How to Inspire Others in the Workplace on a Daily Basis

May 16, 2019


A leader must actively look for ways to inspire others in the workplace. How do you inspire your team to believe in and actively pursue company goals? Is it an inborn trait or is there a way to learn this?

As a leader, having an innovative idea is not enough to see results. Therefore, you should be able to motivate your team to implement your vision and drive up the company’s profits. So let's discuss how to inspire others in the workplace.

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Be Democratic

Do you have an innovative idea? Then share it with your team and take note of their feedback. Use this feedback to set your final goals.

Using a democratic decision-making process is one of the easiest ways to inspire others in the workplace. Research has proven that employees tend to trust a more democratic leader.

Employees will also feel much more involved in company decisions. In turn, they do their best to achieve these goals.

Communicate Your Plans

After setting your goals, find ways to communicate them to your team. Draft your vision and mission statement as a set of achievable goals. Hold several sessions with your team to explain your plan.

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In addition, use these meetings to address any questions that might arise from your staff. If they request changes, consider their requests or at least explain why you cannot implement those changes immediately. 

Below is a checklist to ensure you communicate your goals effectively:

  • Do your employees understand your goals? Can they see how their duties fit into achieving these goals?
  • Are these goals measurable?
  • Have you set milestones to track your progress?
  • Do you listen to your employees’ feedback?

Open communication is crucial to inspiring your team to support your efforts. This way, you can get the support you need to achieve desirable results.

Lead by Example

Do you know how to inspire others in the workplace when the going gets tough? Are your actions in line with what you say?

Before you delegate your work, show your staff how to get things done by kickstarting the process yourself. Likewise, let your employees know that what you assign to them is achievable.

Leading by example instills confidence in your team. It is one of the best leadership styles used by renowned leaders to inspire the masses.

Such leaders include Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch. The latter steered the company to success by maintaining open communication in the organization.

This leadership style comes in handy to inspire your staff when the tasks seem challenging.

Here are a few examples to start with:

  • Does your job entail working overtime? If so, be there with your team.
  • Are you trying to save costs on printing paper? Never use the printer yourself unless necessary.
  • Are you implementing new rules in your department? Follow the rules, too.

Inspire your team to reach greater heights by being practical. When employees see you taking the lead in reaching current targets, they will follow in your footsteps.

Set Milestones and Acknowledge Achievements

When your team is working hard to beat the deadlines, how do you measure and recognize the progress they make?

How to Inspire Others in the Workplace

Indeed, a business owner must know how to inspire others in the workplace using positive appraisals. Let your team know that you notice all their achievements. Furthermore, set up mechanisms to recognize the highest achiever in the department.

You can do this by:

  • Communicating these milestones to your team.
  • Offering monetary rewards for employees who meet their goals.
  • Choosing the best employee for the month and pinning his photo on the company’s noticeboard.
  • Promoting hardworking employees.

When you reward hard work, it motivates your staff to do even more in their future assignments.

Create Opportunities for Personal Growth and Career Advancement

Does your company provide opportunities for personal development? Such an organization attracts a young innovative talent pool.

Most employees look for a chance to grow their careers while achieving personal growth. They want to continue with their studies and increase their professional hours as they improve their skill sets.

Therefore, as an employer, you can do more than just setting and achieving company goals to inspire your team to success. For example, motivate your current team by:

  • Showing a personal interest in your employees’ career development goals
  • Having company exchange programs
  • Exposing your employees to other areas of your company through regular job rotations
  • Offering apprenticeship opportunities
  • Paying for your staff’s college tuition to further their studies
  • Starting a mentorship program in your department
  • Developing a career success plan
  • Supporting your employees' work-life balance

Use these tips to inspire and retain your young staff.

Maintain a Convenient Working Environment

Is your workplace a conducive environment for your team? Is it well equipped to support the results you want?

Create a positive work environment that your employees look forward to visiting each day. Such a workplace gives employees a sense of purpose. It inspires them to deliver results.

How to Inspire Others in the Workplace

Companies such as Nike and Chevron are famous for their ‘happy employees’. They intentionally create a happiness culture through their leadership styles, positive work atmosphere, and overall staff relationships. 

But do you know how to inspire others in the workplace by creating a conducive working environment? To begin with, here are a few tips:

  • Use an open office setup.
  • Encourage open communication in your department and connect directly with your team.
  • Equip the workplace with relevant modern equipment.
  • Encourage a fun and spontaneous attitude.
  • Celebrate the small victories.
  • Show random acts of gratitude and kindness.

Your employees spend most of their day at the workplace. And when the business climate gets tough, a conducive workplace helps to keep them inspired.


So, are you ready to inspire your team to reach greater heights?  Make it easy for your team to contribute to the goals you set by using a democratic decision-making process.

Similarly, make sure your team understands how they fit into the overall mission and vision of the organization. Be the first person to adopt the change you want to see. Acknowledge all achievements, whether big or small.

Offer your young team an opportunity to grow within the company. And finally, make the workplace as conducive as possible. When you know how to inspire others in the workplace, you build a positive work culture in your organization.

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