How To Juice Passion Fruit

December 29, 2022

One of my favorite low-cost, refreshing beverages is passion fruit juice. It’s super flavor packed and it can be incorporated into many recipes or just sipped plain!

Passion fruits are in the berry family and they grow in clusters on a vine. They taste slightly tangy with undertones of sweet. The juicy pulp that surrounds the seeds is also delicious when consumed.

There are two types of passion fruits: white and dark purple. The difference between them is not known definitively, but some say the color has something do with the amount of vitamin C in the fruit.

Whether you like purple or white ones more than the other, either one works well for extracting all the liquid from the seeds. You will need a juicer to do this. There are several good brands that make professional quality machines.

If you don’t have a juicer yet, there are alternatives to buying one. You can make your own by using a blender! This article will show you how to make passion fruit juice easily at home. Keep reading to see pictures and instructions.

How To Make Passion Fruit Juice

Step 1: Cut the Passion Fruits In Half

Start by cutting each passion fruit half lengthwise. Now cut each piece in half again so that you have small pieces.

This helps create thinner juice since thin juices are sometimes preferred over thick ones.

Look for bright, clear fruit

how to juice passion fruit

Most recipes call for one passionfruit per person. If you are hungry, then one passionfruit will not do! Therefore, if you find that a recipe calls for one passionfruit per person, then only use enough of it to make one serving per person.

If you are trying to eat more fruits and vegetables, then start with just one type of fruit until you feel comfortable adding other foods to your diet. It may take some time to get used to eating fruits that taste good and balance out your food, but sticking to it is important so stick to it!

Another way to use passionfruit is in drinks or desserts. You can drink it straight, add it into water or milk, or mix it into something sweet like yogurt or ice cream.

Peel the fruit

how to juice passion fruit

Once you have washed your passion fruits, it is time to peel them! You can either use your hands or a spoon to do this. Simply press a spoon against the top of the passionfruit to see if any seeds will drop out. If they do, remove those first, then take a spoon and scrape off the rest of the skin.

If you are using your hand, make sure to wash it thoroughly afterwards as some people get bit (which does not look too pleasant). The peeled pulp and rind can be mixed into drinks or used in recipes directly.

Some recipes require the whole fruit so remember to discard the leftover parts!

General tips: When working with fresh produce, keep an eye on it. Make sure everything has been removed and there are no leftover pieces. Also, because passion fruits are in liquid form, we recommend storing them in a bowl that contains gel pack or water to prevent drying out.

Place in a juicer

how to juice passion fruit

The next step is to place your passion fruit in ajuicing device or container- either a glass bowl set up as a pulp filter, a centrifuge basket, or a liquid container such as a cup or pitcher.

Make sure to press down the passion fruits slightly so that all of its juice seeps into the container!

You can now pour this sweet juice into a jug or bottle to store it in the fridge or drink it right away. It will keep for about one week if you do not consume it within that time frame.

If you like, you can add some sugar or cream to make it more palatable. Just be certain to blend these additions with the rest of the passion fruit juice otherwise it may become too thick.

Pour into glass jars

how to juice passion fruit

When you are finished juicing your passion fruit, pour its juice into lidded containers or glasses. This will preserve the rest of the pulp that would otherwise go bad!

The passionfruit pulp contains citric acid which helps preserve the flavor of the passion fruits. If left in the container, it can turn sour and/or burn when heated during cooking or serving.

Make sure to drink the passion fruit juice quickly so it does not set solid due to the presence of citric acid. It will oxidize and lose some of its taste and color when preserved this way.

Editor’s note: An easy way to conserve all the pulp is to use a spoon to scoop out the juicy flesh of the passion fruit. You then place this flesh back in the leftover pulp and mash them together to create an almost pure juice that doesn’t need to be pressed further.

Store in the refrigerator

Now that you have your passion fruit ready, it is time to use it! Once it is opened, the juice will seep out so do not squeeze it too soon as it can quickly lose its flavor.

Once it has been pressed, pour the liquid into a glass or bowl and add sugar (optional). Mix together and taste test until it tastes delicious!

You can then bottle this sweet sauce and store it in the fridge where it will keep for several days. It makes a great dessert topping or snack food.

Eat within 1 week

how to juice passion fruit

If you are hungry for passion fruit, then do not hesitate to eat it right away! Although they will taste best when dried and stored in a glass jar or plastic bag, eating freshly squeezed juice is totally fine too.

Passion fruits can sometimes be expensive as there may be an additional cost due to how much money it takes to grow them.

Luckily, we have recipes here that make preparing passion fruit easy and does not require very costly ingredients.

Mix with other fruits

how to juice passion fruit

When adding passion fruit to your drink, you do not have to just pour it into your beverage! You can mix it in anywhere else you would like to add some flavor or texture. It will taste great in anything from desserts to salads to drinks.

Passion fruit has an acid component that balances out the sweetness of the other ingredients. Because of this, it is very popular to blend it into beverages and dishes before tasting.

It does not take much passion fruit for it to make a difference in how delicious your food or drink is. Therefore, we recommend buying a little bit more than what you need for one serving, and then storing the extra juice in the freezer.

You can thaw the frozen pulp and wash it down with the liquid. If there are seeds left over, discard them because they contain important nutrients.

Try it in smoothies

how to juice passion fruit

One of our favorite ways to enjoy passion fruit is as an addition to your morning smoothie. It can be added at the last minute, so it does not matter if you are running late!

It will leave your mouth feeling slightly sweet and tangy. You can also add it to dessert or snacks such as berries or toast.

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