How To Get Passion Fruit To Flower

December 21, 2022

Having a lush green garden is great, but it can get tiring keeping up with all of the growing things! A way to re-spark your passion for gardening is by bringing in new plants.

Getting into the habit of nurturing a variety of plants helps you feel more motivated to grow something yourself.

This article will talk about how to get fresh passion fruit to flower so that you can enjoy them directly or use them to make recipes.

Making sure their needs are being met makes producing the fruits much happier for the plant. So, what are some easy ways to do this?

I’ve gathered some tips here that I hope help you form fun routines to keep the flowers coming! 🙂 Keep reading!

Gardeners should always try to give their plants adequate water and nutrition. This includes using appropriate amounts of fertilizer as well as ensuring they have enough sunlight to thrive.

But one important thing to remember is that even though plants need sun to survive, bright light can be too strong for young passion fruit vines. These berries want slightly less direct exposure to light.

Provide enough space

how to get passion fruit to flower

This will determine how fast your plants grow! Plants need air and water to thrive, and so does passion fruit. Make sure you give it enough room to develop roots and grow leaves.

You can take these tips into account when washing the plant. Never scrub away all of the dirt, use a soft brush or paper towels instead. If the plant is in a pot make sure to wash out any leftover soil and drying ingredients like humic acid.

Never dry off plants indoors using direct sunlight as this could burn them. Use an indirect source or have a window that covers the plant with plastic wrap. Depending on the size of the plant there may be a time where watering is not needed anymore, but you should never let it go longer than two weeks without water!

General Tips

Make sure to keep an eye on your passion flower for any changes. It might look fine one day and then suddenly get very pale and droopy. These symptoms mean it needs more food and/or water, so do not worry! Just remember what part of the plant looks sick and try to pinpoint if it is coming from the foliage (the leaves) or the stems.

Provide proper lighting

Just like with any other plant, passion fruit will not grow if it does not get enough light. This includes natural sunlight as well as artificial lights such as table lamps or LED bulbs.

The plants in your collection may need special care at different stages of growth. Make sure to check back every few days to see whether they are thirsty and need water or if their leaves are starting to droop. If you notice that their leaves look lighter in color than before, this could be due to lack of iron.

You can give them some extra iron by mixing one tablespoon of dried powdered spinach or kale per half cup of soil. Let the plant soak in for an hour before rinsing off the excess and adding more soil.

Give it plenty of water

how to get passion fruit to flower

As mentioned before, passion fruit plants need adequate amounts of water to grow and produce berries. Unfortunately, providing this needed moisture can be tricky as passion fruits like any other plant need around their average amount of one cup of water per berry.

This can prove to be difficult when berries are blooming and developing. Passion fruits also need some time to set seeds so they do not always have a chance to refresh themselves.

At this stage, very little water may cause seed germination or flower setting which could affect the success of your plant. If necessary, you can wait until later to give it more liquid to see if that works!

General tips: remember that passion fruites will dry out and possibly shrivel up if not given enough air and water. Check back every few days to make sure it does not look brown and leathery.

The plant needs warmth

how to get passion fruit to flower

As mentioned before, passion fruits are winter berries that grow in tropical climates. When they are in season, you can purchase them dried or frozen!

However, if you would like to see the beautiful flowers of passion fruit firsthand, then you will need to make sure your plants get enough sunlight as well as warm temperatures.

Passion flower does not grow tall quickly, so it is important to remember this when planning for an early spring bloom.

General tips: If they seem slow to sprout, try giving them more light and warmer temperatures. You may also have to cover the pot with plastic wrap until it has settled and seen the sun better.

Consider a seedling plant

how to get passion fruit to flower

A second way to get your passion fruit plants going is by starting with a seedling plant. These can be from yourself or another source. You will have to do some research to make sure these plants are in fact a passible plant for eating.

Seedlings can easily be started under indirect sunlight, around a week time per leaf. Make sure to check back every few days to make sure they are growing!

These new plants can also be given more light and larger pots than adult plants. They need slightly less water as well.

Pick your passion fruit plant

how to get passion fruit to flower

Choosing the right climate for your plants is very important! Plants that are in need of warmer weather can be transitioned into dormancy by having colder temperatures, so make sure to cover them up during frosts to keep them happy and thriving.

Plants that enjoy more humid conditions may want some extra water, so make sure to give them what they desire. If their leaves start looking yellow or brownish, it’s time to give them some needed nutrients and air.

If you notice white flowers developing, then rejoice! That’s your cue to pick those fruits off and save them for later! When harvesting dried fruits, use clean hands to avoid getting sticky juices onto yourself.

Once you have collected enough fruits, cut each one apart using either knife or scissors depending on how tight the skin is. Try brushing away any seeds left behind, as these will help promote strong roots.

Care for your plant

how to get passion fruit to flower

The next thing you will need to do is care for your passion fruit plant. This can be done by either watering it or laying down some sort of barrier to prevent it from getting wet.

If it gets too dry, it may die which would not be good. It also needs around one cup of water per 1 square foot of soil surface area every other day. Check to see if there is excess gummy material on the leaves – this is natural growth!

This could indicate thatthe plant does not have enough sunlightor contains excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, so it cannot process food properly.

Harvest your fruit

how to get passion fruit to flower

The next step in getting your passion fruits to flower is actually harvesting them! When they are ripe, you can simply pick them off of the plant and do it anywhere there is space for them to set down.

This will depend on the type of passion fruit plant you have. Some will grow new leaves and sprout shoots later on, so make sure to check that out first before picking those.

Once you have picked enough to make a batch of delicious jam or jelly, rinse each one under water to remove any leftover bits from the stem or seeds. Then put them into an airtight container to preserve and store them.

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