ones!

To prepare fresh passion fruit, cut it open with your hands or using a knife (be careful not to damage the flesh). Then, insert your spoon into the mouth of the fruit and scoop out the white seedy pulp and liquid. Add that to your drink!

And if you happen to overbuy, no worries – you can either refrigerate or freeze the extra berries! They will keep for up to a week each under those conditions.

Peel the passion fruit

how to eat passion fruit video

Now that you have them, it is time to peel these little jewels! You can either use your hands or wash them in the sink using a plastic spoon as a scoop- this works better if you only need one piece of fruit!

Once peeled, put the passion fruits into a bowl or other container with a lid and add sugar (one cup of sugar per two cups of pulp).

Stir until the sugar has dissolved, then pour through a sieve set over another container to catch the seeds and pieces. Add more sugar if necessary to make sure there are no leftover bits in the pulp.

Add water and stir again – now the pure juice will separate from the rest! Use a spatula to scrape away any solid matter left in the sieve, and then let sit for about half an hour to complete the separation process.

When it’s done, test a small bit of the pulp on your hand – if it comes away easily, then it is ready! Either eat it right away or store in the refrigerator until needed.

Put the passion fruit into the lemon juice

how to eat passion fruit video

Now, once your passion fruits are cool enough, you can put them in a bowl or plate with some of the citrusy liquid we mentioned before. Make sure to cover the passion fruits completely so that they do not dry out!

Once it has sat for about one minute, spoon some of the pulp and seeds out and eat it right away. You can either chew it like a piece of sour grapefruit or swallow it whole like a normal lime or orange.

Add the sugar

After you cut down all of the seeds, you can either add plain white sugar or sweetened cream to taste. If using cream as your topping, make sure to blend it in so that it does not burn in the mouth.

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