How To Eat Yellow Passion Fruit

November 28, 2022

This week, we’re going to learn how to eat your own passion fruit! If you’ve ever seen a movie or TV show that featured passionate fruits, then you have probably noticed those special guests getting a little taste.

The actors would take one bite and make an expression like “mmmm… delicious!” before swallowing and tasting again. That is a perfect way to enjoy a passionfruit if you are hungry or thirsty at the time.

But what if you aren’t quite sure when your next opportunity to eat a passionfruit will be? Well, no worries because we are here to help! In this article, we will teach you some basic recipes for eating your very own passionfruit.

Peel passion fruit

how to eat yellow passion fruit

Once you have located your passion fruits, it is time to peel them! You will want to gently pull off the skin using your fingers or a spoon.

Once you have peeled away the skin, cut the passion fruit in half over themselves to extract the juicy pulp that has been stored during growth.

You can either eat the pulp right away or refrigerate it until use- we recommend eating it within one week for best taste!

Infinite health benefits of consuming yellow passion fruit include improved digestion, antioxidant effects, antibacterial properties, and more.

These are not only fun to eat, but they also contribute significant amounts of nutrition to your diet.

Blanch passion fruit

how to eat yellow passion fruit

After you purchase your passion fruits, you will want to blanche them or make them into something delicious! To do this, put the passion fruit in a pot with water and set it aside for about one minute.

Once they are soft enough, drain the water and add sugar and lemon juice. Mix together and taste test until you find what flavor balance is perfect for you.

If you like more acid, then maybe use less sugar. If you like stronger flavors, then use more sugar. Either way, let the mixture sit and blend in the refrigerator before eating.

This recipe can be done as many times as you would like! Because it does not contain any meat, there are no rules about how much you should eat of it. It depends on how hungry you are at that moment and whether you like it more sweet or salty.

Make a passion fruit salad

If you are hungry, there is always something you can make or find recipes for! Most recipes call for just one passionfruit so do not worry about that! Luckily, making a passion fruit salad is very easy and does not require too much equipment.

You will need one whole passionfruit as well as half an avocado. The rest of the ingredients can be mixed and matched depending on what color fruits you have and/or want to use in the recipe.

To make the salad taste even better, season it with salt and pepper and some lemon juice.

Make a roasted passion fruit dessert

how to eat yellow passion fruit

In addition to eating it straight, you can make delicious desserts with yellow passion fruits. One of our favorite ways to enjoy them is in a baked good like a oatmeal cookie or brownie!

To make this recipe, start by pre-toasting your oats and chocolate chips. Once both are warm, mix together and set aside while the passion fruits poach.

Once the fruit has broken down and melted into the liquid, pour over the dry ingredients and bake as normal. Let cool before serving so that it sets properly.

Try making a passion fruit smoothie

how to eat yellow passion fruit

Having enough energy for daily activities can be a struggle, especially as we age. Smoothies are a great way to enjoy your morning meal or lunch! Plus, they’re pretty delicious so it really doesn’t matter what you put in them.

Passion fruits are an excellent source of vitamin C, which helps keep your immune system strong. They also contain significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, all of which help maintain healthy blood pressure.

Because of their attractive coloration, passion fruits are often used in desserts and beverages. However, they're not limited to that genre only! You can eat the flesh directly or use it in recipes like purées or yogurts.

There are several ways to prepare passion fruits. The most common method is to cut down the fruit along with its peel, then add water and blend until you get a puree.

Try making a passion fruit tart

how to eat yellow passion fruit

If you are looking for an easy way to enjoy this delicious citrus fruit, then creating your own recipe is the best option. A simple passion fruit dessert can be made in many different ways. You do not have to make it as a plain sweet drink like we mentioned before!

Many recipes call for cream or sour cream to mix into the dried fruits but that is definitely not needed unless you prefer that style of taste. You can usually find recipes and tips online or through cookbooks that have step by stage pictures so that you know what to do next.

Try making a passion fruit cup

how to eat yellow passion fruit

Many recipes call for one or two whole passion fruits in a recipe, but you can easily eat all of that content yourself if you know how! If you are trying to lose weight, this trick is great to do because it cuts down on the calorie intake slightly.

Many people drop an egg roll and have just the white meat left, so why not make use of those leftover whites in something delicious? One easy way to do this is by mixing them into your own personal passion fruit cup.

A passion fruit cup is when you take the entire contents of the passion fruit and mix it with some cream or milk and whisk it together. You then drink it like an ice cream soda or vanilla soft-serve would be! (Only difference being the taste.)

This will probably start off as more flavor than what we refer to as plain “ice cream”, but still retain the texture. It can also be mixed in with other things such as vegetables or meats before serving to add additional flavor.

Combine passion fruit with other fruits

how to eat yellow passion fruit

While eating only one type of passion fruit is not bad, it can be boring for some. Adding another ingredient or two into your plate makes this juicy fruit more interesting.

You can add white grape juice as an acid balance to cut the sweetness of the fruit. You can also stir in chopped nuts or coconut to give it additional flavor.

Another way to enjoy passion fruit is to mix it into desserts or beverages! For example, you can mix it into water or milk as a digestive aid and drink it yourself.

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