How To Keep Passion Twists From Frizzing

December 21, 2022

Sometimes, you just get tired of doing something! Keeping motivated is a challenge at every stage in life, but it’s even more difficult when you don’t feel like doing whatever activity has made you weary before.

If your passion dries up, there can be several reasons why. This article will talk about some ways to help motivate yourself to re-engage with your passion.

Some things that can drain your motivation are happening around you or within you. These factors may be external, internal, situational, psychological, or physical.

This article will discuss how to reduce stress, identify what is draining your energy, and address the issues that are preventing you from engaging in your passion. You’ll also learn some easy ways to add new hobbies into your life.

Disclaimer: The content in this article should not be used as medical advice for diagnosing or treating any disease. Rather, it is intended to help people find solutions to personal health problems and improve their overall wellness.

Mix your hair up

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

Choosing from between just washing, using products, or investing in a good brush or comb depends mostly on what type of look you want to achieve and how well you like doing your hairstyles.

If you are more creative with your looks and like experimenting with new styles, then choosing among all three is okay! For most people, though, only having to deal with one option makes it easier to find that perfect match.

A lot of people choose to wash their hair because it’s easy. Or maybe they don’t have anyone to do their makeup for them so they use shampoo as her own secret weapon by saying “I’m going to take care of my skin so I won’t put anything bad on it.”

Either way, never ever wash your hair unless you have to! Using too much water can strip away the natural oils needed to keep your hair looking healthy and soft. Use a slightly lighter handwash product if you feel this happens when you run a shower dry.

Towel drying is also not recommended since this could cause damage. Letting your hair air-dry will preserve those hairs that give you some body and help prevent breakage.

Use a good heat protectant

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

When your hair is warm, then apply a good amount of heat protective cream or gel to prevent dryness. Most gels contain silica or lukewarm water as the active ingredient so do not use if there is neither in the product.

That being said, most people find that their own personal best heat protection products are either A) one that has vitamin E in it or B) cold-pressed oils such as olive oil or coconut oil. Both of these have the ability to help lock in moisture which helps keep your hair from getting too dry and/or pulling loose strands away.

A small tip we learned here at The Golden Bridge is to add some honey to your protected hair half way through washing! This works because honey acts as a natural humectant (it draws moisture out of the air and into itself).

Use a good oil

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

Oils are one of the most important things in any beauty routine. They work as a primer for your skin, helping prevent dryness or making you feel more comfortable at night.

Some oils have enough bounce that they can be used as a last step under your moisturizer to smooth out any bumps or areas where your face is particularly tight like around cheeks or eyes.

Oil also helps bring down redness from dirt or other products or exposure to alcohol such as when you wash with a cleanser. Some people even use it as a makeup setting spray because it acts as a slight bronzer!

The best oils are ones that are light and not sticky. For instance, olive oil works well because it has some sun protection in it. But make sure it is pure oleic acid — no additives. That would be better than using flaxseed oil since it may contain vitamins A and D.

Use a wide-tooth comb

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

When your hair is very thick or very curly, using a wide-tooth comb can help take care of it. A wider tooth allows for more area to be touched up at a time, which helps in keeping the length steady as well as taking longer to do it, reducing chances of pulling out too many hairs!

A wide-tooth comb also gives better coverage because you’re not trying to push through as much hair with each pass. It’s almost like doing less work! If you already use a wide-toothed comb, try switching to metal combs to see how that works for you.

Alternatively, if you don’t have one yet but want to get one, check out our list here! There are several great ones that will cost around $20–$30.

Use a brush

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

A great way to keep your hair luscious and strong is by using the right brushes! The same goes for how you groom your hair. There are many different types of brsouses that help in various ways with keeping your curls, kinks, and twists locked up or released.

The best way to use a curling brush is to section off each part of your hairsty- Try rolling through the front like clockwise curls or reverse cowgirl style, separate one chunk from the next as if it were already rolled completely into a curl, and then use the curling brush to roll it all together.

For detangling, there are two main types of brushes: combed out and padded. A combed out brush will pull out every bit of tangle, but may also hurt your hair due to its hard edge. A padded brush uses soft, rounded edges and only pulls out small amounts of fuzz which can be easier to work with than a combed out brush, but it won’t do anything else–it will not set curly locks free.

That being said, there are some very helpful padded curlers that don’t cost too much. These ones have plastic paddles that lock into position and hold the curl while you run other products such as hairsprays and gels through.

Use enough

Once your hair is warm-pressed, use as much product as you would normally! The key thing about keeping this tip in mind is that if your hair looks too dry, add more product.

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean your hair needs less moisture! Most people believe that dried out skin needs more water, but that isn’t always the case.

Studies show that when our faces get dry, some of the products we use end up acting like glue and sticking to the surface of the skin. This can cause all sorts of problems for us, including uncomfortable or even painful feelings.

For example, make-up sometimes causes dryness, and many people struggle to remove it once it has settled into the layers of skin. If you’re ever feeling frustrated or tired of using makeup, try just staying one step light until the skin has recovered.

A similar situation happens with hairsprays and gels. These are usually not good for dry skin, so waiting till your hands are slightly wet may help prevent discomfort.

Don’t shake

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

Shake your hair like you would use roller sets, but instead of rolling it up or down, pull through hard with your hands and then let go. This technique is helpful if you find that your curls are tight and poofy, and want them to relax more.

Running your hand through your hair as you roll creates soft waves, and lifting off the ends takes away needed hold so they can relax naturally.

Wash your hair properly

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

When washing your hair, use a good amount of shampoo or conditioner depending on the length of your hair. Make sure to work through all parts of your hair and don’t forget to rinse!

If your hair is particularly dry, you can apply some kind of spray like argan oil to help lock in moisture. For those with thinning hairs, we recommend using a comb instead of a brush when detangling so that doesn’t pull too much. This way you avoid breakage.

At the very least make sure to wash your hair every second day to prevent dried out, flaky locks. Also, remember to never rub your scalp as this could cause irritation and potential dandruff build up.

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