How To Host A Virtual Team Building Event

October 22, 2022

This article will talk you through how to organize, plan, and host your first virtual team meeting or event!

Team building is an integral part of any successful workplace. It’s not just for employees who feel left out during company events, but also for those who may need some extra motivation or inspiration in their daily work.

Holding a group activity outside normal working hours gives people time to attend without too much pressure. For some, it provides enough incentive to come into the office when they would otherwise be busy at home or with other commitments.

Planning a team outing can be tricky though — what activities are reasonable to do as a small group? Luckily, we have some smart tips here that will help anyone to hold their next team meeting like a pro.

This article will go into detail about how to organize, plan, and host your first virtual team meeting or event! So let’s get started.

Decide what your team would like to do

how to host a virtual team building event

The first thing you will want to do is decide what type of event you would like to have. You can choose from an educational gathering, game night, movie screening, or something completely different!

Team building events are usually cost-effective ways to connect with your colleagues and get to know them better. Some may even inspire collaborations that could lead to new projects for the organization.

There are many types of virtual team events you can organize, so pick one that your group wants to do! Perhaps they’d love to play some games together? Or maybe they’re more into listening to music? Whatever it is, let them suggest it.

You can also ask if anyone has any ideas about how to hold their virtual meeting yet still feel comfortable.

Research other team-building events

how to host a virtual team building event

Have you ever wanted to do something fun with your colleagues, but never seemseemedfind the time? Or maybe you’ve tried organizing an event before, but it didn’t quite work out? If so, then here is my tip for you!

Team building events are very common these days. Companies organize them to help their employees connect and motivate each other. It can be anything from attending a basketball game, having a movie night, or hosting an interactive gaming experience.

All of these types of events require some amount of planning. You will need to research what formats make sense for your group, and how much money should be allotted per person.

There are many free resources available online that can give you tips and tricks for hosting your virtual team activity. Some of the most popular ones are YouTube, Reddit, and Facebook.

In this article, I will go over some steps to host a virtual team meeting at the library. This type of event is appropriate for any level group and does not require too much preparation.

Plan your team-building event

how to host a virtual team building event

A virtual teamteam-buildingnt is very similar to an in-office meeting, except it’s done via technology. You can be anywhere around the world and still enjoy this interactive experience, which brings up another benefit: accessibility.

If you're struggling to find someone with similar skills to yours, you can invite people from all over the globe, which may not have been possible before. This also gives people who have geographically separated a chance to connect and collaborate online.

There is no physical location where everyone meets, so using technology as a tool to achieve that goal makes sense. By hosting these events virtually, we've shifted the need for having a fixed place and set time to do so.

Choose a location for your team-building event

how to host a virtual team building event

Choosing a venue is an important first step when planning any type of meeting or event. For this, you will need to determine what kind of setting you want to have the event at.

You can choose between indoor venues that are closed-off (like a conference room) or outdoor venues that are free from distractions like other things people could do while attending the event.

When choosing somewhere to hold the event, consider the size of the group! If there’s only one person in the event then it doesn’t matter too much where you host it, but if there are more than two people in the event then it would be better to pick a close by place so that everyone can get picked up easily and/or walk to the venue comfortably.

General tips: Make sure the location you pick has enough space for all of you to relax and speak freely without being bothered by anything else going on around it.

Prepare before the team-building event

how to host a virtual team building event

Before you host your virtual team meeting, make sure you have all of the necessary tools and that preparations are done. This will help ensure that everything goes as planned!

You should already know what time the event begins and how long it is scheduled to last. You also need to be able to access the internet so you can participate in the activity while you are waiting for the next step.

In addition to those basics, you will want to pick an online tool where people can chat, share files, and contribute content. These apps like Google Hangouts, Slack, or Discord are perfect for this.

Since this is happening virtually, you may want to consider using your computer or phone’s webcam to allow others to see you.

Have a clear agenda

how to host a virtual team building event

After you have found someone or something that works as your team’s motivation, it is time to figure out how to use this energy productively.

The first step towards achieving this is to recognize what things hold your group back. What factors are preventing you from moving forward?

What are the biggest blockers to change at your current job? Is it a lack of confidence in the leadership, fear of being caught doing something wrong, or just plain boredom?

By having an open conversation about these issues, you will be able to uncover some secrets to changing things for the better.

Team members may also feel uncomfortable bringing up certain topics because they don’t want to appear weak or unconfident.

Instead of ignoring these pitfalls, ask everyone why they think the situation has become stagnant. Ask whether there are ways to fix it.

By having these conversations, you can help them work through their fears and doubts, and find other people with similar problems who have done changes before!

Virtual events are a great way to facilitate such discussions. By hosting the event online, you give anyone anywhere access to participate. This removes barriers related to location and money.

There are many free web-based tools available that make organizing and participating in a virtual meeting easy. You can even upload and edit presentations using services like Google Drive or PowerPoint.

Tell your friends about the team-building event

Now that you have planned the event, it is time to tell people about it! Let others know so they can join in the fun. You could use social media to spread the word, or send out an announcement email to all of your contacts.

By letting other people know about the event, more people will be able to participate because there are no restrictions under which people cannot attend.

People may not feel comfortable attending due to a lacka of knowledge or resources, but by spreading the word, they will at least know what to expect. For this reason, it is very important to let as many people know as possible!

Making group events easier to find and access helps everyone enjoy the experience even more since they do not need special equipment or facilities to take part. It also gives those who would like to attend a chance to do so.

Enroll your team in a team-building event program

how to host a virtual team building event

Team building events are great ways to boost workplace morale, teamwork, and communication. They also allow employees to connect with their peers outside of the office.

Team building is defined as “the activity or process of developing group cohesion through interaction and shared experiences”, but most people associate it with going out for drinks or a lunch party.

Hosting a virtual team-building event is much more practical than having someone organize a trip to a beach retreat or movie night. It does not require large expenditures or spaces that can be rented out, which makes it much easier to pull off.

Here are some tips on how to host a virtual teambuilding event for your company.

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