9 Powerful Ways to Boost Employee Efficiency in the Office

January 9, 2019


Are you looking for ways to increase the efficiency of your employees? Do they spend extra hours in the office but don't produce significant results?

This problem happens in every office, and as a leader, you should consider fixing the issue and helping your employees work more productively without sacrificing their time. Check out these tips that will help you boost employee efficiency.


Know the Behavioral Styles and Skills of Each Employee

Everyone is different, and therefore, it’s important to learn the behavioral styles and skills of each employee before you start motivating them.

Consider matching projects and tasks to the employee’s skills. For example, give a detail-oriented project to an introverted employee and ask an extroverted employee to manage calls or client meetings.

This way, each employee will be doing something they love without feeling out of their element. It’s also a great idea to ask the employee if they’d like to do a specific assignment, especially if it’s time-consuming.

how to improve efficiency of employee

Create a Productive Environment

It’s hard to work efficiently when the environment of the office is messy and hostile. Your employees spend a significant amount of their time at work, so ensure their workspace is comfortable and the entire office atmosphere is friendly.

Consider investing in anti-fatigue mats to help your employees fight mental fatigue that affects their productivity.

If you can afford major changes, provide your employees with some free biscuits or fresh or dried fruit. Moreover, think about creating a nap area and allow your employees to take short naps throughout the day.

Never stop improving the comfort level in the office and the productivity level will never drop.

Be Straightforward Yet Friendly

If some of your employees are inefficient, let them know about it. They might not like your feedback, but it’s critical to provide a performance review.

how to improve the efficiency of employee

Measure the performance of your employees and hold an individual meeting with each of them. Give them feedback in a friendly way. Discuss the areas your employees are excelling at and the areas they should work on to boost their efficiency.

Maybe they’ll want to ask some questions or for more detailed guidance on certain projects. Be ready to help them and answer all their questions in a calm and friendly way.

Check out this article, which features tips you can offer for ways to improve job performance.

Let Them Work From Home

While this decision seems ridiculous and inefficient, it can actually help some of your employees become more productive. Multiple studies claim that telecommuting is an excellent way to improve employee efficiency – especially when it comes to introverted employees.

Of course, if you notice that the productivity level of the employees who work from home drops rather than increases, you can always cancel your decision and ask those employees to work in the office again.

Hold Motivational Meetings

Even if you have no urgent assignments or announcements to tell your employees, holding a meeting at least once a week is essential for employee efficiency. This meeting should be motivational, educational, and meaningful.

Most of the time, employers have their workers performing their jobs with little to no guidance. That’s why employees have to work extra hard and spend extra time educating themselves, figuring out how to complete that task or project.

how to improve efficiency

At worst, employers might say that’s not something they needed or wanted. Not only does it kill employee productivity, but also makes employees more likely to leave the company.

If you can’t train or motivate your employees, pay for their training. This will definitely benefit your company, as an employee with an expanded skillset can work much more efficiently, increasing your company’s success.

Focus on the Bigger Goals

If your company has thousands of clients and your employees have trouble handling all the tasks, try to set priorities. Unless you’re on a tight budget, try to concentrate on the clients that bring your company the most profit.

This will let your employees work more efficiently on well-paid projects without wasting their time on minor tasks. Or, find several employees who you believe can be super productive if they complete one task at a time and later give them the bigger projects.

Appreciate and Respect Your Employees

There’s no better way to motivate and encourage a person than to recognize their hard work and little success.

Remember, your employees work hard to make your company grow and help your finances flourish. Don’t forget to express your gratitude and reward your best employees for their hard job.

You don’t have to shower them with compliments, but saying something like “well done” will certainly inspire your employees to work better.

how to improve efficiency of employee

Be Transparent About Your Company’s Goals

If your company’s goals aren’t clearly defined and aren’t actually achievable, your employees will never work efficiently. Your employees should know the direction your company is heading and the goals you’re trying to reach.

Be transparent about your company’s revenue and losses to nurture mutual trust within the company and remind your employees how important they are to the company.

When employees feel that they’re important to your company’s success, they might start working harder to boost it.

Provide the Right Tools

Ensure your employees have the up-to-date software and gadgets, or any other tool they need to work efficiently. The tools they use play a crucial role in how productive your employees are.

This article goes over a few great organizational tools for any office, which you might consider providing for your staff.

For instance, if you have poor WiFi or old computers, chances are your employees spend a few hours each day waiting for that computer or the internet to start working. Not only do they waste their time, but their nerves as well.

Just because you’re a boss doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help your workers. The efficiency and accuracy of your employees greatly depend on you, the employer, so never stop improving your office environment.

how to improve efficiency of employee

Moreover, make sure you communicate effectively with your team and are always open to new suggestions and employee feedback.

Lastly, remember that your employees are human beings who have hard times as well. If your employees' efficiency has dropped, talk to them to figure out the reason and solve it. They’d appreciate it.

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