How To Grow Passion Flower

December 28, 2022

As mentioned before, passion flowers can help reduce stress and bring about happier times. While most people associate passion plants with lowering blood pressure, there are actually several different reasons why they may want to add this plant to their collection.

Many individuals use passion flower tea for its calming effects. Because of this, it is often marketed as a sleep aid or meditation tool. Others drink it because it has been linked to improving symptoms in some diseases like cancer or diabetes.

However, one of the main uses of passion flower is to increase heart rate variability (HRV). HRV is simply how regularly your heartbeat fluctuates. A higher HRV means your body is more balanced- you’re not overactive nor underactive.

This difference in balance is what allows your body to relax and regulate internal processes such as breathing, blood flow, and nerve activity. When you have a high level of HRV, you are less likely to experience things like anxiety or panic attacks.

You also are more likely to feel relaxed and calm, which helps promote healthy mental state. Having a lower HRV is related to being stressed out or depressed, and even causing disease due to constant changes in rhythm.

There are many ways to obtain passion fruits, but whether you choose to grow them yourself or buy them already done will depend on your budget and preference.

Provide plenty of sunlight

how to grow passion flower

While passion flowers can be enjoyed anywhere, they require moderate amounts of sun to grow successfully. They will not thrive in very high or low light conditions, so make sure to expose them to enough sunshine.

The plants need around six hours of direct sunlight per day to survive and develop fully. However, you should limit their exposure to only one hour per two days since they are sensitive plants that could suffer from overexposure.

When establishing your new plant, try to give it as much time as possible before taking it out for a stroll in the garden. This way, it will have more time to establish itself and show all its beautiful colors.

Blossoming season is typically spring and summer, though some varieties may take longer than others. When this happens, check back every few weeks to see if they have opened up yet!

You can manage your passion flower by simply pulling it apart when it is time to pot it up. This will help promote growth and sprouting in subsequent years.

Give it a warm location

Location is one of the most important factors in growing passion flowers. Depending on the variety, they can grow as high as twelve inches tall and need bright light for healthy growth.

Many people start their love plants off in a pot before transferring them into larger pots or even the soil. This is not necessary if you take the time to prepare your plant properly!

After watering the plant, wait several minutes before picking up the pot to ensure the roots are fully soaked. You want to avoid water being expelled when you pick up the pot as this could cause root damage.

Once it has been watered and sat for some time, go ahead and pull out the seed packet or tool that had product information on it. These usually have a reminder about how to care for the plant already so you do not have to look at that part yet!

Now, using thinning shears, cut the passion flower just above a set of small leaves. If there are bigger leaves attached, snip those away too.

These smaller leaves and shoots will eventually dry and die down, leaving more room for the next generation plant to develop. Sometimes these shifts occur very quickly, but other times it takes months!

Never force water through mossy foliage as this may hurt the plant. Let it soak in and the roots will re-absorb needed moisture. Never wet the stems as this could lead to disease.

Feed them regularly

how to grow passion flower

Most people begin growing passion flowers when they start gardening, so it is great if you already have a garden! If you don’t have one yet, try looking into starting your own by giving yourself some time to learn how to grow plants of all kinds.

Passion flower seeds can be sown directly in soil or started as cuttings. Either way, make sure to give their new roots enough space to develop and thrive. Once they are able to get adequate sunlight, they will need around 2-4 hours daily depending on the plant size.

And just like with other plants, love and attention must be given to passion fruit bushes for them to keep producing.

Add compost to the soil

how to grow passion flower

Besides adding water, one of the most important things you can do for your passion flower plants is add some compost to the soil. This will help feed the plant nutrients it needs to grow quickly and strong.

You should try to mix the compost with some kind of binder so that it does not separate while in use. Some examples of binders are grass or straw, old bread, or even cocoa powder!

Avoid using raw meat or bone-based compost, as these could be harmful for the plant.

Grow in water

how to grow passion flower

This is one of the most important things you will do for your passion flower plants. When growing passion flowers, they need regular exposure to water. Plants require moisture to grow and therefore, it’s essential to give them this every few days.

The best way to provide this to your plant is by watering with a bulb syringe. Use a thin needle to inject small amounts of water into the roots of the plant. Never use a thick needle as this could cause damage or drown the plant!

After doing this, let the plant dry out before adding more water. This helps promote growth and healthier leaves. It also helps prevent cracks in the skin which can be healed if there are no holes underneath.

Harvest when needed

how to grow passion flower

The second way to grow passion flower is by harvesting the seeds. When they are fully ripe, simply dry them and then store in an air-tight container.

You can also save some of the leaves to cook them as a green vegetable or add them to salads. Just make sure to wash them first!

And don’t forget to enjoy your passion fruits now! They will keep for about one week once harvested.

Cook or preserve it

how to grow passion flower

If you would like to enjoy eating your passion fruit raw, then cooking is the best way to go. They taste great when sautéed in butter or olive oil with salt and pepper or drizzled onto yogurt or plain toast. You can also blend them into beverages or eat them as a snack.

Preserving passion fruits is another good option since they will keep well if dried out and put in an oven or food dehydrator. Simply wash off any excess liquid before drying.

Cooking and preserving passion fruits removes some of their flavor, so try either hot or cold depending on what type of recipe you are making.

Pass it on to friends and family

how to grow passion flower

Letting your loved ones know about this plant is one of the most important things you can do to help it grow. When people see that you care about plants, they will want to try something new!

By sharing information about how to grow passion flowers, you’re helping others learn more about a lovely green flower.

And while some may think there is no need to invest in a plant book if we have a free app or website, nothing could be further from the truth!

Many apps and websites contain tips and tricks for growing different plants, as well as useful pictures and diagrams.

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