How To Know Passion

January 3, 2023

Finding your passion is not an easy process, but it is definitely worth the effort. When you find what makes you feel passionate, you will know it. You will constantly be motivated to do things that make you feeling happy.

Your passion can be anything – creating new documents with Microsoft Word, reading business books, talking about politics or sports, learning how to play the guitar, and so on. This isn’t just something you should aim to do, it is something you should enjoy doing.

Having said that, there are some things in this world that most people seem to have a natural instinct for. Some people understand mathematics or physics intuitively, while others seem to develop their sense of aesthetics as they grow up.

This article will talk about one such thing, and how to identify if you have it or not. The topic? Your passion. What is your biggest weakness? Probably being able to recognize your own passion.

Listen to people talk about your interest

how to know passion

It is very important to know what types of things inspire passion in you for learning more about. This can be anything from listening to how professional speakers describe their jobs, to reading books that have inspired them, to watching documentaries about the history or life stories of significant figures in society.

It is easy to assume other people feel the same way you do about certain things, but taking time to find out why different people are passionate or not about something will help you determine if this thing is worth investing in for yourself.

There’s no need to dive into all of these areas immediately, however — start with one small area that sparks your interest and see where it takes you.

You might learn something new about the subject, or maybe you’ll realize there’s just not much hope of you ever feeling the same way about it as someone else does.

Ask yourself what more you could be doing

how to know passion

We often take things for granted when we are spending our time on something, making it seem like that’s how it is always been.

It isn’t!

You may not know what you were originally passionate about, but chances are there was something you needed or wanted — maybe money, career, health, relationships, whatever - and you invested your time in those areas.

And if you ever felt compelled to do something outside of these, you took action and made changes to satisfy your desire to work on this new passion.

So ask yourself: What else can I be investing my time in?

What other habits have I got stuck in – reading, sleeping, eating, working? And why don't I invest in them?

Why don't I spend more time with people I love? Why don't I exercise more?

I've got all this money, I should be saving, Investing, Doing More With My Life But I never really make any effort beyond watching some TV show once.

Make time for things you enjoy

how to know passion

We’ve discussed before here on The Successal Story how important it is to spend time in activities that you love, but there is one thing that most people don’t realize about passion.

Passion doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes work to develop it. You have to make an effort every day to feel passionate about something.

But I will tell you from experience – it is totally worth your time.

When I first started feeling passionate about something, I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought my feelings were weird or even wrong.

I would try hard to think of reasons why this activity or object wasn’t interesting, but I never could come up with anything. It just made me feel more excited.

It took me months to figure out what was making me feel like this, but once I did, everything changed.

Now I can’t wait to do these things! And not because I want to win any cool awards, but because I know now that I enjoy them.

So if you are struggling to find your passion, don’t worry too much about it. Just take some steps to motivate yourself and keep looking until you find it.

Find your passion and those who feel the same

how to know passion

We are constantly moving, changing, developing in order to find what we consider to be our life’s purpose. Some people know when they want to help others that is their goal, while other people work at corporations for the rest of their lives because they love what they do.

But there is one thing all successful individuals have in common — they knew from a young age what they wanted to do with their lives and they made efforts to achieve that goal.

They understood the value of education, how to manage money, and what it means to be productive so they invested in themselves by getting training and educating themselves.

And they learned how to prioritize effectively, which helps us in the present day as we navigate through our daily routines. All of these things contribute to success in life.

More than anything else, they had an inner drive to succeed that propelled them forward.

This inner fire is known as passion or motivation. It is not necessarily physical activity, something external like earning a paycheck or winning a medal – it can be either. It is just you doing whatever you set your mind to do.

Know what makes you passionate

how to know passion

It’s impossible to know if you feel passion for something or not unless you are conscious of it. You have to be aware that you feel this way about something before you can say that you do.

It takes more than just feeling passionate once in a while to know if you truly feel this way about something or not, so try looking for instances where you feel strong passions — for your job, relationships, hobbies, etc. – and see how much time it takes to get those feelings going.

If you find that it doesn’t take very long at all, then your passion is probably pretty solid, but don’t assume that it will stay that way forever.

Just because you love something does not mean that you will always want to love it – especially when things get tough. If you need proof, look at people who lose their loved ones and learn why during times like these.

Many people never recover from such tragedies, and many others only grow even colder towards life as they did before, which is totally understandable. But there’s a big difference between someone who has lost their passion and someone who no longer feels the same sense of excitement about life, and it’s important to recognize that one if you want to keep yourself happy.

Understand what makes you happy

how to know passion

We’ve all heard stories of people who spent their lives trying to find their passion, but never succeeded. They lived their life chasing something that they hoped would make them feel better about themselves, or at least give them a sense of purpose.

That isn’t to say it doesn’t exist- we’re all different, so our passions come in many forms- but it is difficult to know if this thing will truly help you grow as a person unless you are very passionate about it.

Finding your passion takes time, and there aren’t any quick fixes for not feeling passionate about things. It can be hard to identify what your passion is though, which is why it is important to understand what makes you happy.

This article will talk about some ways to figure out what makes you happy and how to use those skills to determine your passion.

Do things that make you happy

how to know passion

We spend a lot of our time doing things we don’t like, things that make us unhappy. This is wrong! If you want to know if you love something, do it until you feel no longer desire to.

If you never wanted to do something before, then you definitely don’t now. You may still think some part of you wants to, but if you can’t remember why you ever did, then you don’t really love it.

I read an article once where the author said people who cannot name what they loved died with their dreams.

He also mentioned people who lost interest in something usually gave up when there was no one around for them to talk to about what they liked.

So, try talking to someone about what makes you happy. Make it a friend or family member so they can tell you how you look funny sometimes, or someone else could be more creative than you in making sure you have fun.

Commit to doing things that make you happy

how to know passion

It’s easy to think that if you aren’t feeling passionate about something, then it must not be worth much. The truth is, the opposite is true!

If you are investing your time in activities that make you unhappy, you should consider whether or not you're willing to change this behavior. You don't need to feel passion for everything, but if you can identify something that makes you feel relaxed and happier, why not give it a try?

You will never know how well you really match with a job or career path unless you try putting yourself out there and seeing what fits you and what doesn’t.

And just because you didn’t find your perfect match doesn’t mean you failed. Many people live meaningful lives even when they “don’t have their dream job.” - according to Harvard Business School professor Teresa Diebold.

It's important to realize that we all have different priorities and life goals that only you can determine. Don’t compare yourself to other people — instead, use your skills and knowledge to learn and achieve new things.

Your happiness depends on you, and you alone -- no one else can provide it for you.

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