How To Keep Passion Twists From Frizzing

December 1, 2022

We all have our hobbies, things we enjoy doing, and people we like that make us happy. But what happens when you want to pursue your passion?

When you’re in college, spending most of your time studying, juggling classes, work, and other commitments, it can be hard to find the time to do anything beyond going to class and sleeping.

That is why it is so important to identify what makes you feel relaxed and comfortable and to add those activities into your schedule.

You should always strive to keep yourself busy, but if you ever get a chance to prioritize something, try to do it with intensity.

If you love to read, spend some time reading a good book. If you are passionate about music, learn how to play an instrument or train on software such as You Tube. Or even just listen to your favorite songs repeatedly!

Any activity that brings you joy and relaxation will help you relax and reduce stress. When you are less stressed, you will perform better at school, work, and home.

This article will talk about three different ways to prevent passion from turning into a stressful situation.

How to prevent passion twists

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

As we mentioned before, one of our favorite hairstyles is the long, flowing braid. Hairstylist’s often use this style as a way to show off their artistic side by adding some creative touches.

One such creative touch that most people do not know how to do is a passion twist. This can be done with either wet or dry hair and is typically framed like a half circle.

The trick is knowing when to stop twisting the hair and instead cut it. Once it is fully twisted, take your shears and make a small slit in the middle of the two strands. Then pull the top strand through the opening and secure it using glue-style products.

Look after your hair

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

One of the biggest causes of dry, frizzy locks is poor hairstyling habits. When you don’t take care of your hair properly, it can become thin and stressed due to lack of moisture.

A lot of people forget that our hairstyles have an effect on our hair. For example, using heavy hairsprays or gel could cause your hair to get too much of a boost in humidity, which may lead to dryness and flaking.

Too many frequent trims also contribute to thinner strands and exposed roots, which can damage your hair even more. Avoid doing anything with scissors close to the scalp as this can cause pull out hairs and potential bald spots.

Make sure to avoid rubbing your hands through wet hair as this can spread oils around, making your hair stick and look lank and dirty. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterwards so they do not drag away any leftover dirt and oils.

Harsh chemicals such as bleaches, dyes and perms should be avoided altogether as they are hard to rinse off and could leave your hair very vulnerable.

Use a good product

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

As mentioned before, most people have different levels of hair thicknesses and styles. Some people’s hair is much thinner than others’! This can be due to many things—different genetics, diet, and/or fitness routines are some of the main factors.

Some individuals find their dry scalp causes more tangling and frizz, while other people with thicker hair may find that their use of products containing alcohol or excessive oils cause less damage.

There Is No ‘Perfect’ Product For All People! That is what makes the hunt for the best frizzy hair care products so fun! In fact, there are several brands that claim to have the perfect balance of products for every person’s hair type.

But we know that is not possible. So instead, try one brand you like and see if it works well for you! If it does not, move onto the next one until you find one that does.

Remember that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes! What looks great on your friend might not work as well for you.

Use heat protection

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

When your hair is in need of some refreshment, add some protective hats or helmets to help prevent breakage! If your hairstyle requires rollers or curling irons, make sure to use one that has good cooling systems to ensure your locks are not overheated.

When your hair needs more strength, invest in a braid or twist-out hold style to keep it strong and sleek. The same goes for washing your hair; if it’s dry, flakey, and tight, give it time to relax and grow out naturally.

Avoid using heavy hairsprays and gels during this process to preserve the integrity of the curls.

Avoid drying your hair

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

When your hairstyle or state of dress requires you to use large amounts of hairspray, make sure to wash your hair as soon as possible after that so it can dry naturally.

This will prevent over-spraying of hairspray which could cause wet knots and tangles in your hair.

If you have to wait until later, use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to avoid causing more frizzy locks.

Alternatively, use less hairspray to begin with and apply only one coat instead of two to reduce risk of knotting.

Go to a salon

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

Sometimes, passion looks more like straight hair with lots of product than soft curls. This is because most people use heavy hairsprays and gels that contain alcohol or nitric oxide which can cause your hair to become flat and poofy.

This is not a bad thing if you want your hairstyle to look professional, but it could be annoying for those who desire softer, curlier locks.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this by going to a professional that specializes in curly hair. They will likely suggest using less gel and hairspray and instead apply some coconut oil to achieve better results.

Alternatively, you can just wash your hair as frequently as possible! The heat from the shower helps relax the strands and makes them slightly frizzy.

Tell your friends

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

Let me give you some hard truth about passion projects that can hurt you in very difficult ways.

The longer you keep these things private, the more likely they are to fizzle out and disappear. This happens for a few reasons.

First, it’s just not practical to work on something you have been trying to get going for months if you don’t even tell anyone you’re working on it.

Second, most people lose interest once there is no progress to show off or talk about. And we all know how quickly momentum can be lost.

Third, many times people will say awful things to you about your project, making it harder to believe in it yourself.

Fourth, sometimes silence is an indicator of death. If someone doesn’t seem particularly supportive, chances are they have noticed the lack of activity and stopped being friendly.

If this situation has already happened, then hope is gone. You were probably too late anyway.

Now here’s the thing – ALL OF THE ABOVE IS NORMAL! Even bad news is a signal to take action!

By telling others what you are doing and having their reactions help you assess whether or not this is a worthy investment of time, energy and love, you save yourself from investing those things in something that isn’t worth it.

Friends who want to see you succeed will eventually respect your decision and move onto other things.

Do not shake your head

how to keep passion twists from frizzing

While most people realize that hair is very sensitive, some may be subconsciously hurt by tight curls or even flat hairs because they use the tool of choice- a comb.

When you run a comb through your hair like you normally would, but then before pulling it out, you quickly press down on each section with your hands, creating what seems like a must tighter curl or roll. This is definitely not the way to keep your locks smooth!

By pressing down hard with your hand, your scalp gets squeezed which makes your hair thin and fragile. If this happens frequently, your hair will eventually stop growing as much due to lack of nutrients.

Also, when you pull out the same amount of curl every time, your hair becomes very brittle and can break easily. To avoid this, try using a brush instead, or use a slightly heavier grip on your comb.

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