How To Find Passion

January 2, 2023

Finding your passion is not an easy thing to do. It will probably take you longer than you think to know if it happens or not. But, you need to really want it to happen!

I’m telling you this as someone who has tried hard to find my own passion. I have given up many times because I don’t seem to feel that strong pull in any direction.

It takes a lot of effort to search for your passion and then to make changes to pursue it. You have to be willing to put in the work.

In fact, we all have our own version of what it feels like when we finally realize our true calling. Some people say “wow, that made sense” while others say "now I can retire!"

Either way, it's an exhilarating feeling.

Finding your passion isn’t just about having fun either. Too often we get distracted by things that are clearly not our career path.

We spend time working on projects that may earn us a paycheck but are never enough to satisfy us. We invest in business ventures that fail to thrive.

We give away our energy on activities that keep us busy but provide no sense of satisfaction.

If you're wondering why you struggle to find yourself during these times, now you know. Your passion goes beyond what you're currently doing.

Develop your skills

how to find a passion

We are all different people with unique experiences, life stories, strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, things that matter to you, and passions.

As humans, we develop strong relationships with things that matter to us and find ways to enjoy these things over time. For example, my friend who loves seafood will eventually eat every kind of fish at least once.

By developing your skills and exploring new areas, you can hone in on something you want to pursue and learn how to do it well.

You could be doing this for money, for personal fulfillment, or both. It doesn’t matter what field you choose – as long as you feel passionate about it!

Having more knowledge is always helpful (true even if you don’t use it), but being able to apply what you know to something you care about is what really matters.

And while some may say that someone else already has “the thing you wanted,” you’ll still be happy knowing you tried hard and didn’t give up. You’ll succeed because you invested in yourself.

It’s an important investment since you won’t get too many chances in life.

Find your passion and the work will follow

how to find a passion

Finding your passion is not an easy task, but it is definitely worth the effort. Following your dreams takes courage, confidence and motivation. You have to be willing to risk failing or making mistakes to succeed.

It is very important to know what makes you feel passionate about something before trying to pursue it as a career. If you are ever feeling tired or bored of your current job, chances are good that you would rather do something else.

Finding your dream job requires exploring different possibilities and being honest with yourself about what fields appeal to you and what doesn’t. It may also mean changing courses in college or dropping out completely!

By thinking about all of these things, you can make the most informed decision possible when choosing how to move forward with your life.

Look within

how to find a passion

Finding your passion is not about having a strong desire for something, it’s being willing to do anything to make that thing happen. It’s looking at everything you have access to as potential tools to achieve your goal.

Finding your passion isn’t just thinking about what you want and then choosing whatever field related to that you are most interested in. It’s adding all of the things you love to yourself, exploring how they relate to each other, and deciding where their influence lies.

Your passions aren’t easy to come by but if we were more aware of them, we would probably develop some pretty cool talents. So don’t feel like you need to spend your life trying to find your biggest interest, instead focus on developing the skills and knowledge of the fields that you already enjoy.

These could be any number of areas – from sports to music to reading to science. By incorporating these into your daily life, you will find that you are developing skill sets that you can use elsewhere.

Ask yourself what you love doing

how to find a passion

It is very important to ask yourself what you like to do, and then go ahead and do it! If you feel passionate about something, chances are others will too.

Your passion can be anything from playing soccer to reading novels. No one was born with a knack for writing or painting, but we all have our specialties somewhere in life.

Finding your passion is an internal process that may take some time. But don’t worry, it happens for most people.

It happened for me and I think it can happen for you!

I hope this article has inspired you to find your passion and enjoy life to the fullest.

Do it now

how to find a passion

If you feel passionate about something, do it now. You have no reason not to pursue your passion if you don’t believe in yourself. Believe in yourself enough to look for the things that make you happy, and once you find them, stick with them!

It may be dancing or painting or acting or singing or reading, anything at all. Just pick one thing and get into practice with it, every day.

Practice makes perfect, right? So keep practicing until you can perform a dance move or play a song perfectly, and then just go out and do it for fun!

And when you are doing your favorite activity, add more of an emphasis on having fun than being good. Have fun! Let loose and enjoy yourself.

That is what people who love what they do tend to do — they lean into their passions, and also take time to appreciate their achievements. They know how to have fun, so they do!

Given enough time, we all could too.

Connect it with your dreams

how to find a passion

We spend our lives chasing after what we want, but more often than not, we chase something that doesn’t set us free.

The thing about freedom is – you have to be willing to lose things to find it.

You can’t enjoy true liberty if you are constantly worried about money or family. You will never experience an un-stressful moment unless you learn to accept things as they are and make the necessary changes to preserve what you already have.

With all of this being said, there's one surefire way to discover your life’s passion — connect it with your dreams.

Dreams express who you are and how you feel so when you're awake, it's easy to forget that. By incorporating dreams into your daily life, you may just realize that you've been looking in the wrong place for your passion.

Your dreams show you things, whether conscious or unconscious, and once you access those thoughts, you'll know what to do next. Also, working towards your dream helps fulfill yourself and gives you a sense of purpose.

There are many ways to connect dreams with personal growth, and no matter which ones work for you, keep studying them until you figure out what works best for you.

Follow your instincts

how to find a passion

Finding your passion is not about having a strong desire for something, it’s being in touch with what you already want and then taking action to make it happen.

It's also knowing when to add new things to your repertoire and leaving room for opportunities to come to you.

As we know, the more you expose yourself to ideas and experiences, the easier it will be to find your passions.

Some of the most passionate people I've met didn't necessarily feel like they wanted to spend their lives traveling or teaching yoga but they did because they made efforts to do so.

They gave themselves permission to pursue these dreams and that helped them identify what was meaningful to them.

If you're struggling to figure out how to find your passion, start by exposing yourself to different types of material and see what sparks an interest.

Shift your perspective

how to find a passion

Finding your passion is not about picking one thing that you like and then doing nothing with your life, it’s about finding many things that you enjoy and making sure they consume up all of your time, energy, and money.

It’s also about being willing to make changes to those things if you can no longer find any motivation to work on them.

By shifting our perspectives we look at what things bring us joy and take advantage of opportunities when they come along.

Finding your passion means looking outside yourself for inspiration. It takes more than just liking something to know why investing in it will give you happiness.

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