How To Grow Passion Flower From Seed

December 21, 2022

Passion flowers are beautiful, bright blooms that come in many shapes and sizes. They can be white, shades of pink, purple or even red! Almost every part of the passion flower plant is used for some kind of medicine or nutritional value.

The roots of passion plants contain an important compound called oxalic acid which helps promote healthy gums and bones. The leaves are full of antioxidants and vitamins such as A, C and K.

Carefully wash your seeds

how to grow passion flower from seed

After you have cleaned your seed box, it is time to prepare your seeds for next steps. Make sure to only rinse off any residue or dirt!

Now that you know how to grow passion flowers from seeds, you will need to choose which type of soil mix to use as growing medium.

You can either use a coco-soy mix, compost, rich potting soil, or a mixture of all three. The easiest way to do this is by using a ratio of one part soil to two parts perlite in order to create a perfect balance.

Perlite is an element in the air made of oxygen atoms that stick together. It does not absorb light so it does not warm up when exposed to heat, nor does it hold onto moisture. This allows it to be easily blown out during the growth process.

Germinate your seeds

how to grow passion flower from seed

If you have dry seeds, use a glass plate or pot as a surface to place them on. Make sure there are no holes in the surface of the plate or bed that the seed sits in!

Once they are moistened with water, cover the seed with another plate or piece of plastic wrap. Keep this layer tight, but not too tight otherwise it may drown the seed.

Let the seeds sit for several hours or overnight – the length of time depends on the temperature and humidity of the room. The colder and more humid the environment, the longer it will take to germinate.

After the seeds have finished sprouting, remove the top plate or layer and check if they’ve grown roots! Once they have, you can now move onto step 2.

How to grow passion flowers

Step two: Add some soil

This will depend on the size of plant you want to grow. You should add enough soil so that the plants do not get their hands wet when taking the lid off during growth.

You can also mix in some compost (organic matter) to help strengthen the soil. This is important to ensure the health of the plant.

Start your plant

Starting seeds is a fun way to grow plants of all types, including passion flowers! These are also known as salvers or cactus leaves. You can start them from seed, stem cuttings, or leaf cluster trimmings.

Passion flower seeds will not germinate if they do not receive at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. Make sure to keep them in a warm area, such as under a lamp or next to a window.

You can use plastic bags or potting soil to cover the passion flower seed until it has a root system. Once it is showered with roots, you can house it in a light dependent place for around six weeks before setting it outside.

Feed your plant

how to grow passion flower from seed

Most passion flower plants will not grow much beyond a few inches due to limited food supplies as they develop their roots. As such, it is important to keep them hungry by feeding them regularly.

These plants love brown rice or oatmeal added to their soil and water. Make sure to stir the mixture well to ensure all of the nutrients are consumed.

You can also add some sort of florist’s compost to help promote growth. This is often available at most gardening stores or through online retailers like Amazon.

Water your plant

how to grow passion flower from seed

Most passion flower plants will not grow well if they do not get enough water! Plants need moisture to thrive and pass their roots through different compartments can feel dry.

This is why it is important to give your passion flower plant adequate amounts of water every few days. It also helps keep the soil in the pot moist.

Too much water can cause the plant to drown, so make sure to let the plant drain thoroughly before adding more water.

If you notice that the leaves are yellow and droopy, this could be due to lack of water. Check under the leaf to see if there is some sort of fluid coming out which indicates that the plant needs water.

Blossom off time for passion flowers

Just like most flowering plants, passion flowers will stop blooming when they run out of energy to produce pollen and fertilize themselves. This is called senescence or bloom drop.

Because passion flowers take several weeks to mature, leaving them without pollination can result in very weak plants.

Do not plant your passion flower seedlings outside

how to grow passion flower from seed

If you have a green house or other protected space, this is good place to start growing your plants!

In fact, most people who grow passion flowers begin that way by first introducing the seeds into an established soil bed before moving onto more advanced stages like planting in larger pots with bigger roots.

By starting with an indoor-only plant, you can easily take care of it for its initial growth stage. This also helps ensure that your new plant receives adequate sunlight to help it develop strong leaves and branches.

Once it has those components, then it can be transferred into a brighter outdoor area where it will get enough light to thrive.

Enjoy your plant

how to grow passion flower from seed

As mentioned before, passion flower plants will grow in almost any soil type and can thrive under direct sunlight or partial sun. They are known to love water as well!

Passion flowers enjoy being watered frequently throughout all stages of growth. When watering your passion plant, do not let the pot dry out completely, as this could damage the plant.

When it comes time to take photos or videos of your passion flower, keep the light natural-light only and avoid using an external flash. This will help preserve the integrity of the leaves longer!

After taking care of your passion flower for several weeks, leave it alone! If you check on your plant daily, that’s too much pressure for it. Let it breathe and develop its own inner workings without extra stress.

That said, when the blossoms have finished opening, it is okay to gently tease them open to admire their pretty face.

Seedlings will sprout and grow

how to grow passion flower from seed

Starting seeds is one of the most basic gardening tasks, and there are several ways to do it! If you have access to very warm temperatures, spring is a great time to start plants from seed. A easy way to begin growing your passion flower is by collecting fresh seeds or dried plant material, filling a glass bowl half full with quality potting soil and covering the soil with a layer of sand.

Next, you need to choose between using direct-seed (sown directly into pots) or sowed-seeds (covered with soils and then kept moist before being put in a pot). For starting passion flowers, we recommend the latter as they can easily take control of their environment.

Sow the seeds about two weeks prior to putting them in the ground. Make sure to cover each seed with enough soil so that they do not dry out.

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