How to Inspire Others in the Workplace on a Daily Basis


A leader must actively look for ways to inspire others in the workplace. How do you inspire your team to believe in and actively pursue company goals? Is it an inborn trait or is there a way to learn this?

As a leader, having an innovative idea is not enough to see results. Therefore, you should be able to motivate your team to implement your vision and drive up the company’s profits. So let's discuss how to inspire others in the workplace.

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Be Democratic

Do you have an innovative idea? Then share it with your team and take note of their feedback. Use this feedback to set your final goals.

Using a democratic decision-making process is one of the easiest ways to inspire others in the workplace. Research has proven that employees tend to trust a more democratic leader.

Employees will also feel much more involved in company decisions. In turn, they do their best to achieve these goals.

Communicate Your Plans

After setting your goals, find ways to communicate them to your team. Draft your vision and mission statement as a set of achievable goals. Hold several sessions with your team to explain your plan.

work inspiration

In addition, use these meetings to address any questions that might arise from your staff. If they request changes, consider their requests or at least explain why you cannot implement those changes immediately. 

Below is a checklist to ensure you communicate your goals effectively:

  • Do your employees understand your goals? Can they see how their duties fit into achieving these goals?
  • Are these goals measurable?
  • Have you set milestones to track your progress?
  • Do you listen to your employees’ feedback?

Open communication is crucial to inspiring your team to support your efforts. This way, you can get the support you need to achieve desirable results.

Lead by Example

Do you know how to inspire others in the workplace when the going gets tough? Are your actions in line with what you say?

Before you delegate your work, show your staff how to get things done by kickstarting the process yourself. Likewise, let your employees know that what you assign to them is achievable.

Leading by example instills confidence in your team. It is one of the best leadership styles used by renowned leaders to inspire the masses.

Such leaders include Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, and former General Electric CEO, Jack Welch. The latter steered the company to success by maintaining open communication in the organization.

This leadership style comes in handy to inspire your staff when the tasks seem challenging.

Here are a few examples to start with:

  • Does your job entail working overtime? If so, be there with your team.
  • Are you trying to save costs on printing paper? Never use the printer yourself unless necessary.
  • Are you implementing new rules in your department? Follow the rules, too.

Inspire your team to reach greater heights by being practical. When employees see you taking the lead in reaching current targets, they will follow in your footsteps.

Set Milestones and Acknowledge Achievements

When your team is working hard to beat the deadlines, how do you measure and recognize the progress they make?

How to Inspire Others in the Workplace

Indeed, a business owner must know how to inspire others in the workplace using positive appraisals. Let your team know that you notice all their achievements. Furthermore, set up mechanisms to recognize the highest achiever in the department.

You can do this by:

  • Communicating these milestones to your team.
  • Offering monetary rewards for employees who meet their goals.
  • Choosing the best employee for the month and pinning his photo on the company’s noticeboard.
  • Promoting hardworking employees.

When you reward hard work, it motivates your staff to do even more in their future assignments.

Create Opportunities for Personal Growth and Career Advancement

Does your company provide opportunities for personal development? Such an organization attracts a young innovative talent pool.

Most employees look for a chance to grow their careers while achieving personal growth. They want to continue with their studies and increase their professional hours as they improve their skill sets.

Therefore, as an employer, you can do more than just setting and achieving company goals to inspire your team to success. For example, motivate your current team by:

  • Showing a personal interest in your employees’ career development goals
  • Having company exchange programs
  • Exposing your employees to other areas of your company through regular job rotations
  • Offering apprenticeship opportunities
  • Paying for your staff’s college tuition to further their studies
  • Starting a mentorship program in your department
  • Developing a career success plan
  • Supporting your employees' work-life balance

Use these tips to inspire and retain your young staff.

Maintain a Convenient Working Environment

Is your workplace a conducive environment for your team? Is it well equipped to support the results you want?

Create a positive work environment that your employees look forward to visiting each day. Such a workplace gives employees a sense of purpose. It inspires them to deliver results.

How to Inspire Others in the Workplace

Companies such as Nike and Chevron are famous for their ‘happy employees’. They intentionally create a happiness culture through their leadership styles, positive work atmosphere, and overall staff relationships. 

