How To Improve Team Building In The Workplace

November 9, 2022

As we know, team building is an important part of any company’s employee welfare program. Companies that actively participate in team-building activities not only help their employees develop strong work relationships, but also promote a sense of belonging and trust within the workplace.

Team building can be anything from having lunch with your colleagues or going for a coffee together once a week to taking a trip outside of the city. The key thing about team building is to make it meaningful for both individuals and the organization.

At the end of the day, giving back to the community is what makes the most impact. This can be through donating money to charity or attending educational events related to your job position.

There are many different ways to do this, so choose one that fits into your schedule and budget best.

Be consistent with leadership

how to improve team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, one of the biggest issues that can hurt team building is a lack of clear leadership. If you are never told what to do or how to do it, then people will not look up to you or trust you as an authority.

As the leader of your team, you should be able to set goals for your group, give suggestions and rewards for good work, and stick to them- all without being too bossy or telling people off.

Your colleagues will respect you if you show that you care about their success and that you’re willing to put in time and effort into improving things. This could mean investing in equipment or software that they need, offering advice when asked, giving reward certificates for achievements, etc.

If someone does something that goes against policy or company standards, you must address this quickly but calmly- no rambling! Keep your tone professional and businesslike and say only what needs to be said. Do not get personal unless you have to - this could easily turn bad for you.

Make sure team members know each other

how to improve team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, one of the most important things for workplace friendships is knowing who everyone is. This includes not only colleagues but also peers and superiors as well!

As a leader or manager, you can sometimes feel like you’re walking around with your head stuck in the sand because nobody ever talks about what they are doing and how their job role relates to others.

It's very common to find yourself asking questions such as why someone doesn't seem to gel with their colleagues or whether there is something more than just professional relationships going on between two people.

By being aware of other individuals' jobs and responsibilities, it becomes much easier to understand who they go out for coffee with, which departments they are assigned to and what projects they are involved in.

This way, you don't have to wonder if they're hiding anything from you and you can better predict how they will perform in the future.

Be consistent with team fun

how to improve team building in the workplace

Consistently offering opportunities for social interaction, having group activities and celebrating milestones are great ways to boost morale.

Team-building exercises that require participants to work together in groups or use teamwork skills are the best way to go about this. These types of events can be planned and organized by someone outside the organization, so it does not have to cost anything.

Guest posting is a good example of a non-paid activity that many companies make time for. By writing an article and linking to their site, you get exposure while helping their company's name recognition too!

Some other ideas include hosting a potluck lunch, holding a movie night, organizing a beach day, planning a vacation, or any other type of gathering or event.

Participants will feel more connected when they enjoy these experiences as a group and come away feeling appreciated and loved.

Encourage team members to share their thoughts and ideas

how to improve team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, being able to listen is one of the most important qualities for anyone in the workplace. If you cannot listen, then how can people expect to be listened to?

People will not feel comfortable sharing all of their secrets and worries with you if they do not feel that you care about them. They will also avoid coming to you when they need help or guidance because they don’t want to waste their time trying to figure out whether you will respond to what they say or not.

By showing an interest in other people, you establish trust. You prove that you are willing to put others first which makes them more likely to do the same for you. This creates a sense of community and collaboration where everyone feels like they have something in common and their needs are met.

Team building exercises such as having group conversations, doing active listening practices, asking open-ended questions, and promoting discussion and feedback create opportunities to encourage teamwork and communication.

Be consistent with giving feedback

how to improve team building in the workplace

As mentioned before, giving clear and timely feedback is one of the biggest challenges for team members.

If you've never given any feedback, how can you expect them to improve? Plus, if you don’t know what they are doing well then how will they be able to show that talent to you?

As a leader, it is your job to make sure that your team knows who they are as people and what they do well. When they don’t, it becomes harder and longer to motivate them.

You have to develop their trust in you by being honest and telling them when they aren’t quite meeting your expectations, or they might not be performing at a level that makes you happy.

At the same time, they must believe that you are there to help them grow and succeed so they need to give you some slack while they find their feet.

When they don’t seem to care about other people’s feelings it shows that they cannot handle others being part of the team and moving forward. This won’t sit well with everyone else in the company and may even hurt their career.

So, be careful about the timing and consistency of feedback. If you feel like something needs to be said, then say it but try to do it with more general statements and without getting too emotional.

Provide structure

how to improve team building in the workplace

As mentioned earlier, team building is more than just having fun together. Creating an open environment where people feel comfortable talking about things that matter to them is one of the main components of successful teamwork.

This can be difficult when some members of your team are not necessarily friendly or supportive. It may also be hard to do if you’re not sure who those people are within the group.

As the leader of the team, it is your job to create this supportive environment. You can start by establishing clear goals and timelines, offering incentives for meeting deadlines, and listening to what other people have to say.

By providing structure, you help your teammates know what to expect from you and yourself. This creates trust, which is important for success as a team.

Structure doesn’t need to be at work all the time. Sometimes life gets in the way. But, when possible, offer something every member of the team can access and contribute to.

Try new things

how to improve team building in the workplace

Changing how you interact with people is one of the best ways to improve team building at work. If there’s someone you look down upon, try putting them up as a winner instead. Or if certain individuals seem to get a lot of attention, give those people the chance to talk about themselves without feeling like they are being boosted artificially.

Teambuilding exercises don’t necessarily need to be expensive or complicated. Some ideas that can easily cost under a hundred dollars include having an informal chat, doing a self-assessment, or asking for input on something that matters to you.

By trying new activities, you will challenge your colleagues and yourself. This will only strengthen relationships and trust among each other.

Challenge your team

how to improve team building in the workplace

Changing how you interact with people can strengthen relationships, build trust, inspire motivation, and even create new growth opportunities. When something seems too easy, that is usually when things start to break down.

It’s impossible to effectively motivate someone else if they don’t feel motivated themselves. This isn’t always due to a lack of effort on their part, but sometimes there are internal factors that get in the way.

If someone on your team has run into some sort of personal challenge or setback, it can make them seem less committed to the job. It may also prevent them from putting in the necessary extra effort to achieve his/her goals.

By being aware of these potential pitfalls, you will know what to do before this happens. You will also be able to predict which ones might arise in the future so you can prepare ahead of time.

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