How To Grow A Passion Fruit From Seed

December 2, 2022

Growing your own fruits or vegetables is a lovely way to connect with nature, taste new foods, and save money. There are many ways to grow a passion fruit! This article will talk about how to grow your very own passion fruit from seed.

This article and slideshow was written by Allure Magazine. Authored by Kaitlyn Vane, Senior Writer at Allure and Photography By Chris Houlton, Food Photographer at Allure.


Here we go — you’ve made it this far! You’re ready to start growing your own little fruits and veggies. And what could be more inspiring than starting off with a simple passion fruit?

If you’re ever craving one, you can simply pick one up at a grocery store and get started gardening right away. That’s exactly what I did when I first learned of them!

But before you dive in, there are two things you need to know about passion fruits. One, they’re not actually a fruit per se but a capsule that contains seeds. Two, they can take quite some time to mature so don’t expect yours to sprout immediately.

Prepare the seedling for growth

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

Now that your seeds are in soil, you will need to prepare the plant for its next stage of development. Depending on the variety, this can be done through either direct watering or indirect watering.

Direct watering is using a syringe to add liquid directly into the root area of the plant. This should only be done with very young plants as it may lead to dehydration.

Indirect watering involves adding water onto a tray or pot containing compost. The plant gets absorbed the needed moisture from the compost.

Most passion fruit varieties will not require much fertilizer until their second year when they begin to grow leaves. At this time, a general purpose small amount of slow-release fertiliser such as flower food would be appropriate.

Provide enough space for growth

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

Now that you have your seedling, it is time to provide adequate sunlight and space for it to grow! Most passion fruit seeds will sprout in around a week, so do not worry if it takes longer than one day- just make sure it does not get too hot or dry!

Make sure to check back every few days to see whether it has sprouted yet. When it does, use a very small knife to cut it open to see whether there are signs of flower buds or leaves. If there are, keep an eye on it!

When it starts to develop its fruits, it can take anywhere from three months to over a year depending on the variety! However, most plants begin producing their first fruits at about six months.

Provide proper sunlight

After your plant receives adequate light, it can start growing leaves and branches. The plants in our passion fruit greenhouse get at least six hours of direct sun per day!

Because they are winter-hardy plants that like warm temperatures, the passion fruits can be left outside year round unless there is a significant temperature drop.

However, when they do need to grow indoors during colder seasons, you must provide appropriate levels of heat to help them thrive. A low cost way to do this is by using the oven and stove burners in your home.

By placing the pot with the seedling inside the preheated oven or burner, it will slowly heat up and the roots will begin to grow. This also helps preserve the health of the plant as it limits exposure to cold.

Water the plant regularly

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

While most plants need frequent water, passion fruits are an exception! They require very little water while they grow.

A one-month-old seedling needs only 1–2 drops of moisture per square inch (or 2–4 ml of water per 0.5 sq cm or 1 l per 16 inches) every other day until it gets heavier rains. After that, you can reduce the amount to once a week or even twice a month!

As their name suggests, passion fruit seeds will sprout leaves and pods if there is enough rain. However, make sure to never let the soil dry out as this could hurt your plant.

If possible, keep the pot under a dome green house cover so it does not get exposed to direct sunlight. This would help the plant stay warm and develop more quickly.

Care for your plant using plant health care tips

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

Now that you have chosen to grow your own passion fruit, here are some important things to know about growing your plants!

Making sure your passion fruits get enough water is an essential part of ensuring their growth. Make sure to check back every few days to see if they need more liquid.

It is also important to check whether the leaves look yellow or dry and crispy. If so, give them a good amount of water and see if this changes how green they become.

When flowers start coming in, wait a couple weeks before checking whether there are any signs of pollination.

Enjoy your plant

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

Now that you have invested in some plants, it is important to know how to care for them! This includes how to grow their roots, develop new leaves, and start growing fruits or flowers.

Growing a passion fruit from seed is an easy process if done right. Starting with fresh seeds will ensure they’ll self-seed and sprout properly. Make sure to keep them in direct sunlight and test the soil to determine when it has enough moisture. When this happens, the next step can be sowing the seed.

After this, cover the pot with plastic wrap or use a glass plate as a lid until the seed germinates and emerges as a small leafy plant. Once this occurs, remove the top layer of dirt which may burn the young plant. Then, check on the passion fruit daily to make sure it does not dry out.

Grow more plants like this

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

Starting your own plant life is an exciting way to re-enter the world of gardening! There are many different ways to begin, and most any plant can be started as a seedling. Growing your own vegetables and flowers is a fun way to show off your knowledge of nature and grow some food for yourself.

Gardening is a great activity that does not require too much investment or space. If you want to give it a try, there are several easy starting points. Creating a flower garden, a green house, or a pot with a small plant all offer opportunities to get into gardening without taking very expensive or large steps.

This article will talk about how to grow passion fruit from seeds. This vegetable belongs to the berry family and comes in many colors. They are also delicious when eaten raw or dried and crumbled onto foods.

If you would like to have a constant source of passion fruits, start growing your own foliage and berries! You do not need special equipment to achieve this. These simple tips will help ensure your success.

When should I plant my passion fruit?

how to grow a passion fruit from seed

This is one of the most important steps in growing your passion fruits! When deciding when to plant your seed, consider how much space you have for plants. If you have a large yard or outdoor area, then you can start planting later in the season.

The length of time it takes to get passing ripe passion fruits depends not only on the variety but also climate as well. Different varieties need different amounts of time to fully develop.

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