How To Eat Passion Fruit During Pregnancy

December 19, 2022

As mentioned before, most fruits are good for you; however, not everyone enjoys every kind of fruit or enough of it to achieve its health benefits. That is why there are times when people do not enjoy certain foods.

With being pregnant, eating healthy can be tricky at times. Certain foods may make you feel poorly so your body cannot always work towards helping your baby grow.

Passion fruit is one such food that some women find hard to eat. It has an acid taste which makes it difficult to ingest in large quantities.

Luckily, there are ways to eat more passion fruit while staying within recommended limits for nutrition.

Look for bright, clear fruit

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

As mentioned before, passion fruits are unique in flavor and can be consumed at any time during pregnancy. They can even be eaten right away without washing them first!

Passion fruits grow under 250 feet tall trees that thrive off of water and sunlight. When they ripen, the berries develop a special gel which helps give the fruit its tangy taste. This gel is made of citric acid so it does not need to be removed.

Most people agree that eating one passion fruit per week is enough unless you like it more than that. If this is the case then you may want to try adding another fruit with similar qualities.

Peel the passion fruit

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

Once you have your plate of food ready, you can now peel the passion fruits! This is very important as some recipes call for both raw and cooked fruits together in one recipe, which will not work if you do not remove the inner layer first.

This process should be done at the restaurant or grocery store because it does require some special equipment. You want to make sure there are no leftover pieces of skin that could potentially contain allergens.

Once peeled, put the seeds into a jar with cinnamon and sugar and let sit overnight. The next day, rinse off the seeds and enjoy them either as a snack or spread onto toast or bread. They taste great plain too!

Some people like to use the pulp left over from eating the passion fruit as an ingredient in other foods or drinks. It has a tangy flavor that most people love.

Eat the fruit

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

While not everyone may like passion fruits, eating one or several is totally fine during pregnancy. Because they contain vitamin C, this nutrient can help keep your body’s natural antioxidants in balance.

Many foods are rich in antioxidants, but none more than tangerine juice which contains eight times the amount of vitamin C as an equal part glass of milk.

A small piece of passion fruit has only two tablespoons of fruit, making it a good source of nutrition while also feeling pleasant to eat. However, if you don’t like berries or dried fruits, then try buying fresh ones so that you do not have to remove the skin.

Some people feel nervous about how much fruit their bodies will accept, but studies show that there are not any known health risks from eating fruits during pregnancy.

Combine passion fruit with other fruits

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

While most people eat the seeds of the passionfruit alone, you can mix them into your eating style by adding it into other foods or drinks.

Combine passion fruit with other foods

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

While eating just plain passion fruits is fun, adding them into recipes or serving them as an after-dinner drink is way more interesting! They can be added into yogurt or mixed into a smoothie, either hot or cold.

You may also like their flavor combined with others. For example, add strawberries to make an easy jam that you can spread onto toast or biscuits. Or mix them in with berries for an easier taste switch.

If you are wanting to avoid dairy, you can use cottage cheese instead of yogurt.

Share your passion fruit experience with friends

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

While eating passion fruits is not prohibited during pregnancy, it is advised that you do not consume more than one per person due to possible health risks for the fetus.

That being said, there are some ways to enjoy this delicious tropical berry if you must have a little taste!

You can try drinking the juice of the passionfruit directly or mixing it into something else. You can also stir fry the pulp in olive oil and salt and grill the seeded berries until warm. All of these recipes can be found easily online.

In fact, many people like to make their own dried passion fruit chips or tarts by baking the dried pulp at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for 1-2 minutes then cooling down before enjoying.

Drinking the pure juice is our favorite way to eat them as we feel it helps mitigate any digestive issues while improving overall appetite.

Overall, though, just remember that even small amounts of foods containing raw eggs may pose risk for pregnant women. So, watch out for signs of illness and discuss potential symptoms with your doctor if you notice anything off or you feel sick.

Try making passion fruit juice

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

If you are not a fan of passion fruits, then trying making their pureed or juiced form is better than just eating the whole thing as a spoonful. Adding some sugar can also help make it more palatable!

Making passion fruit juice is easy enough. You will need one ripe passion fruit per person, and about half a cup of water for each glass of juice made. (Make sure to measure your water correctly!)

Once everything is mixed in, pour the liquid into a container and mix together. Once done, drink the juice immediately and feel healthier!

If possible, try to use fresh passion fruit over dried ones as they have thicker skin which helps contain most of the flavor.

Combine passion fruit with other fruits for a smoothie

how to eat passion fruit during pregnancy

If you are not a fan of passionfruit, do not worry! You can still enjoy it during pregnancy as there are some ways to eat it. One way is to mix it in another food or drink already and enjoy it later.

For example, if you like berries, try adding one half a cup of fresh or frozen berries along with one tablespoon of dried passionfruit pulp. Mix this mixture together in a jar and then have it either as a breakfast shake or dessert.

You can also soak the dried passionfruit powder in liquid and sip the juice. The taste will be slightly stronger than eating it dry.

General tips about eating foods while pregnant include being aware of your symptoms and how your body is responding. If you feel sick, stop eating and see what changes help you feel better.

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