But do you know how to inspire others in the workplace by creating a conducive working environment? To begin with, here are a few tips:

  • Use an open office setup.
  • Encourage open communication in your department and connect directly with your team.
  • Equip the workplace with relevant modern equipment.
  • Encourage a fun and spontaneous attitude.
  • Celebrate the small victories.
  • Show random acts of gratitude and kindness.

Your employees spend most of their day at the workplace. And when the business climate gets tough, a conducive workplace helps to keep them inspired.


So, are you ready to inspire your team to reach greater heights?  Make it easy for your team to contribute to the goals you set by using a democratic decision-making process.

Similarly, make sure your team understands how they fit into the overall mission and vision of the organization. Be the first person to adopt the change you want to see. Acknowledge all achievements, whether big or small.

Offer your young team an opportunity to grow within the company. And finally, make the workplace as conducive as possible. When you know how to inspire others in the workplace, you build a positive work culture in your organization.

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Tools to Stay Organized at Work

“Be the ruler of your workspace, don’t let it rule you.” These were the words of my very first boss, on my very first day of work in a real office. At the time, his advice meant making liberal use of the many different colors of Post-It noted in the supply closet, to serve as […]

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Home Remedies to Fall Asleep Quickly

Insomnia and other sleep problems have been around for centuries. Recent advances in medical research and cognitive neuroscience have only confirmed the absolute importance of a good night’s sleep to overall health as well as stress recovery and creative thought. Whether it’s chronic insomnia, recent life events, or snoring family members or roommates keeping you […]

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Weekly Update, 12/16/18

For Peak Performance, Training Should be Tailored to Body Type A recent BBC report on the importance of genetics to athletic prowess offers a compelling insight into how our bodies can dictate responses to different types of physical activity. Genetics do not determine overall athletic talent, but they do determine body type and composition. The three […]

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Weekly Update, 12/9/18

MyMe Wants to Record Your Social Life, or Lack Thereof The MyMe is a small wearable device that features a wide-angle camera meant to use facial recognition software to identify people in your life and log the amount of time you spent with specific people. Each person can be filtered down into a few different […]

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The Plan Behind the Packaging: Leading Designers Moree Wu and Sijia Zhang Give a Pre-Holiday Crash Course on the Importance of Design

The holidays are a time of year when commercial design is prominent. From the boxes that hold our most coveted wishlist gifts to the timeless posters of classic Holiday movies, the holiday season seems like one big competition to gain your attention. While we tend not to think about the hands and minds behind many […]

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Weekly Update, 11/18/18

Artist David Hockney’s $90 Million Painting Breaks Record for Any Living Artist David Hockney’s painting “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” broke artistic records when it sold for $90.3 million with fees at the New York auction house Christie’s. Painted in 1972, it depicts two men, a sparkling pool, and a scenic landscape. […]

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One Big Three-Legged Race: App Designer Yunning Liu on the Undying Relationship Between Technology and Design

The Idea Trader’s continuing efforts to chronicle advances in tech, medicine, and scientific research have brought our attention to some truly inspiring stories. Just in the past few months we have seen incredible efforts in all of these fields. Most recently, spinal implants have granted paralyzed patients a new range of motion. Major ocean cleanup […]

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Weekly Update, 11/11/18

Car Brakes and Roads Emit Harmful Microplastics A scientific study in Germany has found that car tires, brake systems, as well as the actual roads, give off microplastics that become airborne, eventually contaminating nearby freshwater sources, and ultimately pollute oceans. The study marks a significant turning point in designers’ attempts to make vehicles more ecologically […]

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Weekly Update, 11/4/18

Spinal Cord Implants Offer New Hope for Paralyzed Patients Implants administered at the University of Louisville have had incredible effects on multiple patients who were previously paralyzed in various accidents. Following the innovative spinal cord implants, the patients were able to walk a limited distance, with aid. They also experienced other fringe improvements of chronic […]

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Weekly Update, 10/28/18

Report Ponders Preferred Autonomous Car Programming A new report out of MIT explores international preferences when it comes to the theoretical programming of driverless vehicles. Though self-driving cars are still years away from widespread implementation, researchers have been eagerly studying the implications of large numbers of self-driving cars in different environments and cultures. On the […]

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Weekly Update, 10/21/18

Major Tech Companies Lean Toward USB Type-C Recent releases from tech giants Apple and Google may serve as predecessors to an industry-wide embrace of the USB Type-C. Apple recently released a new charging cord for the Apple Watch that terminates in a male Type-C plug. Additionally, Google has released a new format of their earbuds, […]

