How To Eat Yellow Passion Fruit

December 19, 2022

This week, we’re going to be talking about something that may surprise you a little bit — how to eat your own passion fruit! There are several ways to do this, but the most authentic way is to cut it open with a knife and either scoop out or use a spoon to taste the pulp and seeds. Then, if you like, you can stir the seeds around in your mouth for some texture (though not many people do this anymore).

Many recipes call for the whole passion fruit to be mixed into a recipe, so unless you want to invest in a very large passion fruit, don’t worry too much about whether there’s leftover pulp. When working through all of these steps, remember that it takes time to really taste each part of the fruit! Take your time and enjoy every flavor as they come.
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So, let's dive in and learn how to eat your own passion fruit! Hopefully, after you've done it once, you'll get the hang of it and feel comfortable enough to do it again and again.

Look for fresh passion fruit

The next step in eating your passion fruits is looking into whether or not they are organic. Because this will make a difference in how sweet the passionfruit taste, it is important to know if there are any nutritional benefits of either type of passionfruit.

There are some studies that show antioxidants in passionfruit can help reduce oxidative stress in our body. Oxidative stress happens when there is an imbalance between oxidizing agents (such as free radicals) and anti-oxidants in our body.

When there is too much oxidative stress, it can have negative effects on us such as cell damage or even disease. So, eating foods with lots of antioxidants can help mitigate oxidative stress and promote health.

However, just because something is marketed as having “antioxidants” does not mean it has them in meaningful amounts. Make sure you do your research before investing in these products!

Also, although most people agree that eating berries is good for you, there is no agreement about what kind of berry is best. Just like with other types of fruits, it depends on the flavor and texture of the berry used.

Peel passion fruit

how to eat yellow passion fruit

After you have washed the passion fruits, peel off the skin using your fingers or a spoon. You should be very careful not to break the skin as this will affect the taste of the fruit.

Once the skin is removed, cut the passionfruit in half and use a fork to scoop out the seeds and white flesh. If there are strings attached to the seed, pull them away until later.

You can either eat the soft sweet pulp directly or save it for another recipe. When working with passion fruit always make sure to wash your hands and cutting tools thoroughly to prevent any bitterness or flavor changes due to residue.

General tips: remember that water and air must be expelled during cooking to ensure that the passion fruit does not become gummy. This also applies when serving the fruit.

Try making passion fruit butter

how to eat yellow passion fruit

While eating fresh passion fruits is fabulous, cooking them can sometimes get tricky. If you are in the mood to make some passion fruit butter, here is our recipe for how to do that!

In this article we will be talking about another delicious way to enjoy all of your leftover passion fruits! This recipe was inspired by one my friend made years ago where she melted down her dried passion fruits into sweet butter.

She gave it away as gift bags full of snacks for teachers who were having a hard time finding food while their students were out of school due to the pandemic.

Make a passion fruit smoothie

how to eat yellow passion fruit

If you are craving one of our favorite fruits, then try making your own! Passion fruit is in season now so it’s easy to find them at most stores or online. They can be quite expensive as they are sometimes florist-quality.

To make a passion fruit smoothie, add 1 cup passion fruit pulp to your blender along with 2 tablespoons milk and 3–4 drops liquid sweetener (such as honey or pure maple syrup). Mix together and pour. Add some ice if needed and drink immediately!

This will make about one glass worth of puréed passion fruit goodness that can be added into other recipes or simply enjoyed down alone.

Make a passion fruit pie

how to eat yellow passion fruit

If you are craving something sweet, then make some passion fruit syrup or taste how to cook one fresh passion fruit in this recipe! You can also eat it just like a normal piece of yellow fruit with the seeds if you prefer that style.

Making passion fruit pies is an easy way to enjoy this delicious tropical treat. They are very versatile as well because you can add either coconut cream or plain whipped cream to them!

If you love eating fruits and want more recipes like these, try our other dessert blogs! We have lots of chocolatey desserts, refreshing watermelon recipes, and even vegan recipes.

Try making a passion fruit tart

how to eat yellow passion fruit

While most people enjoy eating just the white part of a passionfruit, there are some lovely flavorings you can add into it! Additions like lemon or sugar sometimes called syrup, coconut milk, and dried fruits such as cranberries, goji berries, or golden raisins are all great additions.

If you don’t have any of these ingredients on hand, that is totally okay! You can simply leave out one ingredient or even none at all and taste how delicious the passionfruit tastes without it!

Once everything is mixed in, pour the juice through a strainer to remove the seeds and other bits. The leftover pulp can be stored in your refrigerator for later use in recipes. It will keep for up to 1 week if well sealed.

Try making a passion fruit sorbet

how to eat yellow passion fruit

Making passion fruit sorbets is a fun way to enjoy this delicious citrus fruit! If you have ever tried eating a raw piece of yellow passion fruit, then you know how sour and tangy it can be. That does not make it taste better though!

To create a passion fruit ice cream or sherbet, you need to use the seeds of the passion fruits. The seeds contain an acid that makes the flavor more pronounced in the dessert.

You can either add the seeded passion fruits directly into your freezer container as chunks or you can process the juice first and then freeze it. When freezing the liquid, try using a stream pattern instead of dropping the liquid onto the frozen surface to ensure even freezing.

After the mixture has fully froze, you can scoop it out and put it in the serving containers.

Mix passion fruit into your yogurt

how to eat yellow passion fruit

When buying yogurt, make sure it says “cultured” or has the word “live” in it. You can usually taste a difference between the two types!

If you are not able to find plain yogurt, then add some fruits to yours. Most recipes call for one cup of berries (or any other flavor) and half a cup of plain yogurt.

Add one tablespoon of warm water at first, mix together, and let sit for ten minutes. Once done, stir the mixture until it is mixed thoroughly.

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