How To Harvest Passion Fruit

January 2, 2023

As mentioned before, passion fruit is a delicious tropical berry that grows in clusters on tall vines. It can be hard to find fresh ones during winter, so most recipes call for dried berries that have to be re-hydrated.

Many people forget how to prepare them though! If you’re ever stuck without access to these fruits, here are some tips about how to eat your own passion fruit!

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Topic and bullet point sequence: Health Benefits of Passion Fruit

It also has large amounts of biotin, which helps promote healthy skin and hair growth. Biotin is likewise helpful for preventing acne and improving wound healing.

Furthermore, recent studies suggest that consuming enough biotin may help prevent osteoporosis. This is because it promotes bone mineralization.7

These benefits make eating one small piece of passionfruit every day a great way to improve your overall health.

Look for signs of ripeness

how to harvest passion fruit

Now that you have found your passion fruit, you will want to know when it is ripe! Depending on the variety, this can vary slightly. With most types, as their seeds start to come away easily, they are ready.

For others, like the Meyer lemons we mentioned earlier, the skin gets very tight as it matures. When this happens, try rubbing the peel against another surface – maybe steel or wood? If there’s no resistance, then the lemon is mature.

And finally, some varieties of passion fruits will develop white hairs around the seed area.

Prepare it for harvest

how to harvest passion fruit

After the fruit is ripe, it can begin to brown slightly due to sugar breaking down as it dries. If this doesn’t happen and the skin turns dark or hard, then the passion fruits are probably still immature so do not process them.

The soft inner pulp will also turn darker when dried. This does not affect the taste of the fruit but you should remove that color before processing the rest of the fruit.

You can dry out your passion fruits in the oven or use a food dehydrator.

Pick it

how to harvest passion fruit

The next step in harvesting passion fruit is picking it! Make sure to pull away as few pieces of pulp or seeds as possible, otherwise you will have to process them further.

Once you have picked enough fruits, put them into a bowl or container that can hold an adequate amount of water.

Add some lemon juice to help preserve the color of the passionfruit. You want to make sure to add this slightly after putting the passionfruit into the liquid, because once it touches the water, it will begin to oxidize which would change the flavor.

Mix everything together and let sit for about half an hour- the acidity of the lemon helps remove any leftover bits from the passionfruit.

After this time, drain and store your passion fruit in a sealed glass jar in the refrigerator. They will keep fresh for 2-3 days.

If you like our tips here, then don’t forget to pin this helpful inspiration so you can refer to it later! If you got anything from reading these passion fruit recipes, leave a comment and tell us what recipe you recently made using our cooking tricks and techniques.

Put it in the fridge

how to harvest passion fruit

After you have cut all of your passion fruits, put them in a bowl or container with a lid and refrigerate them until they are cold! This will help preserve the flavor and keep insects away.

Once everything is cool, scoop out the seeds and white pulp that seperate from the flesh using a spoon or spatula. If there is some sugary residue left, just rinse off this under water and add it to the compost or recycle bin. It’s better than letting it go into the ocean where it could harm marine ecosystems!

If you like both the seed and the white pulp, try adding either one of those as an ingredient in your cooking or baking. The sweet taste of the pulp can be used in drinks or desserts, while the health benefits of the seeds are many. They are high in vitamin C, iron, zinc, and antioxidants such as flavonoids and phytosterols.

Try making passion fruit jam

how to harvest passion fruit

While most people use them for eating, you can also make some great uses of dried passion fruits. They are perfect to add into your baking or cooking recipes as an ingredient. Or you can make sweet passion fruit jams and preserves!

Passion fruit jam is a beautiful bright pink color that many people love to spread on toast or eat with bread. It has a tangy flavor that some say tastes like citrus!

There are several ways to prepare passion fruit jam. You can either use a ratio of one part pureed fruit to three parts sugar, cook it down until it forms a gel, or just simmer it directly in the liquid without adding any additional ingredients.

Whatever method you choose, be sure to stir the mixture frequently as it will likely stick together. When it reaches the set stage, take time to let the pan cool down before using a spoon to scoop out the finished product.

Combine with other fruits

how to harvest passion fruit

While passion fruit can be eaten alone, it is much better when mixed into other foods or beverages. It will taste sweeter that way! Try adding some to your smoothies, yogurt, desserts, or salad recipes.

You may also like eating it with meat or chicken dishes. The tart flavor really cuts right through the fat of the food which may make it more enjoyable to eat.

Also try tossing a few berries in a bowl filled with passionfruit juice and let sit for an hour. The sweet intensity of both fruits combined is amazing!

Another great way to enjoy passion fruit is by making a simple syrup or agua de trés (sp?) passada (passion water) using one part pure sugar and two parts liquid such as milk or water. Sometimes people call this recipe “pulp” drink but either name works well.

Try making passion fruit butter

how to harvest passion fruit

While eating fresh passion fruits is delicious, figuring out how to make it into something else can feel tedious and time consuming. Fortunately, creating passion fruit butter is a very easy process!

Passion fruit butter is an excellent spread that you can use directly onto bread or toast, or you can also add some sweeteners to taste. It can be mixed in with whatever you desire- yogurt, cream, honey, and so on.

There are three main components of passion fruit butter: pulp, juice, and seeds. The best way to remove all three of these components is using a spoon. First, scrape off the white part of the peel with your spoon, then pull off any dried pieces of flesh left behind. Then just stir the soft paste in your hand until it forms a gel. This will take about one minute to occur.

Now let the butter solidify for a few minutes and then scoop away what you have needed. You want to make sure to leave some texture to ensure it doesn’t break down too much in the mouth.

Try making passion fruit paste

how to harvest passion fruit

While eating fresh passion fruits is great, making an easy pasty sauce or jam is very fun! Making your own passion fruit paste is a nice way to do this as you control what ingredients are used.

Making passion fruit paste is simple to understand and take around 30 minutes to make. There are two main components of passion fruit paste — gelatin and sugar.

Gelatin is an ingredient that gives some flavor and texture to the recipe. It comes from animal sources such as bone broths or dried animals parts.

Sugar can be white granulated, raw brown sugar, coconut sugar, agave nectar, or honey. You get different flavors and textures depending on which sugar you use in the recipe.

Once both of these ingredients have been mixed together, the mixture needs to set for it to work. This happens when molecules connect with each other and become solid.

After this has happened, the passion fruit paste can be stored in a container until needed to use it.

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