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Bassist Ole Kirkeng on the Ins and Outs of Being a Musician in 2018

Ever since the days of Napster and the subsequent digitization of music, the entire industry has been undergoing all kinds of changes, suffering some inevitable growing pains along the way. And the rise of independent record labels and artists has decentralized how music is produced and listened to, ultimately to the public’s benefit. Ole Kirkeng […]

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Weekly Update, 10/7/18

Dogs No Smarter Than Other Animals, Study Says A new study has found that canines are not especially intelligent when compared to other wild and domesticated animal species. The study did note, however, that dogs tend to appear more intelligent than cats, for example, because dogs are more willing to be trained, which in turn […]

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Weekly Update, 9/30/18

New Paint Aims to Cool Buildings A new polymer coating has been proven to reflect a majority of solar energy. The polymer uses a network of micro cavities to reflect light rather than trapping it. The most immediate practical application of the new material is for it to be used by construction companies, in particular […]

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Weekly Update, 9/16/18

Researchers Disclose Terrain Map of Antarctica A collaboration between scientific researchers has created an ultra-accurate terrain map of the Antarctic continent, which they hope to use to monitor the continent’s changes in structures and total amounts of ice, as climate change progresses. Because Antarctica remains devoid of permanent residents, scientists were able to measure it […]

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Interview With Grocery Delivery Mogul, Tejas Viswanath

Tejas Viswanath gives some insight into the world of fast-paced delivery.

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Software Whiz Ahmed Ilyas On What It Feels Like To Be At The Center Of The Tech World

Ahmed Ilyas has dedicated his life to developing a kind of superpower. He takes code and turns it into programs and products that have massive utilitarian functionality and value. And while many programmers end up falling down the rabbit hole of making tech for other tech companies and developers, Ilyas has been able to keep […]

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Weekly Update, 9/9/18

Musk Smokes Pot on Podcast Stream, Hurts Tesla Shares During an interview on the popular podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, Tesla head Elon Musk appeared to smoke a joint, visible to the podcast stream. Neither Musk nor Rogan said on the podcast that it was marijuana, but after the episode, Rogan claimed that it in […]

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Weekly Update, 9/2/18

Nintendo Fans Await ‘Animal Crossing’ Switch Announcement This past summer’s E3 was missing some major players. For one, there was no announcement from Nintendo of a new ‘Animal Crossing’ game for the Switch. Then, just last week, Nintendo released a statement concerning a whole bunch of games coming to the console early next year, including […]

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Weekly Update, 8/26/18

Musk Backtracks on Taking Tesla Private Tesla founder and technology industry leader Elon Musk has reversed earlier comments about potentially taking Tesla private. Musk had previously tweeted that he was considering making Tesla a privately-held company. The tweet reportedly came after talks with Saudi investors, as well as pressures from stockholders who were displeased with […]

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Saurabh Rajwade’s Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions in the Modern World

The world of mergers and acquisitions and the associated risk assessment that precedes either is generally unknown to the public. The bits and pieces that make it to the daily news tend to be summaries, bottom-lines condensed to who purchased whom, and for how much. This summer in particular, we’ve been witnesses to multiple major […]

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Australia Places Ban on Plastic Bags

Australia took a major step this week by banning all single use plastic bags in four of their six states. It is an interesting case study to see a country stepping up to the challenge of reducing the plastic in our oceans, streets, and landfills. Regardless of politics, the scourge of plastic slowly covering the […]

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The Future of Carbon-Neutral Cars

Fuel efficient and electric vehicles are nothing new with the popularity of cars like the Honda Prius and Tesla models. However, while these vehicles may reduce CO2 emissions, they are not truly carbon neutral either due to the manufacturing process or their electrical energy source (often stemming from fossil fuels). In steps C2CNT, a startup […]

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UN Report on US Poverty Puts the Blame on Politics

A United Nations report on poverty in the US released this week cited levels of inequality to be increasing under Trump’s presidency. Despite being considered the “land of opportunity,” the report states that the US has some of the highest rates of infant mortality, child poverty, income inequality, and incarceration rates in the developed world. […]

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The Cost of Elon Musk's Vision for Transportation

