How To Eat Passion Fruit

November 29, 2022

This week, we are going to learn how to eat passion fruit! Passion fruits come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common — a delicious taste that will leave you craving more. They can be eaten as is or added into recipes for some extra flavor and texture.

Passion fruits grow in clusters of up to 20 individual berries that hang off a long thin stalk. The color and shape vary slightly between cultivars, but most have bright yellow skin with black stripes and a sweet tangy taste that makes your mouth water.

What people often get wrong about passion fruits is that not everyone likes them. Some find their strong flavor too much, while others dislike the way it feels in their mouths. Because of this, some people cannot enjoy them unless they get used to them first.

This article will teach you three ways to prepare passion fruits so that even those who don’t like them initially will want to try at least one.

Wash it

how to eat passion fruit

After you purchase your passion fruit, wash it immediately! This will remove any residue that may have dried onto the fruit.

After you purchase your passion fruit, wash it immediately! This will remove any residue that may have dried onto the fruit.

Why? Because chemical compounds in these residues can cause skin or eye irritation or even health issues.

Some of these chemicals include furans, formic acid, acetic acid, glucose, and sucrose. All of these are very acidic, which makes the passion fruits perfect for cleaning yourself of natural acids.

However, do not rinse the passion fruit until right before you eat it, as this could change the taste.

Cut it open

Once you have located a passion fruit, cut it open using your thumbs or a spoon. Make sure to pull back the skin with your hands so you can see what part of the fruit you are eating!

Once you have exposed the seedy inner parts of the fruit, use the tip of your knife to scrape off the white pulp that has gathered there. It is not necessary to eat this part, but some people do like it as an acidity factor.

Now put the leftover flesh into the mouth and chew thoroughly – even taste it! This will take around one minute to complete. When done, swallow the remaining juice!

If you enjoy eating passion fruits then make sure to grow your own next season! You can start by planting a seed in a pot first and growing it under direct sunlight.

Find the seeds

how to eat passion fruit

The most important thing about passion fruit is that you have to eat it with its natural seed. This happens either by eating it right away or, if you are hungry, squeezing the juice of the passion fruits into some plain yogurt and mixing in the seeds.

The taste will differ depending on the type of yogurt you use but they all work! If you don’t like seeds, then don’t add them at this stage as your passion fruit puree will be wasted.

Once you’ve mixed the seeds into the yogurt, spoon out the mixture and put it in an container to store later.

Eat the fruit

how to eat passion fruit

Most recipes call for cutting off both top and bottom of the passion fruits, but never actually tell you how to eat them. This is weird because they almost always look delicious! If you are ever in doubt, just pull apart the flesh with your hands or use a spoon to taste it.

Usually there’s some kind of liquid inside which can sometimes have alcohol content. You don’t want too much of that so try eating the whole thing quickly – just like you would a normal piece of citrus.

Peel the passion fruit

how to eat passion fruit

Once you have stored it in its container, let it sit for about one week to allow the pulp to settle. Then, use a spoon or fork to scoop out the thick white gel that has settled at the bottom of the cup.

Once you've got that done, scrape off the purple seeds (they're delicious! They look like little chocolate chips) and discard them. If there are some leftover pieces of flesh, rinse each piece under water and enjoy as a snack or add it to your breakfast.

If you happen to get any of the cream on top while eating it, simply mix it with the other ingredients and drink it! It's totally edible and almost no one knows that.

Make passion fruit juice

how to eat passion fruit

If you are hungry, then start by making some fresh or bottled plain water first. Then, add one cup of freshly squeezed lemon juice to your water. Mix together in a glass bowl until it resembles a liquid.

Now, cut off about half of the top of each passion fruit. Use a spoon to scoop out all of the white pulp that has been cooked down while roasting the fruits.

Once done, put the seeds back into the passion fruit and use the spoon to scrape away any leftover white bits. You can either swallow the seeds or save them for later.

Add the extracted juices from the passion fruit to the lemon water mixture. Once mixed, pour the drink through a strainer to remove excess foam or fat.

Combine passion fruit juice with other juices

how to eat passion fruit

One of our favorite ways to enjoy passion fruits is by mixing them in with another liquid. Normally, we would use water as the other liquid, but in this case, you will want to choose something else.

We like to mix one part passion fruit juice with two parts lemon or lime juice. This mixture can then be mixed into either plain milk or coconut milk for an easier drink to make.

You may also add some honey or sweetener to taste if needed. Having it in milk makes it more nutritious than having it alone.

Serve passion fruit juice

how to eat passion fruit

While eating fresh passion fruits is delicious, drinking their juices can be tricky since they contain a natural compound called citric acid. The citric acid binds with other acids in your stomach, making it difficult to enjoy the rest of the drink.

To avoid this, you can simply pour the excess liquid into your mouth directly or use plain white wine as an alternative.

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