How To Improve Team Building Skills

November 2, 2022

Team building is an important part of any successful organization. These skills can boost workplace morale, empower individuals, and strengthen relationships. While some people have naturally strong team-building skills, most of us do not.

That’s okay! You don’t need to be like that “special someone” with super-strong teamwork qualities to contribute effectively to your company or profession.

But you should try to improve your team-building skills anyway because it will make you happier at work and help promote effective working relationships.

Team building can include anything from having group conversations to celebrating achievements together to sharing responsibilities. It all depends on what resources are available and who participates in the activity.

This article will talk about eight easy ways to develop your team-building skills. Some of these ideas may seem simple, but they can have powerful effects when used correctly.

Make eye contact

how to improve team building skills

Making direct, meaningful connections with others is one of the most powerful team-building tools you can use. When you make an effort to look people in their eyes, show interest in what they are saying, and ask questions, it demonstrates that you care about them as a person and want to learn more from them.

Making direct, meaningful connections with others is one of the most powerful team-building tools you can use. When you make an effort to look people in their eyes, show interest in what they are saying, and ask questions, it demonstrates that you care about them as a person and want to learn more from them.

It also helps them feel valued and invested in the organization. And when employees feel appreciated and needed, they’re likely to contribute more to the cause and strive harder for the company.

Making eye contact isn’t just a nice thing to do; it's a fundamental way to connect with other people. By investing some time into developing this skill, you will reap benefits in many areas of your life — not the least of which will be improving your team-building skills.

Be consistent

how to improve team building skills

Consistency is one of the most important team-building high-Performance skills you can learn. When people see that you are never in place, that you do not stick around for very long, or that you have little communication with other members of the group, they will not trust you as an individual leader and will not follow you because there is no leadership they can rely on.

As a leader, your time should be guaranteed! If you show up at least once a week, your employees will know that they can depend on you for at least part of their day. This will give them some sense of confidence and security in the workplace.

Teambuilding exercises such as sharing stories, doing activities together, having conversations, and/or going out for drinks or dinner are great ways to keep yourself engaged and consistently present. Make sure to plan these things ahead of time so that everyone knows when to expect you!

Your colleagues will notice if you are not showing up regularly and this will negatively affect how well you lead others.

Make plans and invite people along

As mentioned before, team building is not about having fun alone or doing activities that only focus on you as an individual. It is spending time with other people! Inviting people into your group can be done by creating new groups, holding open meetings, hosting events, organizing trips, or any activity that requires more than just talking to people.

By including others in your team build sessions, it creates an interactive environment where conversations are possible. Not only do they talk to you, but also each other! This helps promote understanding of different ideas and concepts, and teamwork skills like communication and collaboration.

Teamwork is an integral part of our society today. Companies depend heavily on effective teamwork for success. If you’re looking to improve your team-building skills, start by making plans and inviting people along.

Ask for feedback

how to improve team building skills

As mentioned before, one of the most important team-building exercises is asking for feedback. This can be done in several ways- through conversations, questions, comments, etc.

Ask your colleagues, friends or family members how they feel about something you are doing. Ask if there are any parts of the job that seem too difficult or impossible to do. If so, what could make it easier to perform these tasks?

By giving them input into how you manage your work, people will give you tips and tricks for improving yourself.

They may also tell you things that can help you stay motivated, take breaks and reward yourself after completing a task. All of this helps you hone your skills and makes you a more productive employee.

Asking for feedback can also help you determine whether or not someone else is willing to go out of their way to aid you in achieving your goals.

If they try hard but fail, it may show that you cannot rely on them to help you succeed.

Be a challenge but not too challenging

how to improve team building skills

As mentioned before, team building is about bringing people together in an open environment with no rules or regulations. What this means is that you cannot require everyone on your team to be of the same religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, etc. You also can’t have a mandatory meeting every week, nor can you make someone else lead the meeting.

That would not only be very boring for some people, but it could also create a lot of tension since they might feel like they are being forced to talk about things that don’t matter to them. And we all know how important relationships are in business!

Team members should feel comfortable asking questions and seeking feedback from one another. If there is something they need to address as a person, then they should do so without feeling judged or uncomfortable.

Look for the humour in situations

how to improve team building skills

Finding the funny in life is an excellent way to improve your team's team-high-Performance-buildings. The best teams have fun together, and I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you do that.

Team members who laugh at each other’s jokes and can relate to one another are going to enjoy being part of the group much more than people who don’t seem to share a bond.

Surprise me! If you can’t tell a joke or if everything you say makes the rest of the team burst out laughing, then chances are we won’t be spending too many times together either.

It’s important to note here that not everyone will like any given thing you do or say, which is okay! That’s why it’s called living.

Ask more questions

how to improve team building skills

Asking good questions is a powerful way to improve team-building skills. When someone else has something, they’re trying to do, asking good questions can help you figure out how to help them succeed. It also helps you understand their role in the organization better.

Asking good questions brings up what people know about the topic and why they use the tool or technique in the way they do. This gives you some insights into their strengths and weaknesses as an individual and a leader.

Good question-asking comes from thinking about the other person and whether what you say will motivate them to work harder. You want to be sure your comments are positive and constructive.

Some tips for asking great questions include:

Ask open-ended questions that require less reasoning to answer. “What have you done lately?” is a much easier question to respond to than “Why did you perform this task poorly?”

Make statements instead of asking a question. For example, instead of saying “You seem very busy today,” say “I noticed you look stressed out. What happened?” or “Tell me about the project you’re working on.”

Don't ask if someone does things well unless it's important to you. If you're looking to learn how to do something yourself, then ask if there's anything you could pick up from them.

Try new things

how to improve team building skills

As mentioned before, team building is about bringing together people with different skills and having them work together in an environment that requires teamwork. So why not use these differences to your advantage?

Try giving each other more responsibility or ask someone to do something they have never done before. Or maybe you can organize a group activity that everyone enjoys.

By introducing opportunities like this, you will strengthen team bonding and communication as well as learn more about each person’s strengths.

Team members will feel appreciated for what they contribute even if it isn’t necessarily their special skill set. This will create a supportive atmosphere that has a positive impact on productivity and engagement.

Try looking up activities online or talking with others who have tried similar ones.

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