Elon Musk is famed for revolutionizing transportation through privatization; first with Tesla and Space X, and The Boring Company is seeking to tackle public transit next. While developments of Musk’s undertaking of the Hyperloop have been discussed for years, the company is also seeking out smaller scale public transit alternatives. The first of these projects […]

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Anthony Bourdain: a Legacy of Food, Culture, and Travel

In the mid-aughts when his show No Reservations premiered, Anthony Bourdain was the punk rock writer/chef America didn’t know it needed. Growing up in suburban, middle class New Jersey in the ‘60s, Bourdain always had a thirst for just the opposite of his roots – anything that was fast, reckless, and adventurous - which is […]

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Psychedelic Drugs and their Effects on Depression Discovered

A new study conducted by scientists at the University of California Davis examined the effects of psychoactive substances on depression and other related disorders, finding that the substances could combat depression by promoting neural plasticity and neuron growth. While it is unknown what actually causes depression, we do know that it causes decreased neuron growth […]

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Spotlight in Screenwriting: an Interview with Karolyn Carnie

Humans inherently love great writing, and literary classics can come from any corner of recorded history. From Homer’s “The Odyssey” to George Orwell’s “1984,” stories told through written language have served as the foundation for countless films. According to a study conducted in the 1950’s, novels and written fiction were responsible for 50% of created […]

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'Ye' and the Conflict of Artistry

Kanye’s new album Ye dropped this week, transporting listeners into a cerebral, personal headspace that feels intimately like a step inside the inner-workings of Kanye’s mind. It comes at a time when West has seen a flurry of media attention, most of it negative, beginning with a series of tweets promoting Donald Trump and ultimately […]

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Gender and the Millennial Issue with Impostor Syndrome

First coined by psychologists in the 1970s, impostor syndrome has become a buzzword for the millennial generation. Characterized by a sense of self-doubt and uncertainty, the term refers to feeling as though one has faked their way into a successful career, job position, or even social standing, and that they will eventually be found out […]

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Behind the Big Screen: an Interview with Gemma Karlsen

How do the most talented actors and actresses seemingly become entirely different people every few months, completely evolving to new roles and personalities? This is a tough question to answer, but luckily we have some valuable insight on the subject thanks to actress Gemma Karlsen. From Denmark to London, Karlsen has starred in an array […]

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Study Links Body Clock to Certain Mental Illnesses

A British university study has found a connection between a disturbed circadian rhythm and a greater likelihood of certain mental illnesses. The circadian rhythm, better known as the body’s internal clock, is the pattern of waking and sleeping time our brains undergo everyday. These processes happen throughout the entire body, and the circadian rhythm is […]

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UK Facial Recognition Wrongly Identifies Criminals

The UK government is feeling immense scrutiny over the facial recognition software being used to identify criminals at public events. Photos of every attendee are being collected by the vast network of british surveillance cameras installed throughout metropolitan areas of England. Big Brother Watch, a government watchdog group, has found staggering evidence that facial recognition […]

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World’s Largest Cruise Ship is a Floating Mega-Resort

The Royal Caribbean, an international cruise ship company, is turning heads with the release of the Symphony of Seas, the biggest cruise ship ever built. The incredible vessel weighs 228,081 tons and offers more activities and amenities than a standard resort. A capacity of over 6,000 passengers makes this a floating city with a price […]

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3-D Printing Startup has Eye on the Sky

Relativity Space, the Los Angeles-based rocket manufacturer, is using the world’s largest 3-D printers to disrupt the growing aerospace market. The company believes it can 3-D print 95 percent of the Terran 1, their orbital rocket in development. The startup is exploding after the latest round of venture-capital funding reached $35 million, allowing the company […]

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Tesla Model 3 Becomes America’s Best-Selling Electric Car

Tesla Inc. topped electric car sales in first quarter 2018 production numbers released on Tuesday. With only ten years under its belt, Tesla has surpassed some manufacturing bottlenecks associated with accelerated production and delivery. Tesla CEO Elon Musk received a much needed breather from first quarter hiccups as Tesla forecasts exponential Model 3 production in […]

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Impossible Foods Leads the Way on Meatless Substitutes

Impossible Foods Inc., a vegetable-based meatless product line, has its sights on the 5 billion pounds of ground beef consumed in the United States each year. The multi-billion dollar meat industries are attracting large investors to the meatless movement that could take a bite out of profits. Impossible Foods and the other countless brands breaking […]

