How To Explain My Passion

December 22, 2022

Sometimes, people ask you how you got into your passion or career path. They seem interested in learning more about it, but they get very distracted by what things you mention and how you describe them.

They wonder if this is really your passion and if you are truly dedicated to it. This can be tricky because everyone has different definitions of what constitutes a “passion”.

I have heard some people use the word passion as if it were something that anyone could have. It seems like someone would have to find yours before they could say whether you were passionate about it or not.

This isn't true at all. Everyone has their own thing they love doing and they know why they loved it.

It may sound crazy, but there's a way to figure out if what you're thinking of is actually Your Passions or just a hobby. I'll tell you how!

There are three questions you can ask yourself to see if this maybe your real passion. Let me show you how to do these quick questions on the next page.

Tell your friends about your passion

how to explain my passion

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you want to run a yoga studio, or open a vegetarian restaurant, or become a well-known artist.

You want to do these things, but you don’t know how to get there. You have ideas of what you would like to accomplish, and you have some motivation, but then you wonder what people will think of you.

They might not believe you can do it. They may not respect you if you try to go after this goal.

That’s why it is so important to tell your close friends and family members about your dreams.

By telling them about your goals, they will probably admire you for your ambition.

Some of them will agree to help you achieve your dream by giving you advice and encouragement, sharing their knowledge and resources, or even helping you with tasks.

Keep up with your favorite hobbies

how to explain my passion

Let’s look at an example!

I have a pretty active lifestyle. I love sports, so I am constantly watching games, practicing skills, or working out.

I also enjoy reading and learning new things. I always seem to be buying some sort of book or magazine to review or learn more about.

In fact, my room is full of books and magazines – it almost looks like I’m studying them.

And while I may not be able to pay for expensive lessons or training courses, you can easily find free educational resources online or through community centers.

By keeping yourself engaged, you will naturally want to keep exploring these activities because YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THEM!

You would probably pick up the pieces and start doing what you were already doing if someone asked you how you spent your time.

Try new things

how to explain my passion

Let’s look at another passion of mine, soccer. I love watching games! I can watch an entire match without any distractions except for maybe talking with friends or my roommate about the game.

I have made many friendships through football (we call it soccer in Europe). It is so easy to meet people with similar interests, and you will find that most people are very friendly once you get past all the pre-conceived notions.

The same goes for sports. Most people like to talk about them and understand some parts of the game. By being open and sharing your knowledge, you will make lots of friends.

Try something out every day if you want to see results. Whether it be going to a movie, playing a sport, taking up dancing, whatever you choose – spend time doing it!

By trying out different things, you will know what works for you and what does not. The way to develop your passions is by exploring them and giving them a chance to grow.

Learn to be creative

how to explain my passion

Being passionate about something is great, but knowing how to explain that passion to other people can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

Being passionate about something is great, but knowing how to explain that passion to other people can sometimes seem like a daunting task.

It’s not just because it’s hard to get those around you to agree with you either. It’s also tough for them to know what to do when they disagree with you!

So how does one learn how to be more persuasive? By being persuasive! Ha!

And while there are some theories on persuasion (like the source-controlling theory or argumentation theory), none of them really work unless you practice them.

Practicing any kind of persuasion will help you hone your skills, but doing so consistently is even better.

Talk to your parents about starting a business

how to explain my passion

Even if you don’t think you could run a successful business, your parents probably do. They have spent their lives working for other people, so they understand that feeling of need to accomplish something beyond what you are given permission to do.

They also know how hard it can be to feel motivated after a long day at work, which is why most professionals develop a habit of keeping busy outside of work.

If you always seem to be in control at home, chances are your parents didn’t give up their jobs easily, and they aren’t likely to let you pull the same stunt as them.

This can make it tough to motivate yourself towards more ambitious goals, but it's important to remember that your parents invested in you by giving you life.

Get a partner

how to explain my passion

Finding your passion is hard because it requires you to be passionate about something, not just talk about things that are already passions of yours.

So how do you know if you find talking about yourself or other people’s passions boring? You don’t!

And there's the problem — we're all so good at putting on an act for each other that we never really get to explore what we want to do and why we wanted to do it.

If you can’t express your passion to someone else then they won’t believe you when you try to push forward with doing something that you truly enjoy. That will prevent you from coming up with the courage to pursue your dreams.

A friend or family member who doesn't seem interested in your ideas may even put pressure on you to give up and settle for less.

You'll lose motivation and keep thinking about giving up, which only makes it harder to stay motivated. This goes both ways - if they see you staying focused and engaged, they may feel discouraged and stop trying too.

It takes work to develop relationships that have real depth, but it's worth it – learning what made the person you care about happy before can help you achieve your own happiness.

Set up a company

how to explain my passion

In order to effectively market yourself, you will need to have an understanding of how businesses are run. This includes figuring out what kind of business to start, developing your business idea, establishing a budget, finding needed equipment or resources, and more.

It is very important to be clear about what you want to do before investing in expensive starting materials or equipment. You don’t want to invest money in things that you can’t use!

Planning ahead and saving some money at first will help ensure that you don’t waste money later when you really do launch your business.

Business owners who were once successful took time to establish their companies.

Choose your business location

how to explain my passion

The next step in defining your career is choosing your ideal workplace. You will want to consider things like cost of living, transportation accessibility, and overall feeling or energy you get from the area.

If you are passionate about working with children, then there are many different types of jobs that could appeal to you. Teaching is a great profession for people who love kids and would enjoy being around them all day long!

You can also work as an assistant teacher which helps students prepare for class while teaching adults how to teach is always a good way to make money.

Running your own show including owning a restaurant or small business is another option if you have experience doing these. Finding out what areas need workers is important since most businesses require employees.

Another possibility is becoming a professional photographer or artist and creating art pieces to sell. If you have already invested in artistic equipment, buying more won’t break the bank.

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