How To Know If Passion Fruit Is Bad

December 1, 2022

As we mentioned before, passion fruit is a delicious tropical berry that can be consumed directly or used in recipes as an ingredient. However, even though it may taste wonderful when you eat it fresh, dried passion fruits are another matter.

When dried, some varieties of passion fruit can contain high levels of oxalic acid which can irritate your digestive system. If you have symptoms such as stomach aches, diarrhea, or vomiting, then try avoiding passion fruits for the time being.

It is important to note that not everyone is sensitive to oxalic acid. Only 10% of people suffer from severe reactions to this compound so there is no need to worry about passing out bad information unless you know that person!

There are several types of passion fruits with different amounts ofoxalic acid depending on where they’re grown. In some cases, these differences make one type more harmful than others. For example, do not consume Turkish or Chilean berries because they have much higher levels of oxalic acid than Brazilian ones.

This article will talk about how to tell if passion fruits are too rich in oxalic acid for you by testing them either at home or in a restaurant. It also talks about potential health benefits of eating enoughoxalic acid.

Look at the color

how to know if passion fruit is bad

The skin of passion fruits comes off slightly pink when they are ripe, but that is only because you can usually taste this flavor first! If the fruit has dark purple or darker flesh, then it is probably still too hard to eat without getting sick.

The texture will change as it ripens, becoming softer and less tangy. However, there’s no way to know for sure whether that means it is safe until you try it!

On average, your passion fruit should be soft and not overly sweet. But remember, people are different! Some may like more sugar than others so check out our tips above about how to tell if a passion fruit is over-sweetened.

Check for mold

how to know if passion fruit is bad

There are several ways to know whether or not passion fruit is bad due to an infection. The most common way is by looking at it visually, but you must be careful because there are different textures of passion fruits.

If your passion fruit has white powder on it and looks slimy, then it may contain bacteria. This could mean poisoning unless you can determine that it is safe!

You should also make sure that it does not have what looks like seeds in it, as these could be eaten and would cause stomach pain. If they do look fuzzy, this could indicate fungal growth, so again, make sure it is safe!

However, if your passion fruit stays soft even when pressed down, this could show that it has lost its flavor and/or it could be dried out.

Check for pesticides

Recent studies show that not only do pesticide residues make eating fruit difficult, they can actually be harmful to your health. The amount of pesticides needed to cause any effects are very high, however.

Some say that too many pesticides have an adverse effect on our overall health and even contribute to cancer. Others claim that certain pesticides help reduce food-borne illnesses. It all really depends on what kind of fruits you eat and how much you eat.

You may be able to limit or avoid some fruits due to such warnings but don’t give up fruits completely! There are ways to know which ones are safe to enjoy.

One way is to check for naturally occurring chemicals called antioxidants in the fruit. These antioxidants will mitigate the negative effects of some of the pesticides used in production. For example, vitamin C helps keep your immune system strong, so it can handle infectious agents like bacteria, viruses and parasites.

Another option is to buy organic produce. This has nothing to do with nutrition, but instead focuses on keeping the farm free from chemical exposure.

Is it dried or canned?

how to know if passion fruit is bad

Both types of passion fruit can have health benefits, but they are not the same! The difference is how they’re processed. Whether you like them in dessert or as a snack, buying fresh passion fruits is your best bet for getting the most out of these berries.

Dried passion fruits contain higher levels of an antioxidant known as citric acid. This compound may help reduce oxidative stress, which has been linked to inflammation and disease.

But when dry-processed passion fruits are heated during baking or processing, part of the citric acid can lose its protective properties. Therefore, unless you’re eating very few calories, we recommend avoiding baked goods made with dehydrated passion fruits.

Is it fermented?

how to know if passion fruit is bad

The next step in determining whether or not passion fruit is bad for you depends on whether it has gone through an active fermentation process. If it has, then pass along!

If however, you notice what appears to be green goo when you open it, then stop eating it immediately. This could indicate that the acidity of the juice has reacted with the digestive enzymes in your mouth causing them to no longer work effectively.

In fact, one study found that while pureed passion fruits are healthy, eating raw ones can cause stomach pain and diarrhea.

Does it taste bad?

how to know if passion fruit is bad

The most important thing to know about passion fruit is whether or not it tastes good! If it doesn’t, you can probably skip it altogether.

Most recipes call for just one piece of passion fruit per person, so unless you are very hungry or love this ingredient more than life itself, that's okay!

You can always use another berry in place of passion fruits, but trying to eat them after the recipe calls for them may be difficult. They have a natural gel structure; when mixed into other foods, it hardens and sticks to your mouth. This makes swallowing tricky!

Also, never pour liquid passion fruits onto your food as an accent — drink them instead. You will want to do both quickly before they sit and soak into your meal.

Is it stale?

how to know if passion fruit is bad

Stale passion fruit can make your stomach hurt or give you hives depending on how sensitive you are to fruits. If you are very allergic to berries, pass them off as dried out pieces of grape.

If you are ever unsure whether or not it is fresh, check the price! More expensive passion fruits may be slightly older, but they should still taste good. They might have lost some flavor due to being stored under warm conditions, so pay more attention to that factor than cost.

How to know if passion fruit is bad

Never purchase a passion fruit that seems too cheap or has faded in color. It could mean that it was spoiled before buying, and therefore tasted horrible.

Look for fresh passion fruit

how to know if passion fruit is bad

The season for passion fruits is spring, so if you see them in stores during this time of year, grab one and try it! If however, you find dried passion fruits or bottled juice, that’s probably not going to taste as good.

Dried passion fruits can sometimes have salty additives which may change how sweet the flavor tastes, and drinking liquid removes the natural moisture in the mouth, making it feel more dry. Both are necessary to enjoy the true potential of the fruit.

Bottled juices often contain added sugar to make up for the loss of taste from drying out the pulp, again changing the flavor. This could potentially be harmful to your health if consumed too much of.

So what makes passion fruit bad?

Drinking too many passion fruits can cause diarrhea. Because they're almost pure water, eating a few will not do harm unless you overdo it. However, most people agree that the best way to consume passion fruits is either freshly picked or very carefully re-hydrated dried ones.

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