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Your Smart Device Might Be Listening

Google and Amazon, tech giants and the leading sellers of digital assistants, have filed patent applications to collect data from millions of smart devices. The New York Times reports that the companies both “filed patent applications that outline an array of possibilities of how devices like these could monitor more of what users say and […]

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Cobalt Robotics Receives Funding for Robot Security Guard

Cobalt Robotics, a Silicon Valley-based robot security startup, plans to use security robots in offices across the United States. These “roving security robots” are designed to protect commercial buildings ranging from hospitals to data centers against intruders or other hazards to the office. Cobalt Robotics received $13 million in series A round funding from investors […]

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Intel Feels the Hurt as Apple Plans to Use Its Own Chips

Apple Inc. is in works to exclusively use its own chips in Mac products starting as soon as 2020, according to interviews by Reuters. According to Bloomberg supply chain analysis, Intel Corp., the chip supplier for Mac computers, risks five percent of gross revenue by losing Apple. Intel shares dropped 6.1 percent to $48.92 by […]

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Uber Suspends Self-Driving Car Tests after Fatal Crash

Uber halted its self-driving car tests in Arizona after a pedestrian was fatally injured in Phoenix last week. The rideshare company faces a significant setback after tying the future of Uber to self-driving cars. Police and authorities are investigating the death of a woman walking her bike across a four lane road at night when […]

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Chaos By Trump: Stocks Display The New Fragrance

Those who know anything about President Trump at this point, knows that he enjoys creating drama. He always talks about hiring the “best people” and having the “best” business and organization, even in the White House. Yet, he has had a lot of staff turnover, is already changing a fair portion of his Cabinet and […]

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Worst week ever? Tech takes a bow, not in a good way

Facebook has not been having a good week, and the entire tech sector took a massive hit on the stock market, spearheading a correction across Wall Street as well as shareholders. Facebook is the current glaring example of privacy breaches, but there is little doubt that user privacy has been a significant concern among many […]

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A Mexico Mystery: What Happened to the Sharps?

Mexico has been getting some bad press lately with its drug problem and corruption in the government. The last thing it needs is a mysterious death at one of its tourist destinations. Or four. Authorities in Mexico are currently investigating the death of an Iowa family, found in their rented condominium in the small town […]

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Did Sister Jean Not Believe in Divine Providence?

She is not a mascot, but a chaplain. But you would have a hard time distinguishing between the two when it comes to the men’s basketball team at little Loyola University of Chicago, for it seems the team rallied around its longtime chaplain and made a push for its first Final Four in more than […]

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Will This Be The New World War or Cold War?

We all know this was coming at some point, right? But while we thought this war would involve nuclear or atomic weapons, could it be possible that the weapon of choice this time around might actually be trade tariffs, and might they actually be more damaging than any ICBM warhead? President Donald Trump announced some […]

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Iran Continues to Mount Tensions Against the U.S.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is well known as being accused by many in the West for sponsoring, financing and promoting of terror activities around the Middle East and in parts of the Western world. Apparently, Iran is doing more than supplying arms to cause havoc. It also supplies zeroes and ones. Recently, the U.S. […]

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He Was Born In A Small Town… And Performs There, Too

He is widely known for being born in a small town. And Broadway can also be considered a small town within one of the grandest cities in the world. Broadway is a pretty small community, so it can only make sense if The Boss would feel right at home. Bruce Springsteen has been on Broadway […]

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This Singer Happens In Vegas, But Doesn’t Always Stay

Las Vegas has been a major tourism draw for 50 years both across the nation and globe. It has matured in its performance offerings, with some top-flight musical and entertainment celebrities putting down stakes in Las Vegas for long-term commitments of shows and performances, and the list continues to grow as the city grows. One of […]

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Moving Through Jell-O Pudding: Cliff Huxtable’s Troubles

Cliff Huxtable has needed his television wife, Claire, who was an attorney. He’s trying very hard to not have to eat Jell-O pudding for the rest of his natural life. Bill Cosby has been a popular comedian and television star for four decades, including a decade as the star of The Cosby Show on NBC […]

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If Only #Monet Had A Hashtag …

It is said that many artists don’t make their money until after they are dead. There are many stories of some of the best musical composers and painters who died broke or completely destitute, and yet their works will auction for millions of dollars decades after their deaths. Visibility of artistry has improved in recent decades, […]

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