How To Find What Your Passion Is

December 19, 2022

Finding your passion is not an easy feat, but it is possible! There are many tricks and strategies you can use to help you discover what career you were meant to be. You do not need to know that skill right now, but it is important to know how to identify one thing you like and then pursue it.

Finding your passion takes time, so don’t get discouraged if you try several routes and nothing works. Keep exploring possibilities until you find what you have been looking for!

There are two things every person has access to in their life, energy or motivation. We all have a certain amount of this inside us, but some people seem to run out more than others.

This article will talk about ways to determine which types of energies you have and why this matters when it comes to finding your passion. Then, we will discuss some simple tips and tools to evaluate these resources and see what you have to work with.

Look within

how to find what your passion is

Finding your passion is not about having fun doing things that are related to it or listening to people who talk about how passionate they are about something. It’s being engaged with what you love, and living an inspired life.

It’s no coincidence that most successful people say they lived their lives by their convictions. A conviction is like a feeling; someone who has a strong internal desire for something.

So, how do you know if you have a passion? You feel it. You sense it sometimes when you wake up in the morning. Or you realize you’re not really paying attention to anything else because you’re invested in whatever you're looking at.

You could also recognize your passions via other drivers. For example, I always loved reading, but I never found time to sit down and read until my college years. But during those years, I was constantly investing money in the Kindle app so I would be able to read while traveling or waiting for buses or trains.

I eventually picked up some basic reading skills through this process, and now I enjoy it more than ever. So even though buying a book isn't my main goal, I've learned to appreciate it as a means to achieving that bigger goal.

Ask yourself

how to find what your passion is

Finding your passion is not an easy task, but it is something you have to do consistently to succeed. You will need to look at all areas of life — work, family, hobbies, etc.

There are two things that play a major role in determining what we find interesting or boring. One is psychology, which deals with how humans interact and respond to stimuli. The other is biology, which studies our natural tendencies to enjoy certain experiences.

We’re born with a limited number of internal resources (biology) for entertainment and enjoyment of experiences (psychology). We get more excited about some experiences because they use up these resources faster (the less exciting ones used up too much energy).

The thing about this theory is that unless someone else gives us fun experiences, we can’t really enjoy them ourselves. So, learning new skills or exploring different subjects may be helpful in finding your passion.

Consider what you enjoy doing

how to find what your passion is

We are constantly moving towards things we want, sometimes even going after things that seem impossible to get. I remember as a child watching my parents’ friends play golf for hours every week. It was so beautiful to watch them both focus intently on something they enjoyed and had fun doing.

It is important to know what makes you feel relaxed and happy. Finding your passion means learning more about yourself and exploring different areas of life – it can be painting, dancing or drawing, playing an instrument, writing, surfing online, talking, reading, or anything else that brings you joy.

By investing time in activities that make you feel good, you will find that this activity becomes easier to do and longer to keep up. You will also learn more about yourself and how much you like certain types of materialistic items.

You will also begin to realize that some areas of life appeal to you more than others, but none of them matter too much if you don’t feel like doing them. By using these qualities in your daily life, you will never have to work hard to motivate yourself to put effort into things that you don’t feel passionate about.

Become a hobbyist

how to find what your passion is

A lot of people get into the career business by talking about how much money they want to make or how influential they hope to be. They also talk about what skills they have that are valuable, but very few mention anything else – their passion.

It’s easy to forget that you don’t need to be paid a large salary to lead a satisfying life. You can achieve your goals even if you don’t draw a pay check beyond the monthly rent! (Not to mention all of the other ways to feel successful like when you contribute to a worthy cause or when you accomplish something you've been working toward for years.)

By exploring different areas of interest, you may find that your strongest passions lie in things that most others wouldn't consider lucrative careers at all. For example, maybe you're passionate about art so instead of becoming an artist yourself, you could become a creative director, designer, or curator so that you can inspire and influence artists and creatives in the field.

If you're more entrepreneurial minded, you could develop products or services related to arts and crafts or creating new businesses. Or, you could work as a freelance writer, photographer, or public speaker to earn extra income while developing your niche expertise.

How do you know if this is you? If you can’t think of too many examples where these types of professionals enjoy what they do during the rest of the day then it's probably not your strong suit.

Find your talent

how to find what your passion is

The second way to find your passion is to find your talent or strengths. You will probably know what you like doing if you have done it before. For example, if you love to read, then reading is your talent. If you are good at making things, then designing or creating projects of any kind — from painting pictures to writing stories – that poise comes easily to you!

If you enjoy cooking, then why not start teaching others how to cook? Or if you’re very artistic, offer to teach art classes for kids or create paintings for sale online. In all these cases, your talents get honed in on and perfected as you practice them.

The more you do something, the better you get at it. So when there is a chance to test yourself, you feel ready because you have practiced enough times. This can help you determine whether this is really your thing or if you should give up.

Become an expert at it

how to find what your passion is

Finding your passion is like finding something you’ve been looking for your whole life — except you know it not! You will never truly find it if you are not constantly seeking out opportunities to explore its depths.

The more you expose yourself to things related to your potential passion, the better chance you have of spotting it.

That’s why this tip is so important: become an expert in one thing beyond measure before moving onto the next.

By that I mean spend lots of time exploring all aspects of your possible passions well before branching off into other areas. This way you’ll be more prepared when you do decide to shift courses.

You want to make sure you feel comfortable within yourself on what area you could potentially move onto next.

Do you like the feeling?

how to find what your passion is

We’ve already discussed how important it is to find your mission or purpose in life, but there is another way to do this. Rather than looking for what you want to do, look for what makes you feel happy.

Why would you not want to be happier? If you are making enough money, with the right people, then yes – why wouldn’t you want to hang out in a hot-tub all day every day?

But most of us don’t live in that kind of situation so we should consider whether being more productive, earning more, and having more things make us happy.

And although it may sound crazy at first, I believe there is an easy way to figure this out. All you have to do is ask yourself if you’re living your life as someone who loves themselves, or if you're living your life as someone who hates themselves.

There's no one right answer here, but hopefully these tips can help you determine which one is more prevalent in your daily life.

Try doing things that make you feel passionate

how to find what your passion is

Finding your passion is not about what you want to do, it’s about what makes you happy. It’s having fun with something you are good at or learning how to improve your skill set so you can enjoy more of this thing you already have.

It's being motivated by money, which is always a great source of happiness, or spirituality, which brings peace and contentment.

Finding your passion takes time, but don't worry -- you're not wasting your precious life! You are investing in yourself and developing the person you desire to be.

You will find your passion by moving forward without expectations and trying new things. Don't get distracted by what action produces the most results, instead focus on what gives you joy and keep looking until you find it.

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